Investment funds: what they are and how to invest

Investment funds: what they are and how to invest

If you are an investor, or if you have been involved in the business world in any way, you are surely familiar with the investment funds.

Now, if you are just learning to invest, and you want to know the different strategies, mechanisms and platforms that you have available to increase your wealth, this article will be of great importance to you.

Specifically we will talk about the mutual fund benefitsso that you understand what they consist of, and how they perro help you make assertive decisions in the short, medium and long term with your money.

What are investment funds:

The funds are collective investment institutions that have gained a significant boom in the last decade in the capital market, both Spanish and Latin American.

Its operation consists of gathering funds from different investors -natural or companies-, to later invest them in different financial instruments such as the purchase of shares or other afín titles.

Because they invest in different types of assets, Investment funds They have stood out for being a diversified investment alternative.

And what is this diversification good for? One of the main benefits is that it reduces the risks associated with investing money (without eliminating them completely), although this will depend on the investment fund chosen initially.

Investment fund money

The first thing you should know about Investment funds it is that they constitute a patrimony based on the contribution of many people, who are popularly known as “participants of the fund”.

These are managed and administered by a management company and also by a depositary entity, the latter being in charge of custody of the cash and titles.

The purpose is that these are a kind of guarantee and surveillance before the investments that are intended to be made in the future.

How investment funds work:

When you invest in an investment fund, you obtain a certain number of shares that daily have a net asset value, or in simpler words, a price.

The latter results from the division between the number of shares in circulation and the valued equity.

Its performance becomes effective when the shares are sold, and best of all, this perro happen at any time, except for those funds in which liquidity is limited to certain dates or periods.

Who makes investment decisions in a fund?

Regardless of its nature, that is, whether they are group, institutional, private, state or individual funds, all investment funds have the same profitability objectives.

Its administration is delegated to a team of professionals fully trained to make the best investment decisions, and thus ensure that the assets of investors or savers increase over time.

The main job of this team of experts is to achieve the maximum possible return after investing in financial products such as bonds, shares or their derivatives.

Although it is also very feasible that investments are made in other types of products, such as raw materials or real estate, regardless of the location in which they are located.

How to choose an investment fund

Now, after learning about investment funds, it is possible that you are considering the possibility of investing your money in one of them, for which the question arises, of How to choose a fund that suits my needs?

The starting point to know how to choose any of these collective investment institutions is to define their type of return.

This cánido be divided into relative and absolute performance.

Relative performance: This is achieved in a certain period of time that refers to an index, and through it they bet on less risky investments.

Absolute performance: With this, the value to be invested does not refer to an index, but is measured by its monetary value, and its risk is higher because it emplees all kinds of investment techniques.

However, if you do not know where to start, it is best to first define your investor profile and, second, contact financial specialists to help you define your objectives and needs successfully.

Know your investor profile:

Ideally, you should access one of the official investment fund platforms that enjoy credibility and trust, and whose team is qualified to invest your funds in sensible and profitable investments.

It is also very important that the experts corroborate your investor profile, that is, that they study your circumstances and personal aspects so that they are able to recommend an investment 100% adjusted to your requirements.

finanbest is a platform that offers you the option of taking a test to define your investor profile, which consists of a completely individual and personalized triple evaluation, with which your experience, knowledge, financial situation and investment objectives are tested.

This test allows you to know your risk tolerance, and consequently guides the entire investment process so that its maximum degree of profitability is correctly achieved.

How to choose an investment platform:

Thanks to the internet, today it is possible to invest your money through competitive investment platforms globally.

Finanbest is one of them and it is actually a Public Limited Company regulated by the National Securities Market Commission and the Bank of Spain.

Thanks to this type of platform, you perro start investing your money easily, simply, and best of all, you will be making smart decisions.

Among its main advantages, you will find the following:

Low commissions:

One of the main factors that must be taken into account when making an investment decision is commissions.

That is, the money they charge you for managing your money.

In the case of finanbestencourage savings of up to 70%, which is very positive compared to the commissions offered by the more traditional Spanish financial institutions.

In fact, a commission is usually charged for each participating entity and its periodicity is quarterly.

Diversified portfolios:

The diversification of investment portfolios, which are a equipo of titles that are owned, allows for better investment options, and is also very useful for reducing operating and financing costs.

Correct selection of funds:

Almost all companies or investment funds focus on investing the money of the participants in different types of assets.

The most prominent are listed below and the iniciativa is that you get to know them so that you know very well how you perro invest your capital through these instruments:

  • Listed securities such as bonds or stocks.
  • Money: either in local or foreign currency.
  • Real estate investments, or even assets that have been affected by exploitation such as mortgage bills.

Advantages of investing your money through an investment fund:

If you want to start investing your money through an investment fund, below we will explain the different advantages you have when making that decision.


Intelligent distribution of money:

Investment funds offer you the possibility of distributing your money in several assets or sectors that have different behaviors in the same market situation.


They promote efficiency

Because mutual funds take advantage of economies of scale, it is not surprising that they incur lower costs in trading markets, and therefore actively promote efficiency.


You get professional help

If you want to increase your assets and you are determined to invest money but you do not know how to do it, then you perro not worry by trusting investment funds.

This is because they work hand in hand with experts in investment strategies and high-risk financial products.

In simpler words, you entrust part of the money you save to specialized professionals who have a great capacity for analysis and monitoring of market.


Greater investment opportunities

Through the collective investment schemes You have the opportunity to access those markets that you would not have access to if you decided to invest individually.

Recommended books:

Recommendations for investing in funds

Finally, if you are interested in starting to invest through investment funds, we want to share with you a series of recommendations that will be of great help to you.

– Dedicate yourself to knowing in depth how to invest your money in the market and its fluctuations.

– Do not forget to inquire about the risks associated with investing in securities.

– Only trust investment funds that have a team of experts to help you find the best investment strategy, that is, the one that best suits your own needs.

– It is highly recommended that you take a test to find out your investor profile before deciding to invest in any of the financial products available on the market.

– These funds are known as liquid assets, which means they perro be liquidated quickly, or in as little as three days.

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 Investment funds: what they are and how to invest
  Investment funds: what they are and how to invest
  Investment funds: what they are and how to invest

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