Invest from 10 EUR with Scramble and generate

Invest from 10 EUR with Scramble and generate

If you take financial planning very seriously and think about the protection of your assets in the long term, you need to know scramble and start taking advantage of all its benefits.

This investment platform is friendly, reliable and intuitive.

It really allows you to make investments with impressive speed and simplicity (even if you have little experience as an investor).

If you are wondering how to diversify your investments, or how to generate more returns without so much effort, it is time for you to join the great community of investors at Scramble.

Profitable investments in scramble

The operation of scramble it is easier than you imagine.

You literally only need about five minutes a month to participate in their investment rounds, which is versatile, and above all, efficient.

This financial technology company has been successfully operating in the market for more than two years, and is backed by highly renowned and credible venture investors.

Some of them were founding members of OLX either Wise, while others have held executive positions in companies such as skype either Fb.

Consequently, the operations carried out through this platform are absolutely reliable, secure and transparent.

With this company you cánido generate passive income and recurring.

It’s a great solution to make money work for you like on autopilot.

Today we will tell you how you cánido take advantage of this platform, even if you have never invested in companies, or are unaware of the sea of ​​possibilities that these initiatives offer you.

Benefits of all-in-one investments

How could this digital investment company benefit you? If you are asking yourself this question, pay attention to the following information.

In essence, every month you’ll be presented with a “batch” of new consumer goods companies looking for growth capital.

Therefore, you have the possibility of investing in the entirety of each lot on a monthly basis.

This means that your investments will be distributed among all of them.

scramble offers you an extremely valuable “all-in-one” investment solution to diversify risks.

Consequently, if one of the companies fails disastrously, you will continue to get repayments on the loans of the other companies that were part of the batch.

You perro make investments with as little as 10 euros and get more than 12% net annual return! This is a great way to move towards your Financial Freedom!

scramble offers you a very attractive investment solution; especially if you do not have experience looking for investment opportunities or analyzing indicators yourself.

If you are a novice investor, looking for new mechanisms to diversify your income, and also want to minimize risks, it is likely that this company will allow you to successfully achieve that goal.

How are the companies selected from each batch?

If you are a bit skeptical, or do not want to risk your capital, you need to understand how companies are selected from each batch that will be presented to you monthly.

Specifically, the selection process covers three main phases:


The business health of the company,

2- Your legal security and,


The background of the founder.

These indicators allow evaluating the ability and effectiveness of each founder to scale their respective businesses.

Before a company is included in a monthly fundraising round, an in-depth analysis is carried out, and in turn, many startup valuation methods are applied.

A very important point that we must highlight is that startups of scramble they use the funds raised to boost their working capital.

Will you be an A or B investor?

On this platform you cánido allocate your capital based on your level of risk aversion. If you are a more cautious investor you could take advantage of the benefits of Group A.

That way you will earn stable income and face reduced risk.

In addition, your earnings will be 5% for six months (while the perceived net annual return will be 12%)

Group B might be the one for you if you want higher returns and don’t mind taking on more risk.

In this case, your earnings could be 9% for six months and the net annual return would reach 30%.

Additionally, it should be noted that the loans are backed by the personal income, and for life, of their co-founders (Therefore, your money will be safe and protected).

Great Scramble Plus Program

One of the first benefits that you cánido perceive from scramble it’s a 5 euro plus for every 100 euros invested in the platform.

To join it you must follow a few fácil steps.

We share them below:

  1. Entrar the official Scramble page and create an account (clic to start)
  2. Participate in your first investment round.

    The minimum amount required is only 10 euros.

  3. Start receiving monthly payments for your investments.

    Profitability and earnings will depend on the group to which you belong.

scramble will offer you a monthly batch of founders, with their respective companies, and you will escoge how you want to participate.

So you’ll need to choose the investment strategy, add the cash, and then allocate it among the loan groups.

Once the round ends, the loans will be created automatically and disbursements will be made to the participating companies.

Finally, you will receive the fruits of your investment the month following the issuance of said loans.

Benefits of investing with scramble

These are some of the benefits that you could receive if you escoge to invest in the monthly lots that will be presented to you scramble:

– You will be part of a real business ámbito.

– You will only invest in high-growth FMCG companies based in continental Europe and the UK.

– You will not have to analyze each company individually.

This will not only save you time, but it will give you more confidence when investing (especially if you are a beginning investor).

scramble he invests more than 20% of his own money in the batches of startups they present in each round. In this way they validate their full potential.

– You will obtain leading returns in the short-term loan market.

– You will receive monthly profits and enjoy an attractive net annual return.

– The risk is low, since you cánido diversify your investments.

– You cánido complete your investments in less than five minutes.

The process is really fácil and efficient.

Start investing strategically with scramble

It is time to start investing in innovative, promising and high-growth companies.

And best of all, it isYou only need 10 euros to start investing in them in a totally safe, fast and transparent way.

If you dream of generating income through your investments, scramble could be a great ally during this process.

With just a few clicks you perro make your money generate stable and recurring returns.

And you don’t even have to analyze each company individually or in isolation! Remember that the company does this work for you.

Sure, you perro fuel the growth of large consumer goods companies, while delivering good returns every year.

You perro be part of the change if you join the community of scramble and you start participating in their monthly batch investment rounds.

Finally, do not forget that you cánido take advantage of this platform immediately; even if you are a beginner investor Everything is simplified and 100% accessible for you!

So start by registering here at Scramble and receive a 5 Euro plus to start invest.

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 Invest from 10 EUR with Scramble and generate
  Invest from 10 EUR with Scramble and generate
  Invest from 10 EUR with Scramble and generate

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