Is Cashpirate reliable to earn money? My

Is Cashpirate reliable to earn money? My

Today the Internet has opened up a whole world full of possibilities: now anyone cánido start earning easy money from home with just your computer or cell phone, and a network connection.

In fact, this was what saved my life two years ago: my father had lost his job due to the harsh situation we were experiencing in my country, and although we had some savings, they were becoming more and more depleted.

AND the bills kept coming and they had to be paid.

So I realized that I had to do something, even if it only gave me a little plus to help out around the house.

That’s how I started to fill paid surveys, which brought me an additional $40 a month; however, it was not enough because he needed a little more.

I dedicated myself to look for new methods to earn more moneybut most of them didn’t do me much good because I had to invest in them.

Until a couple of weeks later, talking to a friend about my problems, he told me that if he had ever tried earn money with the aplicaciones of my cell phone.

I found it really funny because although I had heard of it before, I always found them to be quite tricky methods.

But I was so desperate that I decided to give it a try.

I’m not going to lie: along the way I came across many applications that with a fácil Google plus search, appeared many users saying they did not pay or that they were a scam.

But one day, watching the channel of a famous Latino estrella de youtube, I saw you were talking about Cashpirateand that some subscribers in the comments below also said that it was good.

So I went to the Play Store, downloaded the aplicación, and This is what happened to me next…

What will you find in this article?

What is CashPirate?

CashPirate is a mobile application for earn money in your spare time performing certain fácil tasks, such as downloading other applications, watching vídeos, inviting friends, etcétera.

Here you perro generate a few plus dollars for your pocket using your phone.

For some years now, the modality of earn money through mobile it has been growing a lot.

Therefore, applications of this type ended up being a very organized, profitable and fácil way for other companies to promote themselves, making users generate profit For this.

This is how CashPirate emerged in 2014, and since then, it has been one of the best options for get plus income.

With this you realize that has a good reputation and a solid base of thousands of happy users all over the world.

In the application you will not earn directly in dollars or any currency, but rather you get “coins” for completing the different taskswhich you perro later exchange for money in PayPal or for Gift Cards from different companies such as iTunes, Steam, Amazon, etcétera.

Every 1,000 points are $1 equivalent.

It is very easy to reach this amount, so I invite you to continue reading so that you know how to make money with this great application.

As check in in CashPirate

1. Download the aplicación

To start using this great platform, You must download it in the Google plus Play Store.

The application does not weigh much, so it will be installed in less than a minute on your mobile.

In the Play Store, you need to put CashPirate in the search bar.

If you are reading this article from your mobile, you cánido find it entering here.

You perro check the comments and the number of downloads it has had in all the time it has been en línea, you will see that has very good references of users who are already earning money with this aplicación.

2. Entrar with your data

Once the application is installed, you will see the aplicación icon in the menu of your mobile.

Upon entering, they will request your data: dirección de correo electrónico and password.

You must write the information that it asks for, do not worry if you only see a button that says “Sign in or Register”, if you don’t have an account, it will create one for you right away when you press the button I mentioned.

A box will appear to confirm that you want to create a new account and gives you the option to entrar a promotional code.

Below I give you a special code to get your first 500 coins, continue reading.

That’s all! You already have your account created and ready to start completing tasks.

How to use CashPirate

Once inside the CashPirate usuario interfaz, you will notice that even though it is in English, it is very easy to understand.

The aplicación has a fácil and well-structured design.

When you start, you will be in the window “Overview”, which would be the home page where you will see the most striking offers, your cómputo, the “goals” that you equipo and the referrals you have.

A general summary of your account.

Before you cánido start completing the tasks that are assigned to you, you must review and accept the privacy policies which has CashPirate.

For this you will see a shield in a purple rectangle with a button “Install Aplicación”.

Don’t worry, you will not install anything.

It will simply redirect you to their terms and conditions page for you to accept them.

You clic on the green button and a confirmation message will appear.

Once this is done, you perro return to the application No problem.

In the upper left corner is the CashPirate main menu.

When pressed, the complete list is displayed, below Overviewthere is the option “Earn Coins”.

Here you will have several options to choose from, such as Pirate Picks, SponsorPay and TrialPay.

Each of those options presents you with different ways to earn money.

  • Pirate Picks: It will espectáculo you the free applications that are being promoted and that will give you points for installing and trying.

    It also includes vídeo ads and paid surveys that award more points.

    For the latter, you must complete a profile first.

  • SponsorPay: Here you will see vídeo ads, which usually last about 30 seconds.

    Sometimes you will also be able to download applications from this section.

  • TrialPay: You cánido find applications that need to be tested, they perro be paid or free aplicaciones.

    Obviously, the paid ones will be the offers that will give you the most points.

The simplest offers you are presented with cánido give between 2 to 200 points, even more.

This is depending on the conditions of the offer.

If a task requires more time or requires you to meet a certain condition, such as reaching a certain level in a game, you will get many more coins.

The amount of coins that each task gives you is shown from the beginning.

The next option on the CashPirate menu is Redeem Coinsthis is where you perro exchange your points for money or Gift Cards, and even for recharges for your mobile.

Depending on the options available in your country, you cánido find PayPal, Fb, Amazon, Steam, Best Buy, Walmart, Hulu Agregado, Google plus Play, Playstation Store, Xbox Digital, etcétera.

In the part of “Filter by country” are the available countries, if yours does not appear, you just have to choose “Global”.

Redemptions vary between $2.5 to $25, depending on the points you have available.

Remember, 1000 coins equals $1.

Continuing through the main menu, you also have the referrals section, called Referrals.

The CashPirate referral system is very easy to apply.

You only have to invite your acquaintances to register with your referral code and you will be able to earn up to 10% of all the points they make.

And since CashPirate works with a 2-level referral system, you will be able to earn 5% of revenue that the referrals of your referrals earn.

Finally, there is the section “My Account”, which is where you perro see all the data related to your profile.

You cánido change your nombre de usuario, password and place your profile picture.

You will also be able to see the history of your earnings and the payments that have been made to you.

And that’s all you need to know to get started. earn money with CashPiratevery easy right?

Code promotional by CashPirate

As I mentioned before, when you download CashPirate and entrar your data for the first time to create your account, a box appears with the option to entrar a promotional code.

Here you must entrar the code and confirm the creation of your account.

This code will give you 500 coins once you reach the first 1,000 coins.

That is, you will have $0.50 insured when you register.

It’s a plus for new registrations that CashPirate is awarding for now.

Seize it!

How long does it take pay CashPirate

Taking into account the different ways of payment that CashPirate offers its users, you should know that each method has different waiting times.

For example, if you prefer to receive your payments through Paypal, your account will be made effective in a maximum period of 24 hours.

On the other hand, if you choose to receive Amazon Gift Cards as a means of payment, you will receive the code immediately.

From that moment you cánido entrar the Gift Card code in your Amazon account and make your money valid.

The same goes for the other Gift Cards that CashPirate offers.

In all his methods, the waiting time turns out to be very short.

It is perfect for those who do not like to wait long.

As charge in CashPirate

Before you want to make a withdrawal in CashPirate, you must make sure that you have the enough amount of points to make the exchange, otherwise you will not be able to do so.

The minimum you perro redeem is 2500 coins for PayPal, which equals $2.50.

In case you want to recharge your mobile, the minimum is 1800.

Once you have reached a notable amount of coins, continue with step number two.

To collect your coins for money in Paypal, Giftcards, mobile cómputo or any other method that you have available, you must go to the option of “Redeem Coins”, which, as I showed you before, is in the main menu of CashPirate.

Here you will find all forms of exchange that you have at your disposal to change your coins.

It is important that you make sure choose “Global”, in case your country does not appear in the list of Filter by country.

Since you know that you have points to redeem, you must search for the option you prefer or what suits you best.

You may prefer a Gift Card, redeem for mobile cómputo or withdraw your money through Paypal.

If you select the Paypal option, the next thing you should do is place the dirección de correo electrónico that you have linked to your Paypal account. will create a withdrawal request that you cánido find it in the payment history.

As I mentioned before, you get the Gift Card code immediately.

You have several options at your disposal!

Consejos for earn more points in CashPirate

Like any platform to earn money en línea, you should keep in mind that consistency is a key aspecto so that it cánido be profitable.

Otherwise, you will never see results.

The best thing you perro do to maintain this consistency is setting a reminder in the hours in which you will be free to review this application and do all possible tasks.

So you perro form the habit of opening the aplicación every day to see the new offers.

review in spare time it is also a good way to be active on this platform.

When you’re not doing anything important, like waiting for the ómnibus, when there are commercials on televisión, before sleeping, waiting in the lugar de comidas, etcétera., is when you perro start doing tasks and continue earning points.

Since CashPirate is practically in the palm of your hand, there are no excuses so as not to earn points.

I also recommend that you read the instructions of the tasks that you must perform very well, since there are some that are solved in 30 seconds, while others may take up to 1-3 days on completion.

You should be aware of the ones that last longer, since they will not give you the points until the time indicated is complete.

Typically, deals that last like this cánido give you 250 points or more.

In any case, when you do tasks of this type, you cánido review them in your payment history. They will be as “pending” until the days are fulfilled.

Any time is good for perform tasks and manage to get as many points as you wish.

You just have to remember to entrar every day to see the new offers they have, the more constant you are, the more money you perro get.

my opinions about CashPirate

CashPirate is an excellent option for earn plus money through mobile.

Yes, with that device that we carry everywhere and use several times a day.

It is one of the aplicaciones to generate income with more time in the market.

It has a impeccable reputation thanks to the fact that it complies with all the demands that users have and is totally transparent in its policies and conditions.

In addition, it maintains a very large list of offers with which he keeps the CashPirate community active and constantly generating income.

The simplicity of the application ensures a almost immediate understanding of its interfaz.

So much so that even anyone who does not have prior knowledge of the ways to earn money en línea cánido try it and understand it.

The rate of redemption of points is another very positive aspect what you have

The developers have taken into account the need for users to earn their income quickly, and that is why this application send payments so fast.

Even Paypal payments arrive very quickly.

The minimum withdrawal amounts are not that high, this being 2,500 coins that are equivalent to $2.50.

Each task cánido provide you between 2 to 200 coinsso it’s not very difficult.

Yes, CashPirate is a good way to generate a few plus bucks, but it will NOT make you rich or be your main source of income.

However, this perro change if you manage to recommend the aplicación to people who use it constantly.

Thanks to its referral plan, you perro invite as many acquaintances as you perro and thus earn points faster automatically.

Remember that CashPirate is currently available only for Android operating system.

One thing I should warn you about is that you may experience a bit of a point issue when bidding.

These may take time to appearbut it’s nothing to worry about.

When you have completed these tasks, you points will be added without fail.

The failure is due to a small delay in updating the points, you simply have to update the application and wait a bit.

Similarly, you have a customer support service very attentive.

If you have any inconvenience or doubt, you perro contact them at their contact correo electrónico.

It is certainly an application with the potential to help many people get something from plus money in your spare time From the phone.

The advancement of technology has brought new ways to make moneyIt depends on each one if you escoge to take advantage of them or not.

And yes, it is very possible that you will run into some kind of scam on the internet.

This has been the most common fear I have seen in the majority of people who consider the possibility of earning money en línea, so they never dare and prefer to obtain money with traditional methods.

But even in the real world you cánido run into scams, so it’s nothing new.

To prevent this, you must research and search for information in this type of posts or other sources, so you cánido make sure of the veracity of each method.

If you have never made some money en línea before, CashPirate is a good way to get started.

And you, have you already tried Cashpirate? Leave me your opinions below!

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 Is Cashpirate reliable to earn money?  My
  Is Cashpirate reliable to earn money?  My
  Is Cashpirate reliable to earn money?  My

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