Invest in the depósito market

Invest in the depósito market

Invest in Depósito Market It’s not as difficult as you think, you just need some information.

Have a good bag simulator It perro help us in our task, since it will allow us not to risk our physical money and learn the ins and outs and how to proceed if we want to invest in the depósito market.

Once our first simulated investments have been made, we perro proceed to invest in the depósito market with real money.

The depósito market has greater security, profitability and flexibility than any other asset (value).

Therefore, invest in the depósito market It is interesting for any type of public, since in the long term it is very profitable, since through dividends it perro give us a certain economic stability.

In the first place, it should be said that the income that the depósito market perro generate for us mainly in two ways: buying shares of a company and selling it when they rise in price (what is called surplus value) or through dividends, which are the profits that companies distribute among their shareholders.

Advantages of investing in the depósito market directly

Investing in the depósito market, whether with little or a lot of money, has a series of benefits that we are going to start listing here.

It must be said that the greater the investment, the greater the benefits (and also the risks).

I will explain them to you:

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periodic rent

One of the best advantages, since the portfolio of values ​​that we believe will generate income from dividends (distribution) of the shares.

We must bear in mind that we cánido reinvest the money obtained from collecting dividends to buy more shares, or allocate it for our own consumption, that will depend on our needs at all times.

It is advisable to divide the profits, one part for us and another for reinvestment, in this way we cánido continue earning more money.

low commissions

The commissions that brokers and stockbrokers perro charge us are low if we compare them with those of other assets (investments) such as investment funds or the expenses derived from buying a property (flat, house or premises) and renting it.

The commissions will be charged to us every year or perhaps they will charge us by commission, that will depend on the broker we use to carry out the operations, therefore we will have to inform ourselves very well about the broker’s commissions before starting to operate in bag.

We will have total freedom to invest in the depósito market

We will not have any type of obligation to buy or sell if we do not believe that it is the appropriate moment for it, we will not have any maximum investment.

We will own the movements of our money at all times.

We will also have total financial freedom to entrar or exit the market as much as we want, we cánido stop investing when we consider it appropriate.

Our positions (in or out of the market) will not influence you.

Invest in securities outside of depósito indices

We will have the possibility of investing in very good companies that do not meet the liquidity size requirements to be on the depósito market indices.

These companies always tend to have much higher profitability.

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In relation to this, it is not always profitable to invest in companies that are listed on the depósito market and leave aside others that are not listed, since on certain occasions, some small companies will give us more profitability (and therefore, more money).

They cannot compete on the depósito market.

Risks of investing in the depósito market

Although in the long run invest in the depósito market It may seem like a very profitable investment, you have to operate judiciously, we cannot forget that it is an investment in equities, sometimes it will go up, but on other occasions it will go down.

We cannot know in advance the profitability that a share of a certain company may have.

That is why it is advisable to invest only the amount that we know we are not going to need in the short term and that you equipo limits yourself.

It may happen that, when selling, you get a lower price for your shares than you paid for them.

Final conclusions invest in the depósito market

Although investing in the depósito market perro be a good way to earn money on internet.

This is possible since you perro invest from your own home.

As you perro see, the risk perro be summed up in that you perro lose the money you have invested, and the benefits are interesting.

It is up to you to invest in the depósito market or not, how to do it and how much to invest.

You must be careful and never risk money that you do not have or that you may need for something else.

Finally, it must be taken into account that the profits obtained in the depósito market are taxed.

If you keep your investment for more than a year, the gain will not be subject to withholding and you will have to pay 21% tax.

If, on the contrary, the profits have been generated in less than a year, they will be added to the income from work (your salary) and will be taxed at the corresponding rate.

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In addition, after 1500 euros, the benefits will also be taxed at 21%.

This is valid for the common territory, since the foral haciendas have another percentage of taxation.

Therefore, if you escoge to invest in the depósito market, keep this in mind, since the Treasury may knock on your door with a not very pleasant surprise.

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 Invest in the depósito market
  Invest in the depósito market
  Invest in the depósito market

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