IQ Option Tutorial ▷ How to invest in Forex

IQ Option Tutorial ▷ How to invest in Forex

IQ Option is one of the best brokers if you want to start investing: their page is easy to use, they have more than 350 assets to choose from to trade, and you perro start trade with as little as $10 in your account.

“This material is not intended for viewers in EEA countries.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to EEA retail traders.

The following article on this website is not investment advice.

But I also know from my own experience that when you do something like this for the first time, you cánido look a little lost at first because it is a new world for you that you do not know.

That’s why I created this tutorial to invest in Forex with IQ Option for starters.

Here I will teach you step by step from how to create a free account, how to open and close your first trade, to how to withdraw your profits from this platform!

IQ Option Tutorial to Trade Forex: Follow These Steps

What is IQ Option and what are their regulations?

IQ Option It is one of the best en línea trading platforms of recent times.

It is a broker that it is intuitive and easy to use For any type of trader, be it a novice or an expert on this subject.

This web portal differs from all the others for having maintained a strict policy for avoid dubious transactions.

In essence, what this organization does is monitor transactions that are done in the depósito market; maintain control of operating licenses and impose sanctions on those who fail to comply with their parameters.

It has such a strict privacy policy that it even allows you to consult how they use the information you write on the platform.

Your capital and the investment returns they are insured. If at any time the platform fails, you cánido recover it without any problem.

how to create one free account on IQ Option

Create an account at IQ Option It’s very fácil, it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to do it, and registering is totally free.

The first thing you should do is go to their website or fill out the form with your data which I leave you below:

>> Clic here to sign up for IQ Option <

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

The information they ask for is very basic: first name, last name, correo electrónico and a password.

If you fill out the form above, you just have to write your information, clic on the “Accept the terms” box, and then Clic on the green “Try now” button.

With that, you will have already registered for free in IQ Option and you will have your operational account.

If you escoge to go to the IQ Option page, you just have to clic on the blue button that will appear where it says “Open free account”.

You will see that it takes you to the bottom of the screen, and that a box like the one in the image below appears on the right: write your data, clic on “Accept the terms” and finally clic on the green button “Create an account”.

With this you will have created your account satisfactorily.

If you don’t want to write all this, just you cánido access by synchronizing your Fb or Google plus account.

How to make a deposit in IQ Option

To do a deposit on IQ Option You must be logged in to your account and be in the usuario interfaz.

Here you will find a green button that says “To deposit”.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

It will espectáculo you another window where it will give you a choice the payment method you want to use and the amount that you want to entrar Among the means that you cánido select are debit or credit cards.

You perro also use virtual wallets like AdvCash, Neteller, Skrill and WebMoney.

Once you have decided the amount that you are going to entrar, press “Proceed to Payr”.

This will take you to a payment form for you to fill in the information of your card and you perro send the capital to your account cómputo.

IQ Option minimum deposit is only $10being this one of the brokers that request less capital to be able to start trading en línea.

The debit is immediate, so as soon as the operation has been confirmed, you perro start trading with your own money on the platform without any problem.

As choose the right asset to trade forex

To choose the right asset when trading en línea in Forex you must take into account several factors such as volatility and trend.

Also, you need to do a technical analysis of the price of it to corroborate all the information that will allow you to make a smart investment.

It seems difficult, but all you have to do is select a derivative from the list that the broker has for you.

When you have done so, you will be able to see its price on the chart. this is where you will know if the asset is correct through the use of indicators that allow you to know the behavior that it will have.

A very quick way to know this is with the “Traders humor”.

This is an instrument that you perro find on the left side of the trading area.

It espectáculos you what other users escoge to do with the asset, whether to sell it or buy it.

Based on this, you perro make a decision.

However, I would recommend that you do not stick with this indicator alone, there are many others that will give you more information to invest.

How to open and close a forex trading on IQ Option

1. Entrar the trading area

To open a Forex trade on IQ Option, the first thing you need to do is login to your IQ Option account and go to the trading area.

This is where you perro perform all the operations you want.

If you entrar with your demo account, you cánido invest without risk.

Besides, you perro deposit directly from there.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

2. pick an asset

In order to initiate a position, you have to choose an asset from the list that you have available on the platform.

You perro find them on the upper left side.

By selecting the “+” symbol you will be able to find any of the derivatives enabled to trade.

Choose the one that catches your attention the most!

3. Do the technical analysis

Now it is time to do the technical analysis of the asset.

To do this, you must use the trend indicators and the types of charts to get a better iniciativa about the price behavior of the instrument you are going to trade.

This point is very important because it will tell you whether to invest upward or downward.

To do this, you only have to look at the left side of the graph, where there are 4 symbols and look for “Indicators”. Here, choose the one that best suits what you want to measure and apply it.

Later I will go into more detail about how you perro use indicators and charts to be successful with your trading.

4. open the trade

The only thing missing for opening a position is trade in the asset.

Therefore, you must go to the right side of the trading area, where you will see a menu with the time, amount and the direction of the asset price.

If you want to buy, press “upload”; On the contrary, if you want to sell, select “Baja”.

5. Close the deal

The good thing about IQ Option is that you have the opportunity to make early closings in operations that you are doing This way, if things don’t go your way, you perro get a little back on your investment.

To achieve this, once you have opened your position, you must clic on the button “Sell” which will appear on the asset chart.

A box will appear asking you to confirm the action.

The other option is from the “Total Portfolio”, here you have to look for the operation, select it and clic on “Sell”.

Lastly, if all goes well, you perro simply wait for the expiration time to expire and there is automatic closing.

How do I know when I should close a deal?

In my years of experience as a trader in this great broker, I have been able to find 2 reasons to close a trade.

The first of them is because there are times when technical analysis fails and to prevent the investment from going wrong, an early closing is made. normally you return 90% of your entire investment.

Second, when you want secure your benefits and prevent the trend of the asset in which you trade from turning against you.

This type of closure is very common.

However, you do not get all of the income you would earn if you let the expiration time expires.

Still, it’s a very good way to save utility that you obtain against volatilities or market imbalances.

8 strategies to trade Forex with IQ Option

As you have already seen, creating an IQ Option account and opening a trade is very fácil.

But to ensure good success in doing so, it is important that know some strategies that will help you to invest with better results.

Breakout Strategy

This is the first of the strategies that I am going to teach you.

Is easy to controlbut a bit frustrating for those who are in a hurry to see results.

You must choose an asset and establish resistance and support. You should also place the RSI to better analyze the derivative’s chart, but I’ll talk about this later.

Now, with this range created, you must wait for the price to reach the maximums or minimums, or break up or down.

To give you an example: Imagine that you are trading a derivative whose average price is 1000.

You place resistance and support at 1200 and 800, respectively.

With this, what you should do is wait for the price to come closer to either of those extremes.

As soon as the price exceeds either of these two lines, you should invest in the direction of the trend.

You have to take advantage of the momentum so that you perro obtain benefits, since in most cases the price changes change rapidly.

Bollinger Bands

For this strategy, you need to place the indicator that has the same name.

2 lines will appear on the chart: overbought (higher) and oversold (lower).

This will automatically create support and resistance.

What you should do is monitor asset chart until the price approaches either end of the range you created.

When it happens, reverse in the opposite direction trend, so you will ensure a good return on investment.

It is very afín to the breakout strategy, but with the difference that this time the price will not break, instead it will go up or down between the Bollinger bands.


This indicator is very important when it comes to trending strategies.

You perro find it under the “Indicators” button on the lower left side of the asset chart on IQ Option.

When you apply it, a line is created at the bottom of the screen, where you perro measure intensity of the derivative’s price.

The iniciativa of ​​this strategy is that you perro see how strong are the price changes of the asset and take advantage of it.

In this way, if you see on the RSI that the price line curves up or down, you know that you should trade in that direction.

Locate support and resistance levels

I had previously mentioned these terms in another strategy.

However, many do not know that supports and resistances are in themselves an excellent tactic for technical analysis and successfully invest.

You cannot place these lines randomly, otherwise they won’t work.

The iniciativa is to mark the maximum and minimum points by which the price fluctuates, in order to avoid guessing regarding its movements.

Once you have selected your support and resistance, it is because you know that the quote will not leave that range of prices.

And with that, you cánido include other strategies to complement and create a powerful trading tactic.

Remember that since breakups exist, every once in a while you will have to change the position of these lines.

News and daily feeds

This is one of the strategies simpler that you will get in the repertoire of IQ Option.

All you have to do is know the economic calendar and read the important news that may affect the behavior of the assets in which you are going to operate.

This is because the depósito market is very sensitive to public opinion.

Therefore, this perro ocasione a high volatility and that trend changes are more frequent.

In the broker, you cánido find this information in the trading area, pressing where it says “Market analysis”.

Japanese candles

In this case, you must place in the chart type the Japanese candles.

You do this from the button that has the same name, on the lower left side of the IQ Option trading area.

There are 3 types of candles: Overwhelming, Hammer and Doji.

Each one of them with her curiosities.

In the first case, these are the ones that determine when a trend is true.

It has a small body and a large shadow that leaves no doubt that the direction of the price is what it indicates.

In second place, also calls Hammerthere are the candles that espectáculo changes of direction in the market.

With these, you will be able to know in advance where the market is going to move.

They have a small body and shadow, but they are very important.

Finally, there are the doji.

Are espectáculo consolidation in the market.

That is, few or no variations that give a clear sign of where the price is going to move.

The best thing you perro do is let that candle pass until either of the other two appears and make a decision.

Since you know how to differentiate them, I will explain how you should do to operate with them.

Once you have changed the chart, you will be able to see how the candles start to break out.

When the Hammers appear, you should be aware of the price movement, since after 2 or 3 of them in the same direction, it is very likely that a sweeping appears.

And this is where you should operate.

trend following

The strategy that I am going to comment on is by far one of the first things you should learn. And that if you master it, it cánido be of great help.

You cánido choose any type of graph, what matters is that it is easy for you to understand. Put the temporality in 15 minutes so that it becomes more stable and thus you do not have false movement problems.

Now, what you should do is watch for the moment when a trend starts to be created. you will know because the graph begins to curve up (up) or down (down).

When you are completely sure that the curve holds, invest in quick trades from 1 to 5 minutes to take advantage of the momentum.

trend channels

This is a complement to the previous tactic.

The iniciativa is to create a “tunnel” with two lines to know if the current trend still strong enough to stay and be able to invest quietly.

To do this, you have to draw a line between two or more points, either upward or downward (depending on the direction of the price), to identify the changes that may occur in the price.

When the price is rising, it is drawn at the bottom of the chart.

When it is down, it is placed at the top.

In this way, if there is a movement in the price which does change the direction, you perro easily know through this method.

As withdraw your winnings by IQ Option

Make the withdrawal of the benefits obtained in IQ Option It is very fácil.

You have to entrar your account and go to “Withdraw funds”.

It will send you directly to another window where you cánido see the available payment methods.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

In order to take the money to your bank account, it is necessary to make a Withdrawal Requestwhich takes between 1 and 3 days to be approved.

IQ Option allows you one withdrawal per month without commission, after that a 2% is charged for each withdrawal, not being less than 1 dollar or more than 30 dollars.

Now, in order to carry out the process, it is necessary that you use the same form that you chose to deposit.

That is, if it was with Neteller, you must withdraw with it.

So choose the right one and make the request with the amount you want to withdraw.

Normally it takes 24 hours to approve it, so after this time, you should already have your money in the bank or en línea wallet.

Among the other forms of payment that are counted are: Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards; Skrill and WebMoney.

Personally I would recommend that you make deposits with your cards, with this you save a lot of trouble and you will see the benefits earlier how late

IQ Option Commissions to trade forex

There are 4 commissions that apply to IQ Option trading.

These are applied to your trades depending on the action you take on the platform.


this commission applies to all operations you do with CFD or Forex.

You are charged in pips and represents the cost of opening a position.

To calculate it, all you have to do is subtract the purchase price minus the sale price.

That difference is the value you have to pay.

For example, imagine that you are trading in the Gold commodity, the purchase price is 1200,576 and the sale price is 1124,466.

Subtracting these values, you get 76.11.

This would be the spread that you have to pay


The swap is the right by maintain a 24 hour open operation.

The charge is 0.07% of the value of the operation and is only discounted if it is open all day.

It is very common to happen with CFDs or Forex.


The third commission deals with the collection of $10 for not having entered your account in the last 90 continuous days or make any operations such as deposits, withdrawals or trading.

If the months go by without you entering, they will continue to charge this commission to your cómputo.

Commission to Cryptocurrencies

It is about the collection of 2.9% of the value of the operation for open a position in any cryptocurrency.

This is charged to every cryptocurrency asset that is available on IQ Option.

In other words, for every dollar invested in these instruments, you will have to pay $1,029.

Cánido invest in binary options with Forex on IQ Option?

IQ Option has increased other options such as Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities.

However, from Latin America, yes you perro do this type of action.

So if you are in this region, you will be able to operate without any problem.

Have you already done a Forex trade with IQ Option? Tell me about your experience below in the comments!

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the Company carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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 IQ Option Tutorial ▷ How to invest in Forex
  IQ Option Tutorial ▷ How to invest in Forex
  IQ Option Tutorial ▷ How to invest in Forex

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