Is GoTranscript a scam or is it the best

Is GoTranscript a scam or is it the best

GoTranscript is a beginner-friendly en línea transcription company that offers transcription, translation, and subtitle services.

Like Tigerfish, GoTranscript has been in the transcription industry for over 12 years and currently has around 20,000+ people working for them.

They have been consistently praised by transcriptionists for having a caring and supportive support team, adequate timely pay (if you perform well), and excellent response times (6 hours to complete a 10 minute audio archivo)

What made GoTranscript habitual among transcription seekers is that it allows beginners all over the world with little to no experience.


GoTranscript Review

GoTranscript Hiring Requirements

The hiring requirements are basic and just what any other transcription company requires you to have.

A working computer or notebook with an uninterrupted high-speed Internet connection.

GoTranscript has its own in-house transcription programa and it’s great since you don’t have to invest in an expensive transcription tool like Express scribe.

But instead, invest in a headset to cancel outside noise and this is a big help if you’re working at home.

No minimal typing skills are required and there’s even an option to extend the time if you’re a slow typist.

You cánido be a citizen of any country, not necessarily from the US or UK and no prior transcription experience is expected to attempt the test.

Browse through their FAQ Section before you escoge to apply with them and know in depth what to expect after passing the test.

Application Process at GoTranscript

It is an easy and fácil process to apply in GoTranscript.

Visit their Transcription Jobs Page and clic the apply now button.

Create a GoTranscript account using your correo electrónico and equipo a password for it. Once you have successfully logged in, you need to take a single transcription test.

Before attempting the test, please review all GoTranscript guidelines and take aprecies on them.

Once you’ve done your homework, try taking the quiz (look for the backlink at the bottom of the guidelines section).

You will receive an update on the status of your test within a week or so vía the dirección de correo electrónico id you provided them.

In case you didn’t pass the test, you cánido try again after a few days.

I guess if you perro memorize your guidelines you perro pass your test with ease.

GoTranscript Transcription Payment

If you look at the screenshot, it gives you a pretty clear picture that you perro earn up to $0.60 per minute of audio.

It does not orinan that you will earn $.60 per minute. Converting an audio archivo to a written text takes at least three to four times as long.

It may even take an hour or so. It depends on your typing speed, how clear the audio is, background noises, speaker accent, etcétera.

For example, consider that it takes 4 times as long to complete a $.60 per minute audio archivo, your earning capacity would be around $.15 per minute which converts to $9 per hour.

So to earn close to $150 per month you have to work at least 4-5 hours every day with them.

You must have a PayPal or Payoneer account to receive payments with GoTranscript.

There is no minimum payout threshold and you get paid on time every Friday.

They will also cover the PayPal fee and you will receive the exact amount in your PayPal account.

GoTranscript Job

Once you’ve received an correo electrónico saying you’ve passed the test, log into their website, pick and choose the audio archivos that are easiest for you.

GoTranscript has excellent TATs; the deadlines are so lenient that you will not have a major problem that you run out of time.

Their support team is good, so make sure you clear up any questions about the guidelines before you start working on a archivo.

A completed archivo typically goes to an editor who checks for grammatical errors or style guide errors and grades your work accordingly with comments and suggestions.

Only when the editor approves your work do you get paid for that especial archivo.

Note: Make sure your scores are consistently above 3.4; otherwise, you will be removed from GoTranscript and your previous accumulated earnings will not be paid to you.

On the lighter side, if you managed to consistently get ratings above 4.5, you’re pretty well qualified to be an editor as well.

Frequent questions

Is GoTranscript a scam or legit?

If you perro ask a few important questions about any company you find en línea, you cánido easily escoge if a company is a scam or legit.

How long have they been in the transcription business?

The older a company is, the more trustworthy it is. GoTranscript was founded in 2005 and they have been in business for almost 12 years. Sounds good.

Is all the information available or displayed on the company website?

GoTranscript is very clear about salary, job requirements, style guide to follow, etcétera.

Do they really pay their employers in the stipulated time?

They Yes. Gotranscript pays its employees every Friday without exception.

Are there any complaints about other places or what other people have to say about them?

The only negative complaint I’ve heard or read elsewhere is about publishers giving them low ratings and their accounts being closed without paying.

They have removed the mention on their style guidelines page. Since they are sincere about it, that is legitimacy in the first place.

My Opinion on GoTranscript Jobs

Just like any other beginner transcription job, GoTranscript cánido be a great side job for people looking to make money from home.

The main key is their style guide, master it and you will be able to work on their archivos as much as you want in any given day.

My warning to newbies applying to GoTranscript: Get some experience with other beginner-friendly sites like TranscribeMe, Scribie, and Rev.

You perro avoid getting low scores on GoTranscript and eventually getting kicked out.

It’s a waste of time and energy and you ended up winning nothing. Not a great iniciativa!

I hope the review has helped you better understand how GoTranscript works and please share your input with us.

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 Is GoTranscript a scam or is it the best
  Is GoTranscript a scam or is it the best
  Is GoTranscript a scam or is it the best

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