Is Fanslave safe to earn money? my

Is Fanslave safe to earn money? my

I always had a dream: work my own hours with no restrictions. Have you ever thought about it?

I have always had jobs that I like, but having to dress every day for the office, getting into the bustle of public transport and keeping my schedule day after day irritates me.

Several years ago, when I started having money problems, I realized that working from home is possible.

So I started my journey to achieve my dream, although along the way I have realized that takes time to settle like with any job.

So I had to start look for ways to generate plus incomethat he could get in a short time and easily.

I have tried everything, answer paid surveysmystery shopping, investments in cryptocurrencies and even making interactions on popular networks. This is how I met Fanslave.

Fanslave is a website where you cánido earn money giving “likes” and watching vídeos.

I know that there are many pages that offer the same and do not pay because they are a fraud.

That’s why, I tell you how Fanslave works, how to take advantage of the referral system and my opinion after using the platform.

whatWhat is Fanslave? and how it works?

fanslave is a website that functions as a seguidor provider, fanes or followers on popular networks such as Twitter and Fb.

It’s very fácil, entusiastas are exchanged for money.

Fanslave is one of the first pages that works with the sharing activity on popular media. It was born in March 2011 and since then it has grown and remained a solid company.

This platform works from a free registration that you perro do from this backlink.

After registering, you have the option to escoge: what do you want to win money or entusiastas?

In both cases, you start with accumulate credits on the page, making interactions on other people’s popular networks such as Youtube and Fb.

The popular networks that Fanslave works with They are: Fb, Twitter and Youtube.

You perro use any of the three and if you use them all, much better, you will simply have to backlink your accounts to Fanslave.

The interactions available for each popular network are several, for example, on Fb you cánido follow pages or “like” other people’s posts.

On Youtube you cánido watch short vídeos and on Twitter you perro follow users or retweet.

The payment for each interaction will depend on your usuario level and the publication. For every 3,000 credits you accumulate, you will be paid €15.

fanslave also works with an affiliate system and referrals that will help you increase your earnings.

One of the positive features that stand out in Fanslave is its different means of payment, since you perro get paid through Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer and Amazon gift cards.

As create an account in Fanslave

1. Entrar the backlink to register

Fanslave works from a dynamic and easy to use web page.

You perro entrar yourself without any problem by doing clic here.

You cánido rest easy, because registration, in addition to being easy, it’s completely freeso they won’t ask you for bank information or anything like that.

When you entrar the backlink that I showed you, you will see that on the main page they have information both for people who want to get entusiastas, and for those who want to earn money with the page.

At the top of the screen is a Option menuwhen you see it, you cánido go to the next step.

2. Complete the registration data

I assure you that completing your registration data in Fanslave It won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

At the top of the screen, Select the “Create Account” option.

HE a small window will open on your screen in which you will only be asked for your name, a nombre de usuario, your correo electrónico and a password for your account.

After completing these 6 lines, espectáculo them that you are not a robot and press the blue button It says “Create Account”.

It’s been easy, right? You just need to activate your account to be able to use it, so go to the next step.

3. Activate your account

Right at the end of your registration, you will receive a message from Fanslave in your dirección de correo electrónico with the information to activate your account.

If you did everything right, It won’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes. to arrive.

In case you don’t see it in your inbox, check your contenido publicitario correos electrónicos or your notifications tray.

In the message you will receive a backlink to activate the account and your Fanslave nombre de usuario and password.

Now, Do clic in the backlink, it will automatically take you to the login page and voila! You cánido now start using your account and earning money with Fanslave.

whatWhat do you need to make money with Fanslave?

To start earning money with Fanslave you need to have an internet connection, Register on the website and have an account on popular networks such as Fb, YouTube or Twitter.

The first thing you are going to need to earn money with Fanslave is a Internet connection, since it is a job that is done en línea.

You cánido do it from any device such as computers, tabletas or teléfonos inteligentes.

Then you will have to register from the Fanslave backlink that I espectáculo you above in “How create an account andnFanslave”.

you will also need at least one Fb accountbut I recommend that you use the three popular networks available in Fanslave (Twitter, Fb and Youtube), in this way you cánido have more earnings.

If you don’t have popular media accounts, Don’t worry, registration is easy and it’s time to start, don’t you think?

This article will help you: These are the 29 most habitual popular networks in 2018

The most important things you will need are 5 to 15 minutes a day to make your interactions and get your affiliates.

When you have reached your first 3000 credits, you will need an account to withdraw your earningswhich perro be in Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer and Amazon gift cards.

Don’t you already have at least half of what is needed? What are you waiting for? Go for it and look for your first interactions to start earning money on Fanslave.

whathow to make money with Fanslave?

To earn money with Fanslave, accumulate points by performing interactions, such as following pages on Fb or with retweets on Twitter.

And get referrals and affiliates to increase your earnings.

The first thing you have to do to earn money in Fanslave is backlink your accounts in popular networks.

You perro start with Fb, But don’t take too long to also join Youtube and Twitter, because the more networks you backlink, the more profit you’ll have.

So the first step after completing the registration, is to entrar your account and select the “Win” button, which is at the top, on the right side of the screen.

Then select “Promotions”, there you will see the configuration of your popular networks.

Next to the Fb and Twitter icons you will see a button that says “Connect” and in the Youtube icon you will see the button “Sign in with Google plus.”

Beam clic on each of them and log in to your accounts to backlink them.

When you have linked your first popular network, they will ask you for your date of birth and you will receive a welcome plus of €0.25.

The next step is to go directly to the action, now you will see small squares with publications, which you have to select to make your interactions.

When you select the articulo, They will direct you to another page with the instruction of what you have to do, for example “you have to like the page to earn the credits.”

You clic the backlink, complete the interaction, return to the Fanslave page, and you select the button to load your credits.

It is very important that you select load credits so that the credits of your interaction are seen in the cómputo.

The interactions on Fb They are: following a Page, liking a photo or sharing a articulo.

The Twitter interactions They are: follow a usuario, mark “like” or “retweet” a publication.

The interactions on Youtube They are: watching vídeos, following channels, marking “likes” on vídeos.

The credits that you will earn for each interaction will depend on what you have to do and perro go from 0.25 to 2.25 credits.

Another way to earn money with Fanslave is increasing your earnings with referrals. I will explain it to you below in: “How does the Fanslave referral system work?”

how does the system of Fanslave referrals?

The Fanslave referral system is a program that works like a community. If you get new members, you will earn 15% commission for your interactions and 1.5% commission for interactions of your referrals.

The purpose of the referral program is find new people interested in earning money with Fanslave and that the community grows.

The referral program it works on two levels.

The first level is direct, you you will earn 15% commission for actions taken by people who sign up with your affiliate backlink.

Good news is that this commission applies to all credits that your referrals upload to their account, that is, those who earn from interactions and those who buy on the page.

I will explain it to you better with an example: if your friend Carlos registers in Fanslave with your backlink and earns 1000 credits making interactions or if he buys them, you will automatically earn 150 credits, which They will be charged to your account without you having to do anything.

The second level of the referral system of Fanslave is indirect.

You will also earn a 1.5% commission on the credits that your referrals’ referrals earn.

For example: if Carlos gets his friend Maria to sign up with his backlink and Maria wins or buys 1000 credits, you you will earn 15 credits, without even encuentro Maria.

In this way it is created a chain in which everyone wins.

Imagine that you get 3 referrals and that each one of them also gets 3 referrals, you would be earning a commission of 15% for the first 3 referrals and 1.5% for 9 (the referrals of your referrals)… Interesting, right?

That is why, in addition to carrying out your own interactions, being part of the affiliate program it will help you to have good profits.

what is the FanRank?

He FanRank is the usuario level you have in Fanslave and it will depend on your activity in the account, the number of friends in your popular networks and your number of referrals.

When you register on Fanslave, you are on the first usuario level, that is your Fanrank is 1 and the highest level is 10.

Your fanrank level you will see it in your Fanslave account in a blue bar that you will find on the right side of the screen.

The benefits of increasing the number of your Fanrank is that you will get more posts to make the interactions and you cánido earn up to 14 credits for each interaction.

In simpler words, a higher Fanrank equals more posts and more credits on your profile.

To raise your Fanrank level, three things are taken into account: the first is that you have connected your accounts on popular networks.

The second is the number of friends and followers you have on your popular networksso it is worth spending a little time to be more active on the popular networks that you have linked to Fanslave.

And the third thing that is taken into account to raise your Fanrank level is your activity on Fanslave, that is, the more you work and the more time you dedicate to making interactions and earning money in Fanslave, the more your profile will improve.

whatHow to withdraw your money from Fanslave?

To withdraw your money from Fanslave, accumulate 3000 credits and go to the “charge” option in the menu from your Fanslave profile.

The first thing you should know is that the minimum amount to be able to withdraw the money you have earned in Fanslave is €15 which is equivalent to 3000 credits.

At first it may seem slowbut remember that by leveling up in the Fanrank and getting referrals, you will have more credits and it will be faster.

The next step will be access your account on Fanslave and go to the “Win” option that is in the menu on the right, at the top of the screen.

Then, Select the “Charge” option. You will be directed to a page with your cómputo.

In the option “withdrawal method” You will see a dropdown tab with several options, among them you perro choose Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer and Amazon gift cards.

The next step will be write dirección de correo electrónico address in the panel, remember that it must be the correo electrónico that you registered in the account in which you want to be paid.

Review the information, confirm the transaction and you’re done.

If you want to verify the operation check the status of transactions, the maximum waiting time for a payment to become effective is 30 days.

However, it may take one to two weeks.

My opinion about Fanslave

Some time ago I received a recommendation in a digital magazine, it was a page to earn money in exchange for following posts on popular media.

Before that moment I had not tried any of that and I liked it so much that I wanted to continue discovering more pages.

that was how I found a forum where they were talking about FanslaveI already had experience with these types of pages and I knew that it is possible to earn money with interactions on popular networks, so I decided to try it.

The first thing I liked about the website is that all the tools are concentrated in the menu, that makes it intuitive.

It seemed so easy to me that I completed it all since the first day: I registered, linked my accounts and started reviewing posts.

At first, the progress seemed too slow, but when I understood the referral system and started spreading the word among my friends, I was adding credits more easily.

The first month I barely managed to accumulate the €15 to make the withdrawal, but the following month I added €50 and the most I have been able to win is €72.30.

As for my withdrawals, I prefer to do them by Amazon cards and So far I have no complaints.

Although the page sets 30 days for paymentI almost always receive them within 5-7 days.

The only thing I don’t like about this page is the means of payment, It would be better for me to withdraw my money with Paypal, although they have several methods that perro be taken advantage of.

so for sure Fanslave is a page that I recommend for those people who have about 15 free minutes a day and need to earn plus income Without much effort.

You’re not going to make tons of money, nor will you be able to leave your job, but I assure you that you will have additional earnings for just giving a few likes, watching vídeos and sharing posts.

Have you registered on Fanslave yet? Leave your comment below and tell me your doubts and your experience.

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 Is Fanslave safe to earn money?  my
  Is Fanslave safe to earn money?  my
  Is Fanslave safe to earn money?  my

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