iPoll: Earn money doing surveys with

iPoll: Earn money doing surveys with

Many of our followers asked us to talk about iPolla survey platform that is available in few countries.

What caught our attention the most about its characteristics as a survey panel, is that the surveys have very good remuneration, not so high as to make us think that it is too good to be true, but they are better paid than those of other platforms. in the same style as for example Ysense (which is another of our favorites).

What is iPoll?

iPoll is a platform of paid surveys that has several years of being founded. Apparently it was the company Research Now Group, LLC in charge of launching it on the market. It works like other afín platforms, by answering surveys assigned according to your profile, you will get points, in this case the points are called iPolls. When you reach a minimum amount you cánido claim your rewards, it cánido be through Giftcards or to your Paypal account.

Start earning money on iPoll

How to register and entrar iPoll?

Of course, to use iPoll you must register, it is a very fácil process as it is in all platforms of this type. It will not take you more than 3 minutes to do it, pay attention to the following instructions:

  1. First, you must entrar the iPoll en línea website.
  2. Press the option «SIGN UP FOR FREE».
  • Now you will see a form in which you must put your data: names, date of birth, zip code, gender, correo electrónico, password.
  • When you have placed all your data, you must solve the Captcha.
  • Accept the Privacy Policies, too Terms and Conditions.
  • Finally, below the form you will find the option «NEXT», press it to register. The system will send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico to validate the dirección de correo electrónico with which you registered.

Please note that the platform is not available in all countries. If you are in a country where it is not available, try using a VPN to sign up.

How does iPoll work?

In howtoearnmoney.biz We have described several platforms to make money doing surveys and few are as easy to use as iPoll. It basically has two sections: the first is to access the control panel. surveys, rewards, usuario ranges and explore other options. The second is to know the amount of iPoll points accumulated, notifications, in addition to the account settings.

Clicking “SURVEYS» you will see a dashboard with some polls. You should know that the first surveys that appear may not be appropriate according to your profile, no matter how hard you try to do them, you may not be able to finish them. Therefore, it is important that you go to «ACCOUNT» located in the upper right corner and complete the profile. By completing your profile you will have the best surveys for you, which you will surely be able to answer in their entirety without problem.

Each survey pays you between 0.50 to 1.50 iPoll points, which are exchanged 1 to 1 with the dollar, that is, 1 iPoll is 1 dollar.

In the section “REWARDS» you perro see the rewards you have accumulated and how to withdraw them. The minimum withdrawal is $25 and you cánido do it through Amazon and Apple Giftcards or Paypal.

In the option «BADGES» There is the top or level that you have as a usuario, there is Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They are medals, but they don’t really give you any benefit. If you want to get more profit than other users, then you should complete your profile to the maximum. In the option «EXPLORE» You cánido review other ways to earn money, usually it is by trying a product or service, but it is not always available.

How much money cánido you earn with iPoll?

Compared to other pollsters, this platform pays above average. It is possible that you do 4 to 6 dollars per hour that you invest to answer surveys. The times that each survey is supposed to last is above the time that you are going to invest in it. For example, if a survey you want to take says it takes 20 minutes, that’s really the maximum time, since you cánido complete it in 10-15 minutes.

Earning up to $6 per hour from home using your computer or mobile (it also has an application) is a great facility. But, the problem is to know if iPoll is really going to pay you or not, since lately it has had negative reviews –we’ll talk about this later–.

iPoll Rewards

In the section of “REWARDS» you perro claim your rewards as we mentioned above, then you must choose one of the options to withdraw the money. For example, PayPal, when choosing it you must entrar the amount of money you want to withdraw, then clic on “CHECKOUT» (in your profile you affiliate the PayPal dirección de correo electrónico in which you want to receive the money).

Is iPoll reliable?

The iPoll platform has two factors that give it reliability: the first is that it has several years working –almost the same as Spare5–, the second is that it was founded by a company with a good track record. But lately we have seen many cases of users complaining that the platform is unreliable and even that it is a scam.

There are other users who rate it as trustworthy, so it is hard to know if it is trustworthy or not. However, we have also heard usuario opinions that iPoll closed their account, after years of working with their surveys without problems. This makes us speculate that iPoll is becoming unreliable and only the lucky ones cánido get paid. Therefore, we believe that it is not among the best applications that pay to use them.

Opinions about iPoll

In our opinion it is a very easy to use survey panel, you solve your surveys, you earn points, the exchange of points to dollars is automatic and when you reach the minimum you withdraw. What we don’t like is that lately has earned the mistrust of users This also happens with Money Aplicación. Therefore, we are not sure to spend our time solving your surveys.

iPoll is another one of those aplicaciones to earn money that we cannot assure you that you are currently paying. If you want to know if it does or not, you have to try to register and reach the minimum withdrawal. At present it seems to us that he is not paying, so it is up to you to take the risk or not. If you want to know better options to generate income, take a look at our blog, you will find more reliable platforms, such is the case of Ysense or Fulltip.

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 iPoll: Earn money doing surveys with
  iPoll: Earn money doing surveys with
  iPoll: Earn money doing surveys with

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