Innocurrent | PTC that pays since 2009 for

Innocurrent | PTC that pays since 2009 for

Innocurrent It is one of the oldest and most reliable PTCs that we will find on the internet to earn money by viewing ads. It was launched in the year 2009 and since then it has complied with the payments. It belongs to the same owner as ExpressWage and AyuWage, two free pages that we have been working on at DineroWorld for quite some time and from which we have also charged several times. Data that corroborate that they are 100% recommended sites. Today we are going to talk about Innocurrent, which at a especial level, is the PTC of the group that I like the most.

Last update ” Due to a shortage of advertisements and a delay of almost two months in payments, I stop recommending Innocurrent and I proceed to remove all backlinks from the blog.

Innocurrent: Registration to the PTC

The first step will be sign up for Innocurrent. The process is very fácil and we will complete it in less than a minute. In your case, if you want, you cánido follow this backlink, which will take you directly to the PTC website. Next, on the left side of the screen, we will see a side menu with different sections. We will clic on the fourth, which appears a silhouette, and we will see a registration form.

To create our account correctly, we only have to entrar a nombre de usuario, a password and an correo electrónico address. As soon as we have completed all the fields, we mark the option of “Accept the TOS” and we clic on Submit. Now we cánido access Innocurrent and start seeing ads.

How InnoCurrent works

As soon as we entrar Innocurrent, the first thing we see is that the side menu has changed its appearance.

Throughout the guide we will talk in depth about the section that will help us to earn money, See adsbut there are others that are also “very important.

He Forum It helps us to read the queries that other users make about the operation of InnoCurrent and the responses of the support team. The next tab, rewards, is the one that allows us to exchange the points we earn by viewing ads in exchange for money through Paypal. Or even, if we want, we perro use the points obtained to buy advertising.

In Data of our account Those data that we have previously provided to the PTC will appear and we perro modify them whenever we want. The next section is the referral historyin which we will see all the statistics of the people who have registered to Innocurrent under our recommendation.

The toolbar is a browser extension made available by Innocurrent. If we have it installed, it will send us a notice every time there is a new announcement in the PTC.

How to make money on Innocurrent

In Innocurrent there are several ways to earn money but they all come together in the section of “Start-Earning”. When we access this tab, ten subsections appear, and in each one we will find a type of advertisement. In my case, after a long time working on this and other PTCs, I have decided to focus solely and exclusively on the first three sections, which in my opinion are the most profitable and the most practical.

In each of these three sections we will get two types of ads (in total there are 6 different kinds of ads) with values ​​ranging from 1 point to 60 points. Let’s see in more detail how are the ads of view, Estándar and explore and how to visualize them in the correct way so that they credit us with the earnings.

Innocurrent ads do not have Adfocus so we perro do more while we work on the PTC.


In this section we will find low-value ads, ranging from 1-3 points.

To view an ad, clic on any of them and wait for a new window to open. Next, a blue backlink appears, we follow it and wait between 5 and 10 seconds. If we go back to the Innocurrent window we see how the ad has already disappeared and the reward has been added to the cómputo. We cánido now continue with the next announcement.

If after completing an advertisement the earnings are not credited to the cómputo, refresh the window or clic on F5.


In this section we find average value ads, which range from 5 to 15 points. As perro be seen in the following screenshot, we cánido earn 60 points in a couple of minutes. At Innocurrent there are times when they send more ads and times when they send less. When few come out it is difficult to keep adding, but when the opposite happens, in this section you cánido earn up to 500 points in ten minutes.

To view these ads we have to follow exactly the same steps as in low-value ads. The only difference resides in the time and exposure, which is greater and for this reason they are better paid. In this case, we will have to stay with the page open for 30 seconds.


Innocurrent’s Highest Paying Ads whose value is 60 points per ad. In this section we cánido earn a lot of money in a short time, especially if the page is in one of those good times that I was talking about before. In the image below we cánido see the appearance of this type of ads.

Announcements explore are displayed in a different way than the previous ones. Look at the following capture:

How to view ads correctly

The steps to follow to view these ads are:

We copy the dirección de Internet of the ad page and switch to the other window. Then, we paste the dirección de Internet in the first line and wait about 15 seconds. As soon as the counter reaches 0, we clic on any internal backlink. This means that we have to clic on a articulo or a backlink, to keep us on the web with the same domain.

Once we are on the second ad page, we copy the new dirección de Internet, go back to the PTC window, paste the dirección de Internet in the second line and wait 15 seconds. When it reaches 0, we clic on any ad banner to take us out of that domain.

To finish, we copy the dirección de Internet of that last external ad, go back to the PTC, paste it in the third line and wait another 15 seconds. Then we cánido close the ad window and finish the task in the Innocurrent one. After verifying that we have followed these steps correctly, we will be assigned the 60 points in the cómputo.

How to request a payment in Innocurrent

For request a payment in InnoCurrent we have to accumulate at least 10,000 points in the cómputo. In exchange, these points are equivalent to a payment of $5 through Paypal. In no case cánido earn free satoshis in this PTC, as I have read somewhere.

As soon as we achieve this objective, we will be able to make the first exchange of points in the PTC. The first thing will be to go to the section of rewards, As we have seen before, we will identify it because it appears with an image of a piggy bank with a coin inside. Once inside, a series of prizes will appear, which are what we cánido exchange for points. It is important that we look very carefully before selecting and confirming the prize that we want to redeemsince some consist of donate the money to charity or in buy advertising to promote our backlinks in the PTC. To exchange our points for money we have to select the capture prize or the $10 prize.

Steps to follow to collect

✅ When we reach the 10,000 points that the minimum payment requires, this bar will be located at 100%. In my case, after requesting my last payment, I am left with 900 points.

✅ We select our Paypal account (in the case that we have registered with our dirección de correo electrónico associated with the processor. If the dirección de correo electrónico with which we register in the PTC is different from that of Paypal, we will have to add it manually. We will do it in My Account >> Additional Payment Correo electrónico.

✅ With the bar of the first point at 100% capacity, this box will be will espectáculo lit. Not shaded as in the capture. To process the payment, we will only have to clic on it and the operation will remain pending confirmation.

Before Innocurrent send us the money to Paypalthey will send us a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico indicating that the withdrawal has been accepted.

Innocurrent pay by Paypal

In the past, Innocurrent processed payments in the middle and at the end of the month. But that trend has changed. Before we could request a redemption of points at any time. Well, we knew that, either on the 15th or the 30th of that same month, we would receive the money in our Paypal account. Now, everything remains the same regarding the payment request. Since that option is always enabled, we perro change our points whenever we want. However, we will receive the money in Paypal at the beginning of the second week of each month.


InnoCurrent has been paying since 2009, which makes it one of the most reliable PTCs out there. It is an important fact, since very few pay-per-clic pages manage to stay en línea for so many years. Another good example would be neobux. In addition, Innocurrent is joined by ExpressWage and Ayuwage, which, being managed by the same person, still deserves more merit. The only difference between the three is that in the latter, you cánido also make money with paid surveys.

I like to recommend pages where we cánido earn money without referrals. By ourselves. Not having referrals. I am aware of the difficulty involved in getting referrals. I have not always had a blog with which to reach other people. I want to highlight this because, even though the three PTCs in the group are very “streak-dependent”, if we catch them at a good time and spend time on them, we cánido make a payment per month in each one. It is clear that with the PTC we are not going to cover ourselves. But what is true is that if we give these three PTCs a try, we perro get $15 a month in their good times. From my point of view, it’s not bad for three free sites.

And what do you think of InnoCurrent? If you liked it and you want to start working on the PTC, I would appreciate it if you registered with my backlink by clicking on the button below. And as always, if you have any questions, you cánido leave a comment below or send me a message through the Contact from the blog. I will reply as soon as I cánido. Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Innocurrent |  PTC that pays since 2009 for
  Innocurrent |  PTC that pays since 2009 for
  Innocurrent |  PTC that pays since 2009 for

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