Is it important to secure a second home?

Is it important to secure a second home?

It is increasingly typical for families to have another house in addition to the main one. In other words, that house near the seashore, in the mountains, or in the town, where to eat paella on Sundays… In short, where to invest quality energy and excursion periods or weekends. In any case, since it is not the constant home, is it important to contract the protection of the home during the current second residence?

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  • The habitual thing is to fall into the blunder of believing that by not living in that house all year, we cánido save it. However, the way in which most of the closed and empty energy is invested is also the main motivation for securing it.

    Reasons to safeguard a subsequent home

    In the event that there is one thing that you recognize your habitual house from your excursion or relaxation house, it is the needs that it presents. Her summer home is barely lived in and, for the most part, it will be located in a local place, far from the great metropolitan habitats, which is why it is exceptionally appreciated by cheaters. It is the absence of habitability during those innumerable days that makes it a reasonable objetivo for theft, this being the main danger to guard against.

    In any case, insuring against theft is not the only motivation for having a home protection strategy. The protection could also cover the costs of repairing the lock, as well as any other damage that the ruffians may have caused. Moreover, depending on the contracted inclusion, we are compensated for the loss of substance.

    We must also take into account the land that is intended, that is, the construction of the house. This perro be affected for several reasons: the environment, a fire, humidity… These are unforeseen circumstances and surprisingly less controllable in the event that we are not at home, which is why having protection that ensures us in this sense will keep us away. of more than a surprise.

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  • What’s more, evidently, the brief home protection perro be arranged to the extent of what is sought, so the “supposed” reserve of funds to give it up, is quite a benefit in the event that we enlist it, since it will require less inclusion than for an ordinary house. For example, you cánido get by without fixing the devices in the house or safeguarding the substance, if during the time you are not at home you do not leave important objects inside.

    What is considered a second home for protection purposes?

    In the field of protection, various types of housing are recognized by their use. While the main house is the one in which one lives most frequently, the rear house is the one in which one does not usually live, being only an intermittent place for quite some time or for short breaks. After all, a house that is uninhabited most of the year and in this way, in terms of protection, should be equally separated from a place that we own.

    What cánido be said about the inclusion of home protection?

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  • When briefly preparing home protection, it is essential to have both the inclusion that secures the house when you are in it, or even more so, the inclusion that it does when you do not live in it. Here are the main ones. So, even though it’s not required, it’s prudent to protect your back home. Also, the focus will have several attributes as it perro greatly substance, which cánido bring a lower value in contrast to your habitual house protection.

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     Is it important to secure a second home?
  Is it important to secure a second home?
  Is it important to secure a second home?

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