IQ Option vs Agregado500: One of them has

IQ Option vs Agregado500: One of them has

Update March 26, 2023

Due to recent development and market conditions, we cánido no longer recommend Etoro.

So we suggest that you use IQ Options for small deposits and Libertex for deposits over 100 USD.

Both brokers are 100% stable, these They are fully regulated by international institutions,They have low rates and I have worked with them for more than 5 years

I apologize for recommending Etoro in the past.

Do you have an iniciativa of ​​what it is? trading en línea, and now you want make money investing from home using only your computer.

That’s why you’re in this articulo: because now you want search and know which is the best broker to start your path as a trader.

“This material is not intended for viewers in EEA countries.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to EEA retail traders.

IQ Option and Agregado500 are two of the most habitual brokers in the world of Internet investments.

Their popularity is due to the fact that they are the most reliable on the market in recent years.

However, the most likely thing is that you still have certain doubts. Which is the best for you? Which one cánido you make more money with? What is the difference between them?

I have tried and used these two platforms to do trading with them, and therefore, so that you cánido take a better decision before investing your moneyhere I am going to make you a comparison between IQ Option and Agregado 500.

I am going to teach you every important aspect of these brokers, the advantages and disadvantages of eachand of course what has been my personal experience using them.

That way, you cánido be you yourself who escoge which one is the best for you.

Prepared? Go for it!

What will you find in this article?

Deposit minimum

One of the things that may concern you the most when choosing a broker is find out what your minimum deposit is to start operating on it; After all, asking for $100 to start is not the same as $500.

And this is where the first big difference between these two platforms is: Agregado500 asks for $100 to start trading, while in IQ Option minimum deposit is only $10.

It’s a pretty big difference, especially when you’re just starting out in this world.

The minimum deposit that you make to the broker will be used to experiment with your real money the service it offers and to be able to escoge if it is worth making larger investments.

If it is the first time you invest and you don’t have much capitalthe minimum deposit required cánido be a deciding aspecto when choosing the broker you will trade with.

He trading en línea involves high-risk operations, for which reason You should not invest large sums of money if you are just learning The money that you invest at the beginning should be an amount with which you perro face the loss without problems.

In this sense, IQ Option turns out to be much more convenient giving you the possibility to make your first operations with only $10.

It is true that Agregado 500 asks for $100, which is also not much if you compare it with other brokers who usually ask for a minimum of $250.

But its a lot better start with only $10 on IQ Option and, once you have more knowledge, move on to larger amounts.

Through what means cánido this minimum deposit be made? Each broker has their own means of payment.

Agregado500 accepts deposits vía credit/debit cards both Visa and Mastercard, bank transfer, Skrill and Paypal.

AND IQ Option accepts deposits by Visa, Mastercard or Profesor credit or debit card, and also through other methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney and bank transfer.

Account demo

Another very important point that you should always look for in a good broker is that have a demo account (or demo) so you perro practice before risking your real money, so you know which strategies work for you and which ones don’t.

Both IQ Option and Agregado500 have a demo account totally free, so in that these two brokers are the same.

Using this account will help you put your knowledge into practice and see if you perro really Generate profits with en línea trading.

However, although both platforms have this type of account, there are differences between them What you should know and what I am going to explain here.

Agregado500 gives you a demo account with a virtual $20,000 that you perro use to practice.

But the downside is that once you lose that virtual money, you cánido no longer recharge the account demo.

IQ Option also offers a free demo account option, which includes virtual $10,000 to invest.

But here, the IQ Option advantage is that once that $10,000 is used up, you perro go back to top up your account with $10,000 more Everytime you want.

For example: if you are practicing with the IQ Option demo, and your initial $10,000 runs out, you cánido top up your account with another $10,000.

When you run out of that $10,000, you cánido again top it up with another $10,000, and so continually.

This demo account helps you to practice without any fear and improve your skills as trader.

What I recommend is always start with demo account and practice a lot.

When you see that you manage to obtain profitability and you already have a defined trading strategy, it is time to trade with real money and start generating profits.

Many people make the mistake of starting investing your real money without having knowledge of anything.

But most people I know who do that, lose their money and think they’ve been scammed.

That is the reason why my advice is that practice for a few days with the demo account before making your first deposit and trading with real money.

Here I share a articulo to know how to open your free demo account step by step: How to open a demo account to invest in binary options.

commissions from IQ Option and Agregado500

Commissions are also important when it comes to choosing a good broker.

Some do not charge commission and others perro reach charge commissions for anything.

And these types of payments you will have to make in the end they will affect your earnings.

Imagine that you have a successful operation in which you have won 273 dollarsbut the broker in which you are investing charges you a commission of 20 dollars to make the investment, and 65 dollars to withdraw your money.

In the end, of that $273 you will only receive $190 because they have taken $85 in commissions from you that with another platform you could have saved.

Agregado500 does not charge fees when making a deposit or withdrawing money: if you deposit $100, you will have $100 available in your account to operate.

But if there is additional and hidden commissions that they will apply to you Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know this at first, and when I saw it, I got quite a scare.

For example, if you open a trade that is earning you profits, and you have equipo it to stop within 1 hour, so that the investment does not stop and continues to generate profits for you, you will have to pay plus.

If you don’t pay that plus, the trade will be closed automaticallyand you will no longer make any more profits with that same operation.

They also have other types of commissions and fees: if you don’t use your account for three monthsthey will charge you an additional 10 dollars every so often.

That is to say: if you do not use your account in 3 months, they charge you $10.

If you don’t use your account in 6 months, they will charge you $20.

If you don’t use your account in 1 year, they will charge you $40.

Agregado500 too charge for their services the spreads.

Spreads are the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of an asset.

Agregado500 establishes a spread on each asset that the usuario pays at the time of trading.

It’s like a hidden commission because it is already included in the quote.

Another possible commission would be when establishing a stop order, that is, when a position is requested to close at a certain price in order to minimize losses.

This stop order commission is added to the spread and appears in the final price before accepting the transaction.

Here are a couple of opinions I found on other people’s forums about Agregado500 commissions:

Agregado500 also charges commissions for currency exchange; that is, if you request a payment in your local currency (for example, in pesos), they will charge you a commission for exchanging dollars into the currency of your choice.

So with them, in the end, the operations are quite expensive because a large part of the profits that you get with your investments They will go to their commissions.

IQ Option, on the other hand, does not charge commissions in operations or when depositing money into your account.

If you deposit $10, you will have $10 intact to trade in your account although currency conversion fees may apply.

Only in the case of trade cryptocurrency there is a small percentage of 2.9% that is applied to the purchase price or sale price of the asset.

For example, if you escoge to invest $30 in crypto with IQ Option, they will charge you 87 cents of the 2.9% commission.

If your investment is $20 in Bitcoins, they will charge you 58 cents commission.

They are quite small amounts compared to the profits you will get, and to the much higher commissions that Agregado500 will charge you for many other things as I explained to you before.

IQ Option also charges a fee overnight for keeping the trading position open overnight.

This rate depends on the asset in which you are going to invest, and you cánido see it in the section “Commissions” from your website.

They also do not charge anything to withdraw your money. vía credit or debit card, Skrill, Neteller, or Webmoney.

But they do charge a commission of $31 to withdraw your money vía bank transfer.

So my recommendation is that if you don’t want to pay that $31 commission, withdraw your money at IQ Option for any method other than bank transfer.

withdrawal of money

The withdrawal of funds is also something that we must be clear about when choosing a broker.

Fortunately, Agregado500 and IQ Option offer affordable alternatives for you to anyone cánido withdraw their winnings no problem.

At Agregado500, you cánido withdraw your money with your Visa credit or debit cardbank transfer and through Skrill or Paypal.

To make a withdrawal, you must be in your account and access the option “Money” in the side menu.

There you will see the available money you have to withdraw.

You select “Withdraw” and choose the withdrawal method.

Once you complete the required fields, clic on the “Send” button or “Open a retreat” and your request will be done.

Agregado500 processes these withdrawal requests in a maximum period of 24 hours on business day.

The time in which the payment appears will depend on the time it takes for the recipient to process it.

Usually, in electronic wallets such as Skrill and Paypal, the payment appears after being approved by Agregado500 within 24 hours of request.

For credit cards and bank transfer it may take a little longer depending on the receiving entity.

Likewise, it is a fairly short time compared to other brokers.

It cánido even become less than 24 hours.

But there is something very important that you should know: Agregado500 has a somewhat high minimum amount to make withdrawals that varies according to the payment method.

If you want to collect your money through PayPal, the minimum amount to do so is $50.

And for bank transfers and credit cards, the minimum amount is $100.

If you want to withdraw an amount less than the established minimum, they will charge you a commission of $10.

You cánido only withdraw money from your account five times a month, if you make more withdrawals than allowed, a fee of $10 will also be charged.

So as you cánido see, the means to withdraw your money in Agregado500 they are quite limitedand if you do not want to have that limitation, you will have to pay to be able to remove them.

IQ Optionon the other hand, allows you to withdraw money with a Visa, Mastercard or Profesor debit or credit card, by bank transfer and through Webmoney, Skrill and Neteller.

In IQ Option, you only have to access the section “Withdraw funds”select the method to be used for the withdrawal, fill in the required information and confirm the request.

Here is a small disadvantage: IQ Option takes between 24 to 48 hours to process the withdrawal request.

However, in other aspects it has many more advantages than Agregado500.

At IQ Option you cánido withdraw your money from only 2 dollars without problems, and there is no limit on withdrawals per day.

You perro collect your winnings as many times as you want.

For example: if you have $40 in your account, in the same day you cánido make a withdrawal of money of $35, and then make another withdrawal of for example 3 or 4 dollars if you want on the same day.

Of course, keep in mind what I told you before: IQ Option does not charge fees for withdrawing money vía debit or credit card, Skrill, Neteller or Webmoney, but they will charge you a commission of $50 if you do it by bank transfer.

My experience with IQ Option and with Agregado500

In the search to find the best broker, I tried the platforms of IQ Option and Agregado500.

Both have been in the world of en línea trading for several years and thanks to the quality of their service they have established themselves as two of the most reliable brokers for investing.

Before I tell you about each one, I must emphasize that I had no kind of problem or suspicion that something was wrong with any of them, everything was transparent and clear.

Agregado500 started in 2008 and is known to be one of the most habitual trading platforms. CFDs (Contracts for Difference) to trade Forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, indices and commodities.

is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority, it also holds a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, as well as the Enterprise Singapore Commodity Broker License.

All transactions you make and any private data you entrar They are protected.

When I registered with Agregado500, I had at my disposal a trading platform designed by them, which was available on both desktop and web, as well as mobile it could be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The interfaz of its platform is very fácil and intuitive.

Have all the necessary tools to make a good analysis of our chart and generate profit.

Agregado500 only offers two types of account: the real money account and the demo account.

As I mentioned before, it is advisable to start with a demo account to practice your strategies and trading method without risking your money.

Service Agregado500 customer support It is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, according to its website.

You cánido contact them vía correo electrónico using the form their website or through the live chat that is available at all times.

However, in the time that I used Agregado500, live chat was not very helpful because you always had to wait more than 1 hour to receive an answer.

By e-e correo electrónico I never received an answer. So this is a pretty negative aspect that they should improve.

Another aspect that is missing is that Agregado500 does not offer any kind of educational support or market report.

Hopefully you find their FAQ section to answer your questions with Agregado500, but about investing and trading They don’t have any kind of guides or tutorials.

The advantages that I cánido highlight of Agregado500 as a broker are that they accept PayPal, and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

But as disadvantages it has that its customer service is painful, and there are many commissions (some hidden) that are very expensive.

Regarding IQ Option, they offer the service of investing in binary options and CFDs, in cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks and, soon, ETFs.

The biggest draw of IQ Option is that you only need $10 to start earning money investing.

It is the most recognized and reliable broker that gives you the option to invest with such a low minimum amount of money.

IQ Option has also developed your own trading platform to meet the needs of its users.

It is a very complete and easy-to-use platform, at the same time it has several tools available to analyze the market.

We have it available on the web, for desktop and as a mobile aplicación, either Android or iOS.

One aspect that I liked about IQ Option is that they offer tools like volatility alerts, news bulletin, exclusive vídeo tutorials for your clients, economic calendar, analytics, etcétera.

Everything you need to make good investments.

Another advantage of IQ Option is that they offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies To trade CFDs, you have about 13 cryptocurrencies available to you!

Your customer service too is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in a live chat that users who have already funded their account cánido access.

And, in addition, they will put an advisor just for you so that you perro ask all the questions you want (I was attended by a girl named Adriana and that he is quite friendly always helping me).

I must say that at this point, IQ Option met my expectations much better than Agregado500 and offers good customer support by responding in a timely manner.

Payments are made within the period established (about 3 business days) and there are no surprise commissions.

They don’t accept PayPal, but they do have other electronic wallet alternatives like Neteller, Webmoney or Skrill.

I was so satisfied with the experience I had with IQ Option that I am still using it to this day.

By not investing much and offering an unlimited demo account, I got familiar from the start and was able to start trading.

earn money with a minimal investment.

IQ Option vs.

Agregado500:which is better?

The reality is that each one has its advantages and attend specific needs.

Of course, both brokers are totally safe and are regulated by important financial entities.

Both options offer platforms that are easy to use and understand.

However, the issue of the many commissions that Agregado500 has, and that their customer service is quite disastrous, makes prefer to trade with IQ Option.

My recommendation is that, if you are a beginner and you are just starting out in en línea trading, choose IQ Option Since it has the lowest minimum deposit, it is easy to operate, they offer exclusive tutorials and good customer support.

Agregado500 is a broker that is not bad, but if you are a beginner and do not have much capital, it will not be so convenient to start investing $100 and with little knowledge.

I consider that Agregado500 is aimed at more experienced traders and willing to invest larger amounts of money.

However, for me the main advantage that Agregado500 has over IQ Option is that it accepts deposits and withdrawals vía PayPal.

IQ Option is definitely geared towards beginner traders. and that they are just beginning, since they offer the possibility of making a minimum deposit of only $10, and you cánido start trading with only $1.

If you want to start investing en línea, The most important is to take action.

And I think that IQ Option gives you the opportunity to experience first hand what it is like to trade with your real money thanks to its very low minimum deposit of $10.

It will be useless to have reviewed so much information if you do not take the first step to trade en línea. Open your free demo account today and start practicing!

Have you had experience with any of these brokers? Let me know how it went in the comments below!

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the Company carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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 IQ Option vs Agregado500: One of them has
  IQ Option vs Agregado500: One of them has
  IQ Option vs Agregado500: One of them has

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