invest in marijuana

invest in marijuana

invest in marijuana It’s not a new trend. The first investments in the campo in the United States arose in 2017. However, in recent months the trend has grown in popularity as a result of the plant legalization in some places, both for medicinal and recreational use. Canada and the United States are a sample of this. The last American state to take the step of legalization has been New México.

In Europe we are still lagging behind, although there are already companies in which we cánido invest in marijuanaWe still have a long way to go to reach the North American level. Therefore, we still do not know how to invest in marijuana.

In Europe, more and more people are interested in this type of companies engaged in the cannabis ámbito. Whether in the form of cultivation, marketing or research, This type of companies in the campo have experienced remarkable growth in the last year. Some of them have come to appreciate 100% in just a few months and it seems to indicate that this is only the beginning.

Different emplees of marijuana

Beyond a fashion or recreational use, the medicinal emplees of marijuana They are scientifically proven. The benefits of cannabis they perro be divided into several categories: conclusive, moderate, and limited or no evidence. Many conclusive results affirm that marijuana is very effective For the treatment of chronic pain, to disminuye nausea after chemotherapy and to disminuye the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. There are also studies that espectáculo useful against other diseases such as Parkinson’sAlzheimer’s or certain neurological disorders, and even epilepsy.

In addition to the medicinal benefits, the invest in marijuana has enough economic benefits. Estimates predict that up to 30 million could be moved in 2025 in the United States alone. The MG Alternative Harvest ETF, the first cannabis ETF to be publicly traded in the United States, rose close to 80% from the lows in March and in 2021 adds already 34.93%. This gives us an iniciativa of ​​the potential of investing in marijuana.

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Does investing in marijuana have risks?

Like any investment, this also has its risks. The first risk that experts see has to do with the regulation of its use. While therapeutic use is increasingly widespreadhe recreational use is allowed in very few countries. In many other cases there is a legal vacuum and this poses a regulatory risk that should always be present in investment decisions.

Even the WHO considers this substance as a drug and the resulting ética hazards cánido collide with coincidente investments always looked at under ethical and responsible criteria. These criteria are increasingly present in the industry.

In addition to ética criteria, considering it as a drug for certain users, cánido make certain companies reluctant to entrar into the sale or distribution of products related to this plant. This fear will be present because they do not want to lose their brand image while consumers change their concept.

Is it a good time for investment?

Without any doubt, yes. Canada announced the legalization of marijuana use on October 17, 2018 and México presented a project at the end of 2018 to regulate its trade, use and production of that plant since 2019.

In USAas I said above, is at a crossroads in the middle of these two countries (literally) so you would have to reconsider your position on marketing and consumption. Today, marijuana is now legal in 33 of the 50 states from United States.

A good example of growth in this type of market is the company Canopy Growth. This company received last year a economic injection of 3,800 million dollars by Constellations Brands. This company produces and sells the habitual Mexican beer Corona and Modelo in the United States.

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In Canada, for example, studies say that the cannabis market will move between 4.2 and 8.7 billion dollars in the country and could possibly have between 4 and 6 million customers.

Could this market be a financial bubble?

Investing in marijuana has great similarities with the bitcoin investment and the world of cryptocurrencies in general. Bitcoin has appreciated by 7,000% in the last 5 years. In the same time period, three major cannabis companies have increased more than 1,000% in the same period. And the way I see it, This has only started.

At the moment there are about 100 companies that are listed on the depósito market and are directly or indirectly related to the cannabis business. Of course most of them are pharmacists or producers of products that perro be made with this plant

Also big companies as of the night business such as Coca-Cola, Corona and Heineken, among others, they are investing very actively in the cannabis business. The question is whether these companies have seen their true value or are simply feeding the bubble to position themselves and maximize profitability. That is the question that many ask themselves and the answer will be seen in the coming months.

Final Opinions on Investing in Marijuana

Oddly enough, in a North American state such as Rojo that has legalized marijuana, marijuana use plummeted after legalization. The reason main is that what is forbidden attracts. Besides, the sale of marijuana to minors is prohibitedand if it is legalized it is much more difficult for it to be sold.

Regardless, legalized cannabis tends to be more consumed in relation to other substances such as alcohol or tobacco. This suggests that as it is legalized in other parts of the world, the consumption of this substance will increase, both for medicinal purposes and for other types of emplees, so if you want to find a booming market in which to invest the money you have been able to win on the internet, I think that the the marijuananothing has a future.

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 invest in marijuana
  invest in marijuana
  invest in marijuana

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