Ipsos i-Say | earn money doing

Ipsos i-Say | earn money doing

We teach you everything you need to know to earn money with Ipsos I-say.

From how to register, to how to make the most of this survey platform.

Ipsos i-say It is one of The best platforms to earn money with paid surveys.

Carrying out surveys for more than 100 countries, it offers very succulent profits for users.

Unlike other survey sites, i-say It has a good number of weekly polls.

And it offers users various rewards, for which they cánido redeem their points.

This site belongs to the company Ipsos.

Ipsos is a global marketing company, founded in 1975.

It has hundreds of clients around the world, which guarantees a large number of surveys per year.

This has made all users have positive opinions about their survey platform.

Next, we will teach you everything you need to know about Ipsos I-say.

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Ipsos i-say registration

Registering with Ipsos is not complicated at all.

You just have to clic on the button above, where it says “Entrar Ipsos I Say now”.

Select “join now”, and answer the questions on the form.

Then, you will receive a message with which you cánido confirm the dirección de correo electrónico.

Open the message, clic the hyperlink, confirm the dirección de correo electrónico and you will have your account created.

Create an Ipsos I-say account

But so that you do not have any doubts, we will teach you step by step how to create your account.

In 7 easy steps, you will be able to create your account in Ipsos I-sayto start working with it.

To start registration, clic “join now”.

You cánido join through your Fb account, or using your Correo electrónico.

In the second case, entrar the data, accept the conditions, and press the “sign me up” button.

Press the button to receive the confirmation message.

You cánido use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other type of e-e correo electrónico.

You will receive a message like the one in the image, requesting confirmation of your correo electrónico.

Open it, and clic on the button that says: «Confirm Registration“, to confirm the correo electrónico.

Put your name, your phone number, and the reason you are registering.

Entrar your address agregado zip code.

Then, entrar your level of studies, and your approximate income.

And finally, the number of people in your family, and the number of children.

Clic on the button «next step«.

And ready.

With all these steps, you should already have your account created, and be able to start working on your panel.

How it works and how to earn money in Ipsos

Once you have registered, you must fill out your entire profile with your personal information.

Filling out the complete profile is escencial to start receiving surveys, since the type and number of surveys you receive will depend mainly on your profile.

For that, entrar the section of your profile, and entrar all the required information.

Ipsos has 5 ways we perro make money.

Not all of them are as important, and not all of them will have the same frequency, but, without a doubt, they cánido be counted as part of the ways to earn money from this site.

The following are the 5 ways to earn money on this website:

paid surveys

Paid surveys are the main way to make money on isaysince basically this site was created to collect important information that is used by companies to develop and sell their products.

The way to understand the format of the surveys is very fácil.

Next to the star, the number of points we will earn for the survey is shown.

By selecting the “start the survey” button, we begin the survey.

And next to it, we have the approximate time of completion of the survey.

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Ipsos may offer several surveys per day. Every time there is one available, you will receive an correo electrónico to entrar it.

Another way to verify its availability is by entering with your nombre de usuario and checking the main panel.

You must be attentive, because each survey has an expiration time of between 10 and 25 minutes.

loyalty program

Ipsos also pays for our constancy by answering surveys.

In this way, we will receive free points for a especial number of surveys answered.

In the image above, there is the list of points they offer for each given number of surveys taken.

welcome raffle

Also, as a new usuario, you cánido participate in their welcome raffle.

The platform holds a raffle for 30 gift cards with a value of €100 every 4 months, in which new members cánido participate.

Clic raffle

Added to this, every 4 months they do another raffle where they offer 10,000 points.

In this draw, there will be 10 winning users, and each one will receive the mentioned amount of points.

To participate, we only have to answer the surveys referring to updating our profile.

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Isay also has a referral system. For every referral that completes their first survey, we will earn 100 points.

But unlike other platforms, this one does not have a referral backlink.

Rather, the invitation is sent vía correo electrónico.


As we have mentioned at the beginning, this site offers many alternatives to its users to redeem their points: Amazon, Paypal, Ikea, Decathlon, iTunes, are among some of them.

The minimum amount of points to make withdrawals is 218 points, which is equivalent to €2 for an Amazon card.

The following are the rewards for which we cánido exchange our points:


218 points = €2.

544 points = €5.


567 points = €5.

1,133 points = €10.

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VISA prepaid card:

555 points = €5.

1111 points = €10.

2770 points = €25.

5550 points = €50.

Charity Choice:

556 points = €5.

1,000 points = €10.

Ipsos i-Say Market:

556 points = €5.

1116 points = €.

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756 points = €5.


1,111 points = €10.

iTunes and Zalando:

1,267 points = €10.

Ticket Compliments

1311 points = €10.

How much money cánido you earn on Ipsos I-say?

As you already know, the platforms to earn money with surveys are a magnificent alternative to earn money en línea.

A clear example is Ysense or LifePoints.

With Ipsos we cánido get a good amount of plus money per month.

Earnings perro vary from €10 to €100 per month, depending on our perseverance, the flow of surveys, and the profile we have.

How perro you earn more points?

The answer will always be: Answer as many surveys as possible correctly. The essence of this site is not in the referrals, nor in its loyalty program, but in the surveys we carry out.

Here are some consejos to receive points with surveys:

  1. Always pay attention to the e-e correo electrónico.

    When surveys are available, a message will arrive in your correo electrónico.

    Do not spend too much time to do them, since the surveys have a limit of people, and they fill up very easily.

  2. Immediately take surveys available on the panel.

    If you are on the platform’s panel, and you have surveys available, don’t leave it for later.

    Possibly when you return, it will no longer be available.

  3. Fill out your profile completely and properly. The flow of surveys will depend on this.

    Have the complete profile, and stay tuned for profile updates.

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Is Ipsos I-say safe?

Ipsos is a completely secure page, which we perro trust. Hundreds of companies today continue to hire their services to do market research, and to date, none have filed any complaints (that we know of).

It conducts more than 6 million surveys in more than 100 countries.

Added to that, the reviews of those who have worked answering surveys on their platform are very positive.

So, we have nothing to fear with this site.

How does Ipsos i-Say pay?

The site pays once we have completed the points required to claim the rewards.

The minimum score to change them is 218.

Withdraw money from Ipsos I-say

Once we have reached the minimum amount of points, we choose the option of our preference.

We entrar the required data, and then we wait for the payment to arrive.

Shipping time is 2-3 weeks for PayPal, and 24 hours for gift cards, after request.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ipsos i-Say

Anyone who has worked with survey sites knows that you have to ask certain questions to get to know the site, and to know if it really is trustworthy.

Here we answer some of those frequently asked questions.

How many points cánido I earn per survey?

The gain varies from 5 to 500 points per survey.

How many surveys perro you receive?

There is not really a equipo number of surveys per day or week.

However, we perro usually receive 1 a day or 6 a week.

How perro you redeem the points and earn money?

In the panel, choose the option «rewards» (rewards), to exchange points for money, or gift cards.

Advantages of using Ipsos I-say

Truly, Ipsos I-say has many points in its favor.

To next, some of them:

A fast and fácil interfaz.

Its interfaz is understandable at first glance, and therefore very easy to use.

That same simplicity makes this site a fast platform.

Diversity of rewards.

Compared to other survey sites, this one offers a range of alternatives to redeem our points.

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Easy registration.

Your registration is very easy and fast.

Excellent loyalty program.

has one of best loyalty programs that we have been able to see on paid survey pages.

On a monthly basis, the points obtained in this way will be part of your total earnings.

Good support team.

The technical team is quick and attentive to solve any problem or inconvenience we have.

Mobile aplicación.

In addition, once we are users, we have the possibility of using your application to answer surveys from wherever we are.

Cons and disadvantages

However, it has certain disadvantages compared to other survey sites:

Available in very few countries.

Thus, users from many countries cannot participate in it.

It takes a long time to pay by PayPal.

Opinions about ipsos i-say opinions

The vast majority of users on the Internet give positive opinions about this site.

Among the positive opinions, the following stand out:

  1. A reliable site.
  2. Good flow of surveys.

  3. Diversity of rewards.

  4. A good loyalty program.

This is an ideal platform to earn money through surveys.

It really is worth working on.

We hope this article has been quite useful for you.

What are you waiting for to try it?

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 Ipsos i-Say |  earn money doing
  Ipsos i-Say |  earn money doing
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