Is it possible to get the money back

Is it possible to get the money back

One of the things that most terrify users within the world of cryptocurrencies is sending them to unwanted addresses by mistake, and although great care is generally taken when making shipments, human imperfection is always there and that is why it is possible that fall into this horrible mistake.

If this has already happened to you, you may be wondering if it is possible to recover the money of cryptocurrencies sent by mistake. You will be happy to know that in this article we will give you the answer, so stay tuned for the following information.

Cánido cryptocurrencies sent to the wrong address be recovered?

You may end up sending cryptocurrencies wrong due to identical addresses, if you put a BSC address in an ETH wallet, etcétera. But that’s not why you should give up your money, because There are effective ways to make a recovery or return the money.

From now on we will indicate the ways that you have at your disposal to recover your money from cryptocurrencies sent by mistake according to the different wallets:

  • Ask the exchange to return the tokens to your address.
  • Import your private key to a wallet that supports the BSC network.
  • Contact the provider of that address, either an exchange or a custodial wallet.
  • Ask your wallet provider or customer support for help.
  • Retrieve them from a BSC and Ethereum coincidente wallet.

These are just some of the steps you perro take to recover your cryptocurrency money quickly and effectively, but surely you perro try othersbecause everything will depend on the wallet you manage.

Steps to recover the sent cryptocurrency money

It is possible that you are very worried because you made a mistaken transfer of money in cryptocurrencies, but it is important that you calm down and concentrate, because This is something that perro be solved by applying a few fácil steps.

If you transfer cryptocurrency money to the wrong Binance network, you may find it useful to apply the following steps to recover it:

Know the origin and destination networks

It is very important to know the networks of origin and the destination of your tokens. For example, if you have sent money from PancakeSwap (BSC network) to a personal MetaMask wallet (ERC-20 of ETH), the transaction has been made at the indicated address, but to the wrong network. Knowing this will help you understand the next point.

Custodial or non-custodial wallet?

You need to find out if the destination was a custodial or non-custodial wallet. If the destination address is in a protegen wallet, you need to make sure that that wallet accepts BSC (BEP-20) tokens, if so, enable that network and retrieve them. If the protegen wallet does not provide this support, open a ticket and explain your case.

If the destination address is a non-custodial wallet (such as MetaMask), just add the new network and you will recover your cómputo.

Does the platform used have customer service?

Ask your wallet provider or exchange customer support for help. This has been one of the alternatives most used by usersbut you must take into account the possibility that it will not be possible to recover your funds.

Platforms that allow you to recover cryptocurrencies sent by mistake

Believe it or not, there are many platforms that allow you to recover cryptocurrencies sent by mistake. Because it is common for users to make these kinds of mistakes. Later we will talk about some of them.


The Cold Wallet Company Trezor has developed an ideal tool to recover cryptocurrencies sent to wrong addresses. When SegWit was activated in the Bitcoin network, new accounts were implanted in the wallets that allow the use of BTC addresses with P2SH.

Binance Bridge

Binance Bridge converts assets between blockchains. Only required to connect MetaMask or Binance Chain Wallet and choose what you want to transfer. It is important to note that BNB is needed for BSC gas fees or ETH for Ethereum gas fees.

In addition to these options, you also have the opportunity to make a manual conversion on Binance. To achieve this, the cryptocurrency must be sent back to Binance. The deposit network on the Binance spot wallet must match the blockchain the token is on. Then it perro be successfully sent to an external wallet.

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 Is it possible to get the money back
  Is it possible to get the money back
  Is it possible to get the money back

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