Is it possible to ask millionaires for money to

Is it possible to ask millionaires for money to

If you have in mind to carry out a great project, but you do not have enough money to achieve it. Do not abandon your goal, because there are practical ways in which you cánido achieve it.

Although it may seem crazy to you, a good alternative to get money is to ask millionaires for it. Many people have tried it and got good results., achieving their goals. If you also want to do it, the consejos that you will discover in this article will be useful to you.

Where to ask the rich for money?

People who have a lot of money always try to protect themselves as much as possible, as thieves and kidnappers are always on the lookout. Because of this, these people keep themselves apart from ordinary people and take care that few people have direct contact with them.

In view of this It’s often a bit difficult to communicate directly with a millionaire. to ask for financial help. But this does not orinan that it is something impossible to achieve, because even you have other alternatives to get in touch with a millionaire.

One of the ways in which you cánido do it is to research on the internet which are the richest people of the moment (when choosing them you must take into account that they speak the same language as you). Next, you must do the following:

  1. you must make a list with all the people you want to contact with your full name and the names of your companies.
  2. Strive to get your correo electrónico addresses both personal and business.
  3. write a letter explaining the project you want to achieve and the amount you need. Always remember to espectáculo a lot of courtesy and be sincere. Never lie.
  4. If you don’t get the person’s address, you perro send your letter to the headquarters of your companybut directing it to that person.
  5. Re-read your letter to correct any errors. If possible, transcribe it.
  6. If the person’s company has several locations, you will find it useful make several copies of the letter to send them to each one.
  7. Finalize the details for your shipment and hope for the best.

Another way that has proven useful for some people is ask rich people for money through the web platform Pinterest. If you want to try your luck with this alternative, you cánido follow the following recommendations:

  1. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you need to create one.
  2. Find the Pinterest board “Rich Millionaires Who Give Away Money” which means “rich millionaires who donate money”. He writes this sentence with the word Pinterest next to it.
  3. Articulo your request there. Briefly detalla your story or why you need money. Try to be enthusiastic and if you cánido back up your story with proof even better.
  4. End the articulo and hope for the best.

It is important that you be patient in these casesWell, no, this type of aid is not given all the time. But the more you try to make a good request, the better the chances that you will achieve your goal.

Why do some people give funding to projects?

Unlike many millionaires, some people with a lot of money spend part of their earnings giving practical help to others through donations. One way they do it is by allocating a certain amount of money to foundations, companies or individuals with special needs.

Many of these people They have realized the happiness that comes from helping others and for that reason they feel good doing this type of work from time to time.

some of these people before they were millionaires they were people of low economic resources, and that is why they identify with enterprising people who want to succeed in the world. This people are happy to support to those people with wonderful business ideas, but who do not have the necessary monetary funds to start them.

So if you want to create a project do not hesitate to opt for this option. Request the help of a millionaire, especially one who has already done this type of work before. If you are creative and if you touch that person’s heart, you perro count on his full support to achieve your goal.

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 Is it possible to ask millionaires for money to
  Is it possible to ask millionaires for money to
  Is it possible to ask millionaires for money to

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