Is Asistademy REAL? Read THIS before you go

Is Asistademy REAL? Read THIS before you go

Surely you have noticed that the work from home They are the dream of many people today.

Working from home for me is priceless, so I include myself among those people who love a job where they don’t have to leave it, but above all, that produces the same or even more profit than a habitual job.

Most likely, you are seeing more and more people every day who quit your job and start one from home; and besides having done it, now they are doing amazing.

That was also my reason to start looking for such a job.

When I started my classes at the university, I needed something that would give me a stable incomebut that it did not take much time from me to be able to continue studying.

One day, while I was having coffee with my friend Iliana, she told me that there was started working as a virtual assistant from his home, and that he only needed a computer and Internet connection to do it.

I told her that I was worried about the hours, but she told me that I could work the days of the week that I wanted, and as many hours as I wanted.

In fact, she only worked from Monday to Thursday, and each day she worked only 3 to 4 hours a day, and with that she was managing to earn about $819 a month.

In addition, the tasks that had to be done they were very fácil: he only had to respond to the correos electrónicos that were sent to him, schedule work meetings for the person who had hired him, and organize his schedules.

I liked the iniciativa a lot because it was a very easy job that anyone could do, and the most important thing is that I was going to be able to work the hours and days that I wanted.

So I asked her how she found that job, and she told me that she did it through a page called assistademy.

So instead of continuing to look for other jobs from here to there, I said, “why not?” she was one of my better decisions until now.

if you are too looking for a fácil job to do from home only with your computer and your Internet to generate income, here I want to tell you about my experience working as a virtual assistant so that you cánido also take advantage of this opportunity.

I went from having a job where I was a slave laborer of 8 hours a day for only $450 a month, to work from home 3 hours a day and earn more than $820 every month.

What is assistademy?

Asistademy is an en línea platform with which you perro start work as a virtual assistant from your home today.

But in addition to being a site where it guides you how to be a virtual assistant and train you, it also offers you once you finish, the opportunity to start working on it.

To be a virtual assistant, all you need is a computer with Internet and have some knowledge in using it.

It is logical that at the beginning of something, if you haven’t done it before You had not even considered it, it is habitual that you do not know exactly the activities and tasks of a virtual assistant in their entirety, a lot less how to run them.

Asistademy has as one of its main purposes, train yourself so you cánido be an amazing assistant.

I did not have much notion of organizing agendas and how to do certain documents and inventory in Excel, Of course, work and trades vary a bit depending on who you work for, but that’s precisely why you should to be prepared for all.

If you have some experience and basic skills such as knowing how to use the Internet a little, use Word or Excel, or if you are highly organized, then Asistademy will help you polish each one of them to find a job as a virtual assistant.

However, the best thing about Asistademy is not the teaching it offers you and the polishing of your skills, but the opportunity to get the job Internet that you want and need so much.

There is a lot of competition in the Internet world and virtual assistants, and that is precisely what you avoid by joining them.

When I signed up on your platform, the first thing they sent me was all the information i needed to start working as a virtual assistant with them.

I will tell you in more detail below all my experience with Asistademy.

how to start work with Asistademy

To start working with Asistademy is very fácil: you just have to clic on the backlink below to go directly to your page:

Once you are on the Asistademy website, you will only have to scroll down a bit, and when you see the box to sign up, write your correo electrónico address there and your name.

After that, Clic on “Send me the information now”and within a few seconds you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with all the information to learn and start working as a virtual assistant with them.

In the first dirección de correo electrónico Asistademy will send you some free vídeos with which to start training to be a virtual assistant, and thus be able to work as soon as possible to earn money without leaving home.

Once you finish watching all of their training vídeos, all you have to do is follow the steps that will be indicated in another dirección de correo electrónico that they will send you later, and that way you will already be within your platform prepared to be hired.

The great advantage of Asistademy is that it is Available for all Spanish-speaking countriesso it doesn’t matter if you are in Colombia, México, Chile or Spain: you cánido start working from anywhere in the world.

Being part of Asistademy brings you many other benefits besides to have access to their training and the means to get the job.

For example, it is you who chooses how you want to be paid for your work, and you perro ask that deposit your salary in PayPal, in your bank account, vía Western Union…

You already know that working en línea will offer you great freedom so that is just one of the main things that Asistademy wants to give you.

As works assistademy?

Asistademy has a fairly common system of applying for various job advertisements, That is why the variety of jobs you will find and the possibilities are quite diverse.

On the other hand also exposes your profile to various networks and among its users so that people perro also communicate with you, although the most common is that you get the job by applying for one.

Regarding the training method, everything is based on modules.

In total you will have 7 modules to complete if you want to meet the expectations of a good virtual assistant.

Also on the same home page you perro find the options of Resources, Gifts and Listing.

These last 3 sections are not just another module you learn, in fact, they are my favorite since in the Freebies part you will find information about how to generate income with popular networksa website or through the e-e correo electrónico.

Just choose which one you prefer and always you perro go to the others.

Now, the Listing part is undoubtedly the one that takes the trophy since what we all want to know is where cánido i find the job What am I looking for and how do I get people to hire me?

That is precisely what the section on listing espectáculos you and you will not be disappointed.

My personal experience with assistademy

Asistademy is one of the best platforms I’ve tried to work as a virtual assistant; but it is also true that I didn’t know her at firstand that’s why I was somewhat uneasy about joining them even though my friend had recommended this page to me, especially because you need to make an investment that I doubted a lot.

So if you’re not sure, let me tell you, I wasn’t at first either, but soon my doubts were gone.

It is habitual to be somewhat insecure, that’s why I want to tell you how was and has been my experience from the first week to now.

At first I just started taking the training he offers and distribute my time between my studies and work at Asistademy.

Personally, I didn’t put much effort into it at the beginning but that’s already for personal reasons, however, that didn’t stop me from noticing that indeed, the training they offer is amazing.

In itself, the entire teaching and learning process during the first week it was pretty goodSo I have no complaints about that.

Of course the challenge began when i started applying to the second week.

I was afraid that despite everything they had taught me at Asistademy, no one on the platform would want to hire me.

But it was not like that.

I saw a job offer that interested me a lot, I sent my application, and the next day I had in my dirección de correo electrónico an dirección de correo electrónico saying that I had been acceptedand that when I wanted, I could start working.

The good thing about Asistademy is that they have many job offersand there are both long-term permanent jobs, as well as sporadic or one-time jobs (for example, to work a single week).

Me as a test, I applied to at least two of each and see my luck, which was not bad at all.

Over time they even contacted me people offering me permanent jobs.

And to this day I have a permanent job as a virtual assistant in which I work 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday (some weeks I only work from Monday to Thursday), and i am earning about $857 every month.

That is to say: I work about 60 hours per month (15 hours each week), and I’m charging about $14 an hour.

In general, I don’t have no complaints about Asistademy.

Nor do I have it about the support and service that they offer you, because if you have any questions, you just have to contact them and they will answer it as soon as possible and will help you in EVERYTHING you need thoroughly to solve it.

here below you perro see a vídeo of people who have already tried Asistademy and their experiences:

whatwhat requirements should I comply?

What you must have to be able to join Asistademy They are not major requirements. You simply must be over 18 years of age and have Internet access with your own computer. Those two would be the most relevant.

Asistademy is a course that is designed for people who even they have no knowledge in any of the areas that it offers you and you do not need to have previous studies.

So do not worry about needing a course or study finished, You perro join without having previous experience.

You only have to meet requirements like those who stipulate on your website.

As you perro see, the first two as indicated above, they would be the most relevant.

Every job carries a degree of responsibility so being committed and having time, as well as following instructions, is something you need to be able to work anywhere and I trust you have them.

I have recommended it to many acquaintances who are around 18 and 20 years old and have not had no problem.

Age will not limit whether or not you learn with it, so make a point of it once you’re 18 and if you already have them, don’t wait any longer.

My experience with Asistademy has been unique and very pleasant, and thanks to the permanent job that I now have with them I cánido pay my studies, my house bills, and also help my parents with the expenses of their apartment.

As I have been telling you throughout the article, It is very fácil. So you should not worry about believing that you will not quickly grasp the information and you will not start working in a short time.

You will learn fast and you will work in less than a few days.

And you, have you already tried Asistademy? Leave me a comment below and tell me your opinions.

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 Is Asistademy REAL?  Read THIS before you go
  Is Asistademy REAL?  Read THIS before you go
  Is Asistademy REAL?  Read THIS before you go

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