InstaGC | Payments from 1 dollar

InstaGC | Payments from 1 dollar

Today we are going to dedicate our precious time to talk about instaGCa veteran and reliable page of paid tasks that has the great option of receiving payments by Paypal from as little as 1 dollar.

This multitasking platform is one of the longest-lived websites that we will find in our entire business portfolio, however it was launched in 2011 by the North American company Day En línea Solutions LLCand since then it has been working and paying without problems, what is more, it is possibly at the best moment in its history.

There are many features that make instGC special, one of them is that it is valid for users from anywhere in the world, no matter what country you live in, you will be able to use the web without restrictions.

Another striking feature is that you cánido collect from as little as 1 dollar and that payments are processed by Paypal.

Most important features of instaGC

Accepted countries


Website language



10 points for each one and 10% of what they generate

minimum payment

100 points ($1)

Payment methods

Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and gift cards

How to register on this page

To sign up and start earning money on instaGc, you just need to want to earn free money.

When accessing the web we will see a form which we will have to fill out if we want to register, we just have to entrar some of our data.

We cánido ignore this and register with our Fb, Twitter or Google plus account.

Then we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a verification backlink that we will have to clic to definitively access our account.

When accessing your account, you will most likely come across this message.

Verify your Paypal account

It is a button in which we are going to have to entrar if we want to receive our money by Paypal.

InstaGC requires us to have our Paypal verified on the page to withdraw our earnings for this processor.

If, on the other hand, you do not plan to charge by Paypal, you cánido skip this step.

Options to earn money on instaGC

As I have told you, instaGC is a multitasking page, therefore it is a site where you perro generate money in various ways and what we are going to do is review them calmly.

in the apparatus EARN from the menu, we will have access to all the ways that the web offers us to start earning money.

The first option and probably the most attractive and lucrative is the so-called Recommended.

Extensive offer wall

It is a wall of impressive offers, where we perro access to earn money in several different ways, such as watching ads, completing surveys, downloading applications or watching vídeos among others.As you cánido see in the image, instaGC has several of the today’s most famous walls, such as Wannads, Offertoro or Peanut labs.

We also have the section Surveyswhere we will have access to a series of daily surveys with which we will be able to add a large number of points.

Just by successfully completing your profile in this section, we will already be earning 5 plus points, which is great to reach the minimum payment sooner.

In instaGC there are some of the most valued survey panels, such as Pollfish, Cint or Sayso among others.

Finally there is the section watch vídeosa section where we will be able to access some panels that will pay us a number of points for viewing vídeos.

Options to earn money watching vídeos

How to charge in InstaGC

Once the minimum of only 1 dollar is reached, we perro withdraw our profits by accessing the option redeem from the main menu of the web, there we find all the available options.

Gift cards

Here we will be able to exchange our points for gift cards in different stores, the minimum to exchange is 130 points, equivalent to 1 dollar.

Redeem your points for gift cards

As you perro see, there is a good variety.

We cánido redeem the money for gift vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, Openbucks, G2A and other options.

*The available options may vary from one country to another, select your country of residence and you will see what is available for you.

Other rewards

If, on the other hand, you want to withdraw your cómputo to a payment processor, this is your option.

Right now you perro do it by Paypal or Bitcoin, although they tend to add some more cryptocurrency from time to time.

Just choose the desired option and clic on it, remember that if you want to charge by Paypal, you will first have to verify your address within the website itself.


In this option we will be able to choose a charitable association from the wide variety available in instaGC to donate our points.


In another section of the menu we cánido find the section CompeteIt is another quite interesting option to earn money on the web.

It is a series of contests that we will access in exchange for a number of points, if we are graced with some of the prizes, we will multiply our cómputo by a lot.

instaGC referral system

As a good page to earn money, instaGC has a more than attractive referral system, a system that used well perro help us increase the cómputo on the web considerably.

The platform offers us a single level of referrals, yes, unlimited, where we will be granted 10 points for each referral registered with our referral backlink, in addition to a 10% of what you generate on the page for life.

To find all the tools to promote the page and get referrals, we go to the option Promote on the menu.

InstaGC Final Opinion

Having reached this point, it is already time to close the articulo.

My final opinion about instaGC is more than positive.

We must remember that we are dealing with a veteran page and that is very difficult to find, since as almost all of you know, websites to earn money do not usually last long, which makes us consider this a reliable platform.

To all we must add that charging is quite easy, since it has a ridiculous minimum payment, that is without counting the wide variety of withdrawal options available, Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon… in short, a great place.

It is a fairly fácil and modest website in its design and that is good, over time I have realized that these types of websites are the ones that usually give the best results in the long run and although it is not translated into Spanish, I assure you that it is not.

You’re going to have more trouble working with it.

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 InstaGC |  Payments from 1 dollar
  InstaGC |  Payments from 1 dollar
  InstaGC |  Payments from 1 dollar

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