Is it possible to earn money with Tropical Crush?

Is it possible to earn money with Tropical Crush?

Have you ever heard of Tropical Crush? This is a mobile application for mobile devices that offers the opportunity to earn money by playing games.

Yes, you read it right.

This aplicación is very afín to Candy Crush and offers the ability to earn money through different ways.

Although, the question that many users ask themselves is… Is it really possible to make money with Tropical Crush? How true is what they tell us? In today’s article I am going to talk to you about what it is, how it works and I will give you my opinion about it.

What is Tropical Crush?

Tropical Crush is a game very afín to the famous Candy Crush, however, the difference between the two is that Tropical Crush offers its users the oportunidad to earn some money for using the application.

Therefore, in a certain way you will have the possibility of getting to earn money by playing a game afín to Candy Crush.

Now, Tropical Crush has different ways to earn money, which I am going to tell you about so that you know how it works.

How does it work?

We cánido start by saying that Tropical Crush has 2 cómputos.

One of money and one of points.

Unlike other afín applications, you won’t be able to exchange the points you get for money directly, but you cánido use your points or tiques in some sections to earn money.

Therefore, Tropical Crush has direct and indirect ways to earn money.

Later I will tell you about them so that you know how they work.

That is what I like?

Since it is a game afín to Candy Crush, I cánido tell you that I find it an entertaining game to play in some boring moments and the best thing is the fact that there may be the possibility of earning money for playing.

Something else that I like is the fact that it is developed by the creators of Gamee and therefore, I perro come to think that they are paying.

I say this due to the fact that Gamee has been paying me and they pay me fast.

What is it that I don’t like?

If you are looking for an aplicación to earn money from referrals, then I think you are in for a bittersweet surprise, since it may have a higher paying referral system than other aplicaciones, but it has certain details that make me not like it.

For example, let’s say you invite 10 people and those 10 people qualify.

In theory you should earn 3 dollars for having invited 10 people, but it has a restriction that prevents you from earning more than 0.9 cents a day.

I personally think it’s unfair, but hey, I’m not the developer.

Now, I also don’t like the fact that you cánido’t exchange the points you get by playing for money.

I think that would help to reach the minimum withdrawal in less time.

Those two things are my least favorite thing about Tropical Crush.

Download Tropical Crush for Android and IOS

In order for you to start using Tropical Crush, you perro go directly to the Play Store or Aplicación Store and download the aplicación from there.

Of course, if you wish, you cánido use my referral backlink, which will redirect you so that you perro download the application.

The backlink is the following:

How to register?

To register in Tropical Crush, you have to open the application and you will have to select one of the ways it has for registration.

At the moment, the ways it has is through:

  • Google plus account.
  • Fb.

Once you have registered, you will receive the tutorial on how the application or rather the game works.

Finally, to complete the registration, you have to verify your correo electrónico.

To do so, you have to clic where your profile image is (icon in the upper right) and then you will have to clic where it says: Check your dirección de correo electrónico. Doing that you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico to your dirección de correo electrónico and you will only have to clic on the button that says: check dirección de correo electrónico

Note: Do not sign up for the aplicación without first reading all the terms and conditions.

So if you find something you don’t like, then you cánido proceed to uninstall the application (without registering).

Ways to earn money with Tropical Crush

The ways in which you cánido earn money with Tropical Crush are the following:

  1. Weekly Draw.
  2. lucky game.
  3. lotto game.
  4. Referral system.

  5. Fortune Wheel.

  6. Wheel of cash.


Earn money with the Weekly Draw

The Weekly draw or weekly draw is practically that, a draw in which you will participate weekly, as long as you manage to accumulate more than 10,000 tiques or points during that week.

Simply put, if you have 10,000 points or more in your cómputo on Sunday, then the aplicación will take all your points to entrar the weekly drawing.

This means that if you get more than 10,000 tiques every week, then every week you will be able to entrar the draw and every week your points will be reset (return to 0).

Something that the application says is the fact that the more points you have, the more chances you will have to win the weekly draw.

How much money cánido be won in the weekly draw?

Well, this week we have the following prizes:

PlacePrize in dollars
First place $500
2 to 5 position $100
6 to 10 position $20
11 to 110 position $1

In a certain way it cánido be a good prize, but I have to say that I have not won anything in the weekly Gamee raffle.

I hope that in this application it cánido.


Lucky game and lotto game

Both the lucky game and the lotto game are variants of draws in which you perro entrar with the tiques you win by playing in the application.

Of course, they have their differences, but at the end of the day, they are giveaways.

Therefore, you will depend on luck to be able to earn money with these methods.

Again, I haven’t gotten to win, but if I do, then I’m going to put it here.

How much money cánido you win in these types of raffles? Well, it depends on the option, but in the lotto game, if you manage to win the first prize, you are going to win 10000 at this moment.

It would not be bad to win it, right?

Well, it’s like winning the lottery.

In fact, in the lotto game you select the numbers on which you are going to bet.


Referral system

Another way in which you cánido earn money and in fact, it is one of the ways in which you perro earn money directly is through its referral system.

Simply put, you will be able to receive a reward for inviting people to sign up and use the aplicación.

What is the reward? Well, you perro earn $0.30 cents, 500 tiques and 10% of the tiques your referrals earn.

Of course you are not going to take tiques from your referrals.

Now, in order to win the reward, your referrals have to reach level 19 (it sounds like a lot) and confirm their dirección de correo electrónico.

Tropical Crush referral system restrictions

You cannot have more than 1500 tiques and $0.90 per referral each day.

In short, you will only be able to earn the reward of 3 referrals per day.

If you do more than that, then you won’t be counted for rewards.

This seems somewhat unfair to me, since it is not that the requirements to obtain the reward are not so few.

The only good thing is that they do pay more than other afín applications.


Fortune wheel and Wheel of cash

In this section, Tropical Crush has a wheel of fortune, which you cánido spin daily when you entrar the application.

In fact, you could say that it counts as a daily reward.

The reward ranges from tiques to money.

It should be noted that you will be able to use tiques to spin the roulette wheel, but the number of tiques requested for each spin will increase.

Something to emphasize is that if you entrar the application daily and spin the wheel, on the seventh day you will be able to spin a wheel in which yes or yes you are going to win money.

Of course, most of the time you earn little money, but little by little you cánido accumulate.

Payment methods

At the moment, Tropical Crush only has one method for you to withdraw your money and that is through PayPal.

Therefore, if you want to use the application to earn money, then yes or yes you have to have a PayPal account.

withdrawal minimum by Tropical Crush

In order to withdraw your money from Tropical Crush, you must have a minimum of 10 dollars in your cash cómputo.

Does Tropical Crush pay?

At the moment I have not been able to reach the minimum withdrawal.

Therefore, at the moment I cannot assure you that the application really pays.

However, it’s already over a year since I’ve been using the aplicación called gameewhich is from the same developers and they have paid me.

Therefore, I want to think that they are also paying in Tropical Crush.

Of course, if you have a bad experience or know something about the aplicación, I would like you to tell me in the comments.

That way we perro all learn more.

Also, you perro leave me other applications that you know that are paying.

Tropical Crush 2023 review

The truth is that I stayed playing Tropical Crush longer than I wanted, since it is a fácil and entertaining game.

Now, I feel like they need to add more ways to earn money, some that don’t involve luck or referrals.

For example, that they let us exchange tiques for money.

I also think that they should remove the limitations that they put on people who use the referral system, after all, they are taking people to their application.

Although, well I guess they have their reasons and I’m just giving my opinion.

Now, cánido you live on it? The truth is that you are not going to replace a job, but we cannot demand it, since at no time are they saying so.

Therefore, I only see Tropical Crush as a possible source of plus income.

What to do with that plus income? I would put a web page.

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 Is it possible to earn money with Tropical Crush?
  Is it possible to earn money with Tropical Crush?
  Is it possible to earn money with Tropical Crush?

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