Internet pages that pay you to translate

Internet pages that pay you to translate

Carry out en línea translations it has become a part-time job that many are starting to do for earn some plus money.

As the virtual world grows and offers more job opportunities, the demand for translators has increased and this is where a job market has opened up for those with good knowledge of languages.

exist freelancing platforms where you perro offer your services as a translator, among other things, and platforms dedicated exclusively to translators.

Let’s see a little about what it consists of and how you have to do to join this world.

How to make money as a translator on the Internet in 2023?

The first requirement is to have a in-depth knowledge of your second language, that is, the one to which you are going to translate the texts or from which you are going to do it.

You must be as familiar with it as you are with the native language.

The second thing is put together a good sintetiza in one of the portals that we will present to you below and look for job offers, apply and insist.

Once you get a first job, the quality with which you do it will be key to getting a good grade and making yourself known and getting new job offers.

It is also essential have a good command of CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation), Internet, search tools and documentation, among other things.

In this sense, it is very common for translators to check their work with this type of tool to make the modifications they deem necessary and thus present a translated text without errors.

Pages to earn money translating in 2023

The demand for translators has grown remarkably.

Every day hundreds of companies and thousands and thousands of texts require their services.

This has allowed the rise of portals that connect supply with demand, generating work for thousands of translators eager to earn some plus income.

These are 3 of the best pages to earn money translating texts


This is a website that offers translation services in a fácil way to companies like Youtube, Alibaba, Path, Tripadvisor among other.

Since it was founded in December 2008, it has attracted more than 65,000 clients and has more than 20,000 translators.

If you want to join as one of them you just have to register on their website and take a test to check your level.

Once done and sent you must wait to receive the results and if it is approved you will be within Gengo.

Although most of the papers are short texts without any complexity and therefore do not require much research, there are also professional content jobs that requires specific knowledge in especial topics and fields.

For informal content, payment is between €0.06 and €0.08 per wordwhile for professional content it is €0.12 to €0.14.

Translators are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month

Gengo offers the possibility of being able to work when you want and you are not obliged to do all the jobs that appear in your account, only the ones you choose.


One of the pioneers in the field of en línea translations. translated It has been in the market for 18 years and its client portfolio has more than 100,000 and has more than 250,000 translators.

The particularities that make this website stand out is that you you perro escoge your own rate and? offers free training programs. once you you register on their websiteif you meet the requirements you perro start working as a translator.

Google plus, IBM, Airbnb, European Union institutions and Expedia, among others, are its main clients.

The texts to be translated cánido be from any subject or area, such as science, technology, medicine, advertising, sales, and even personal topics.

One Hour Translation

Regarded as the fastest human translation company in the worldOHT is another of the main web portals to earn money with translations.

To be able to entrar as a translator you must register and pass a test just like with Gengo and if you pass it you are already part of the team of translators.

Perro earn an estimated $30 per hour translating habitual texts in moderately known languages.

But if you cánido translate little-known languages ​​or professional content, you cánido earn almost double.

Among the different companies that use the services of this One hour translation we find some well-known ones such as; CNN, Fortune, IBM, Shell, Coca Cola, The Washington Articulo, Fox News, Tech Crunch, BBC and wall street journal.

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 Internet pages that pay you to translate
  Internet pages that pay you to translate
  Internet pages that pay you to translate

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