Is Coinbase safe? this happened to me

Is Coinbase safe? this happened to me

Before you start buying and selling Bitcoins, the most important thing is to make sure that the platform on which you do it is safe and reliable.

coinbase It is one of the cryptocurrency exchange houses most habitual in the worldbut in recent years it has given a lot to talk about.

The first thing you should know is that Coinbase is a virtual exchange housealso known as exchangers.

When you work with cryptocurrencies there is no physical copia de seguridad that justifies their value.

It’s not like you cánido go to the bank and withdraw a Bitcoin to do the market of the month, for example.

Therefore, in order for you to have your digital currencies, you must go to virtual exchange houses.

Their job is help you change your cryptocurrencies for the national currency of the country in which you are.

But in addition to that, these exchange houses also usually work as a means for you to buy cryptocurrencies what do you need.

Although it is not the first of its kind, Coinbase today is one of the digital exchange houses with more users Worldwide.

But Is Coinbase safe and trustworthy?, or do they have some trick you should be careful with? Read on to find out.

whatHow does it work Coinbase?

coinbase It works in two ways that are related to each other: as a digital exchange house and as a web digital wallet.

I had already mentioned that this platform works as an exchange house that allows buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies make transactions in a fácil way.

However, you must bear in mind that a primordial part of this exchange house is the inclusion of a web wallet from which you perro do all your operations.

A web wallet is nothing more than a type of digital wallet, in which you cánido store codes that correspond to your virtual currencies.

If you want to know more about the types of digital wallets that exist just clic on the following backlink: Know the types of digital wallets.

Exchanger platforms generally include this option in order to facilitate the conducting transactions among its users.

And this is where the main use for Coinbase comes from: buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

One of the most positive factors of this platform is that it allows all movements to be carried out automated way.

This means that if you are interested in buying or selling coins digital you will not have the need After dealing with the other party (either buyer or seller), Coinbase will handle the entire exchange procedure.

This is one of the main reasons why I cánido say that Coinbase is safe.

Unlike many other systems, in this one you will not depend on the reliability of other users but of the system itself.

whatHow to register on Coinbase?

1. Go to the Coinbase page

The first step you must take is to entrar the Coinbase website to create your account. Sign up is completely freeand it will not take you more than 1 minute to do it.

You should be aware that Coinbase offers certain special services for business who want to register.

These services are normally related to payment methods in cryptocurrencies.

If you are not a company, make sure be in the “People” tab inside the system log page.

2. Sign up

The second step you must follow to open your account on this platform is to fill out the Registration Form.

How could you see in the previous image the information you must give it is very basic.

You just have to facilitate your first name, last name, an correo electrónico account personal information and a password that is secure.

Regarding the password, the same form it will tell you if it is indeed safe or if you must change it due to lack of characters or symbols.

Once you have filled all spaces with the corresponding information you just have to accept the terms and conditions and clic on the blue button that says “CREATE ACCOUNT”.

When you have done this, the system will send you a dirección de correo electrónico to verify that it is indeed you who is opening the account.

You must entrar your inbox and open the message the Coinbase team sent you.

You just have to clic on the blue button that says “Verify dirección de correo electrónico address” to confirm your registration.

3. check your account

Once you have verified your correo electrónico address immediately the platform will ask you Entrar the country you are in and a phone number for verification.

Once you have entered your phone number, you just have to clic on the blue button that says “Send code”.

In a few seconds a text message will arrive to your cell phone with a 7-digit code that you must entrar to verify your account.

When you have entered the code you just have to clic on the button that says “Send” and your account will have been verified and it will be ready to be used.

That methods of pay Do you accept Coinbase?

At the moment Coinbase works with two payment methods which are quite common and easy to use: bank account and debit or credit card.

To make the purchase of Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency it is necessary that you associate it to your Coinbase account a payment method that allows you to carry out the operations.

In this case, Coinbase offers two very fácil options with which you cánido buy your cryptocurrencies.

The first one is the affiliation of a bank account to your usuario on the platform.

To affiliate a bank account to Coinbase you must take into account that this cánido carry out cross-border transactions in the European territory.

In other words, that you perro carry out transactions in the single area of ​​payments in EurosSEPA for its acronym in English.

This payment method perro be one of the slowest, since requires a verification process that allows you to check the operation.

This gives you even more confidence that Coinbase is safe and that all your financial movements will be in good hands.

On the other hand, payment through bank accounts allows you to have higher limits in your transactions and consequently that you perro buy more in a single operation.

The second method of payment and possibly the most used, is the debit or credit card affiliation.

This payment method is the simplest since verification is easier.

You perro use your VISA or Mastercard to make your transactions on the platform without any inconvenience.

In the event that you use this payment method, you must take into account that your transactions will take place immediately.

Using your debit or credit card to carry out operations on Coinbase is as fácil as doing any purchase en línea.

He The only point against you should know is that purchase limits are lower to those of bank accounts, so you will not be able to buy the same amount of digital currencies.

You should also keep in mind that not all payment methods they are available in all 32 countries where Coinbase operates.

In Asia, Oceania and Canada, only the debit and credit cards as a method of payment.

In throughout Europe and the United States Yes, both forms of payment are available.

As buy Bitcoin on Coinbase?

Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase it’s safe, easy, and won’t take more than three steps.

Acquiring Bitcoins is one of the main reasons for which users opt for Coinbase as an exchange system.

On this platform the process is extremely fácil And as an additional advantage, it is automated, so you will not have to deal with third parties to acquire your cryptocurrencies.

The first thing you should do in login to CoinbaseOf course, you must have previously created an account with the registration steps that I gave you previously.

In some cases, due to security measures, Coinbase will make a double check.

This consists of sending a text message to the phone that is affiliated with your account on the platform with a code that you must confirm in order to entrar the system.

Once you’ve logged in with your dirección de correo electrónico, password, and text verification if necessary, it’s time to add a payment method so you cánido acquire your Bitcoins.

To do this you must go to the upper horizontal menu of the login page and clic on the button that says “Settings”.

Once you have done this, you must clic on the button that says “Payment methods” and add a bank account or a debit or credit card that perro support your purchase.

As I told you before, in case you add a bank account, you must take into account that the verification process may take some days.

This may be a bit cumbersome if you are in a hurry to acquire your Bitcoins, but keep in mind that these are all measures that guarantee that Coinbase is safe for you.

In case you want a faster method You cánido always choose to add a debit or credit card as a payment method.

When you have added your payment method, in the same horizontal menu on the home page, Clic on the “Accounts” button.

You will immediately be on a page with all the wallets you have available, remember that you will have at least a wallet for each type of digital currency that you want to drive

Select the option “BTC wallet” and right there the blue button that says “Buy Bitcoin”

This action will take you to purchase formin which you must indicate the amount of Dollars or Euros (depending on the country in which you are) that you want to change.

Coinbase manages a especial exchange rate that may vary constantly.

For this reason you cannot directly place the number of Bitcoins you want to buybut the amount of dollars you have available for purchase and the system will take care of telling you how many Bitcoins the entered figure is equivalent to.

Once you have specified the amount you must select the payment method (which you previously had to add).

Finally, select the Bitcoin address to which you want your cryptocurrency to go, which in this case is the one of the same purse and clic on the “Buy” option.

Depending on the payment method, your Bitcoins will be in your wallet in a short time and you cánido dispose of them No problem.

As withdraw you money from Coinbase?

If you are looking to generate income through the buy and sell bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, it is very habitual that sooner rather than later you want to use the money you have earned.

Of course, Coinbase is a platform that serves both to acquire your Bitcoins and to sell them, so it must have a process so that you cánido receive your money.

The steps to withdraw the proceeds from the sale of cryptocurrencies they are not very different to which you must take to buy or sell your digital currencies.

First of all you must login to Coinbase with your dirección de correo electrónico, password and text message verification if necessary.

You must bear in mind that to make a withdrawal of money from Coinbase you must have made the sale before of a number of cryptocurrencies, otherwise you will have nothing to withdraw.

When you are logged in, clic on the “Accounts” button from the horizontal menu at the top of the screen.

In this section you will find all accounts that you have available, both in cryptocurrencies and in national currency (usually dollars or euros).

When you escoge to sell a quantity of virtual coins, to make the payment effective the system will generate a kind of wallet for dollars or eurosaccording to the case.

You will find this wallet together with the other wallets corresponding to your cryptocurrencies, the difference is that instead of indicating your cómputo in some digital currency indicate the amount of money that you have available in the system in dollars or euros.

Once you have entered the tab you must select account from which you want to withdraw.

When you have clicked on this account you cánido see all the movements that you have made previously, both withdrawals and previous deposits.

Clic on it “Withdraw” button which is located at the top right of the screen.

a will appear confirmation window in which you must select the payment method you want to use for the transfer of funds to be effective.

Usually payment methods they are the same accounts that you affiliate to your Coinbase profile to carry out cryptocurrency purchase transactions.

Once you have selected the payment method You just have to clic on the blue button that says “Confirm”.

The platform will tell you immediately what date will it be effective the movement and you only have to wait to have your money.

how cánido you see the steps they are very fácil and you cánido use your money whenever you want in a very safe way.

My opinion about Coinbase

Throughout my experience in the world of digital currencies i have tried more platforms than i perro remember.

Some have been total failures and others have left a very good taste in my mouth, but one of the ones I have always used for all its features is Coinbase.

Since I started using it, this platform has done nothing but make my life easier in many aspects.

So far it is one of the systems more practical I know and all its operations are incredibly fácil.

It is habitual that if you are starting to use a system of this type, you are a little afraid because you don’t know specifically what you’re up against.

But even if you are completely new to investing in cryptocurrencies this is one of the systems that more you help to.

I started using Coinbase almost 3 years ago and in this time my experience has been the best.

just for that moment I was starting to invest in Bitcoin and was looking for platforms that were reliable and easy to use.

A friend who had been using this system for a few months he recommended it to me with his eyes closedhis experience had been very good so I decided to take a risk.

In these 3 years I have seen how the system has been improving to provide a better service to all its users and, in my opinion, this is what has led it to be one of the most recognized platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the world.

Coinbase is a platform fácil, intuitive, very easy to use which is designed so that all people perro understand it without confusion.

If you are looking for a system suitable for beginners With the best quality on the market, this is the option you’ve been waiting for.

At the Coinbase operations level works pretty goodThe truth is that to date I have no complaints.

One of the points that I like the most is that has allowed me to simplify greatly everything I do with cryptocurrencies.

With this system I perro buy Bitcoin in very few steps and without the need to go directly to a seller.

The fact that youall processes are automated It is one of the great successes that this platform has.

It pretty much does the trading for you and all you have to do is tell it which trade to perform.

The sale of cryptocurrencies With Coinbase it is also a total success, the procedure, like the one for buying digital currencies, is very fácil.

You just have to specify how much cryptocurrency you want to place for sale and the system will take care of the rest.

One of the factors that I like the most about the platform is that I cánido directly affiliate my Bank account in order to carry out operations more comfortably.

For many people this may seem risky but the truth is that it has its benefits, even more so when you take into consideration that carrying out these operations with Coinbase is safe and reliable.

By having my bank account affiliated with my profile in the system, I have been able to maximize my purchasing power during each operation.

It has also allowed me have the money which I get through the sale of cryptocurrencies very easily.

All I have to do is withdraw the money and transfer it directly to my affiliated bank account and in a couple of days I cánido have the cómputo in my account.

In general terms I perro tell you that very few platforms of cryptocurrencies cánido offer you today the facilities and comforts that Coinbase has.

In my experience I have had the opportunity to try different platforms both virtual exchange houses and web wallets and to this day Coinbase has been one of the systems that I have not stopped using.

One point to improve that I would like you to take into account is the variety of payment methods.

Although it is true that affiliating your bank account to Coinbase is safefor many people it would be more convenient to have other types of payment methods, mainly platforms such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and others that are becoming more common every day.

Another of the biggest points to improve that Coinbase has is its availability worldwide: only 32 countries cánido enjoy their services and 90% of them are in Europe.

The company for different reasons has left without the service to a large number of users practically all over the world.

The truth is that Coinbase is in a expansion period and soon people from Latin America, Asia and even Africa will also be able to enjoy the platform for buying and selling digital currencies.

Questions Frequently Asked Questions about Coinbase

1. How cánido I withdraw my money?

You perro withdraw your money easily registering a bank account to your Coinbase profile.

At the moment this is the only way available on the platform.


How long does it take to deposit my money?

Once you make the withdrawal the platform will notify you exactly on what date the movement of money will be effective.

Normally it cánido take between one and three days.

3. Is Coinbase available in my country?

Remember that currently Coinbase only works for 32 countries all over the world and most of those countries are European.

If you are residing in Latin America, unfortunately at the moment the platform not available in your country.

If you live in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia or Singapore you perro enjoy Coinbase without any problem.


Does Coinbase have an aplicación for my phone?

Yeah, Coinbase has a cell phone aplicación that allows you to be connected from your mobile device.

The application works with the Android and iOS operating systems.

5. What consejos perro you give me to get started with Coinbase?

Any movement you perro make with Coinbase it is safe and fácilSo the first thing I perro advise you is not to be afraid of the system.

I have already shown you throughout the article that Coinbase is a very intuitive and reliable system, so that both your money, your digital currencies and your private information they will be in good hands.

Once you are familiar with the platform try to acquire as many cryptocurrencies as possibleso that later you are increasing its value and you have earned money very easily.

6. Is Coinbase trustworthy?

In case you had any doubts, indeed, Coinbase is safe and trustworthy.

with this system You have nothing to fearis currently one of the most important exchange platforms in the world and this has been achieved thanks to its good reputation in the countries in which it operates.

If you want to be more secure, I invite you to look for other opinions and even consult with friends with experience in cryptocurrency.

You will realize that all the opinions of this platform they are more than positive.

7. How much money cánido I earn with Coinbase?

coinbase handles a especial exchange rateso you will not be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies by placing your own fee.

To earn money through Coinbase, the best thing to do is to acquire your cryptocurrencies and keep them as a medium term investmentuntil the page rate has gone up and you perro sell them at a new rate.

In theory, the amount you cánido earn will depend directly on how much has the price gone up of the cryptocurrency you wish to sell.

As you cánido see Coinbase is secure, easy to use and it has all the advantages that you cánido ask of a good exchanger or web wallet.

It is an ideal platform if you are starting to invest in cryptocurrencies or even if you are looking for a system that is reliable and very easy to use.

Have you used Coinbase before? Tell me below in the comments What has been your experience with this system?

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 Is Coinbase safe?  this happened to me
  Is Coinbase safe?  this happened to me
  Is Coinbase safe?  this happened to me

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