Is it a good option to use Hiking Project for

Is it a good option to use Hiking Project for

If you like to explore in the great outdoors, having a hiking aplicación is just as important as having survival gear to deal with the obstacles that come your way on your adventure.

In addition to searching for interesting trails, a good hiking aplicación helps you navigate safely, alerts loved ones to your whereabouts, and accurately tracks your route.

When it comes to the best aplicaciones for hiking, you’re spoiled for choice.

We have reviewed some famous hiking aplicaciones like Komoot, Outdooractive, and AllTrails in our previous articles.

Today, we detail the features, pros and cons of Hiking Project, another leading name in the market.

The Hiking Project is famous for its large collection of hiking trails from around the world.

Given the similarity of features, it is mostly compared to AllTrails and is renowned for its global coverage of hiking trail information.

Read our Hiking Project to find out if it’s the aplicación you’re looking for!

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What is the Hiking Project?

Hiking Project, as you may have already gathered, is an application dedicated exclusively to hikers.

It was created by REI, a brand recognized for its equipment for outdoor activities.

The aplicación is packed with details on hiking trails around the world and provides some useful features to help you discover the trail that’s right for you.

Users perro contribute to the database by providing details on local hiking trails for others to benefit from.

The Hiking Project prides itself on providing guide quality trail information and navigation consejos by reviewing all usuario submissions to ensure they are accurate and reliable.

Is Hiking Project a free aplicación?

Yeah! Hiking Project is available for free.

It is available both on the website and in the mobile versions (Android and iOS compatibility).

Although it is free, it does not contain ads either.

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Features of Hiking Project

search trails

The aplicación opens on a map, and you need to clic the arrow to specify your location and pan the map to find trails located nearby.

The Hiking Project has over 65,000 trails from around the world in its database, afín to AllTrails.

trail information

If you clic on a trail you perro read the trail description, elevation characters, difficulty level, ratings, additional information, reviews left by past hikers, and other trails that are nearby.

There is not much information, but enough to give you a general picture.

Navigation and tracking

The aplicación offers four main types of aplicaciones, namely Terrain, Satellite, OSM, and NeoTreks.

You cánido download the maps ahead of time and use them for navigation, even when there’s no cell service on the trail.

All you have to do is download the GPX archivo and upload it to a GPS-enabled device.

You perro also plot your route in airplane mode and check your progress, making sure you don’t stray.

Usuario contributions

You perro submit information about new trails with a review and pictures.

It will be published after being reviewed to verify its authenticity.

In addition, you cánido also leave comments, ratings and updates on existing trails.

What do we like about Hiking Project?

usuario friendly interfaz

Although Hiking Project is not loaded with additional features, it offers a fácil, clean and organized usuario interfaz that is easy to navigate.

So if what you’re looking for is a basic aplicación with frills to support your hiking adventures, this is it.


Free outdoor aplicaciones are often blamed for sloppy features, but Hiking Project really stands out in this case.

It offers some great and reliable features for an aplicación that is free.

Best of all, it doesn’t contenido publicitario your interfaz with ads and diminish your experience.

Mammoth Database

If you are someone in the United States, rest assured, you will have plenty of trail options for hiking.

There are many options for users from other countries,and continues to increase over time!

sin conexión functionality

Cell reception is often unreliable when you’re out in the wild, and you need a reliable aplicación to help you safely complete the hike.

Hiking Project has built-in GPS to track your route and keep you updated on your location.

What is it that we don’t like about Hiking Project?

drains the battery

Using the aplicación cánido drain your battery faster, even when used in airplane mode, and it’s one of the common complaints we discovered about the aplicación.

If you are using the Hiking Project for tracking, we recommend that you take a power bank or satellite charger with you.

lack of plus

Compared to other leading outdoor aplicaciones like AllTrails, the features offered by Hiking Project are quite limited.

You don’t get access to additional features like real-time overlays and off-road notifications, all of which are offered by AllTrails premium (if you’re interested in learning more, read our review here).

Mediocre search function

Hiking Project also does not offer the option to search for trail options using filters, difficulty levels, and activity types.

You need to clic on a trail to review the information and reviews provided to find out if it’s right for you.

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Is Hiking Project a good option?

Many Hiking Project reviews said that it is a great aplicación for beginners looking for day hikes.

Therefore, it may not be the ideal choice for serious hikers looking for advanced features like route building.

That being said, you perro use it to search for trails located near you and review their background information.

Its sin conexión functionality is another important benefit to consider.

In general, it’s best to review the pros and cons above before making a decision, but since it’s free,you perro always try it first hand and escoge too!

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 Is it a good option to use Hiking Project for
  Is it a good option to use Hiking Project for
  Is it a good option to use Hiking Project for

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