InnoCurrent: It’s SCAM (No longer paid)

InnoCurrent: It’s SCAM (No longer paid)

If you are looking for a page where you perro earn a couple of dollars a week… Look no further than InnoCurrent. You cánido be sure that it is a legitimate site, the site emplees its own script and design.

It is one of the few PTCs that has managed to establish itself. Although the job is more like what you find on Microworkers (Mini-jobs Platform) than an ordinary ptc, so I think it’s good to give them a oportunidad.

Innocurrent offers the most lucrative referral program in the PTC world. We get 120% in commissions for the actions of each person invited by us to the web page… It must be added that if we compare it with other PTC-style pages in InnoCurrent we find the highest payments for visiting websites.

InnoCurrent was launched in February 2011. On this website you perro get an average daily income of $0.15 – $0.30, just with our clicks (If we get referrals this number increases drastically).

What is InnoCurrent about?

Innocurrent is one of many pay per clic (PTC) websites where you cánido earn money in exchange for viewing ads. You perro also advertise your website or product at a reasonable price.

But InnoCurrent is not a typical PTC site, like the ones we are used to, where you need to watch ads for a few seconds and get paid… Here the ads have specific instructions that must be followed to the letter in order to credit us with money .

Average daily income is about $0.2… Being the PTC with the best pay per clic that I have seen in my life. It provides reward programs from which you cánido earn 120% referral commission without forcing you to buy a membership, we cánido access all these benefits for free.

InnoCurrent Features

Minimum withdrawal: $5 USD.

Payment methods: PayPal (verified accounts).

Referral levels: 1 level.

Supported Countries: All.

Referral Plus: Yes. We will earn 120% of what they generate.

Number of accounts per IP: Just one.

Limit of direct referrals: unlimited.

Rented referrals: If you have. But they are not recommended.

How does InnoCurrent work?

Innocurrent is Ayuwage’s sister and the operation is exactly the sameif you already have experience working in Ayuwage you will have no problem understanding InnoCurrent.

Each task you complete will reward you with credit points that perro be exchanged for real cash once you’ve reached 10,000 credits ($5.00 worth).

Each section has its instructions if you do not follow them they will give you a Warning Point for non-compliance. Accumulated Warning points may lead to permanent account suspensionTherefore, instructions should always be followed carefully.

InnoCurrent’s work is preferred by Latinos working on GPT sites, the tasks in this panel are not that complicated. After logging into our account, on the left side we have the menu.

  1. member board: Here you perro see the statistics of your account and also the warnings (Warnings).
  2. start earning: In this option we entrar our work interfaz (MinuteStaff) to start carrying out the tasks for which we are paid.
  3. Forums: It is the forum, within it we cánido see the latest payment tests of other users, interact with the other members of the page, etcétera.
  4. rewards: Once we have earned enough credits, we clic on the little pig to withdraw our money to Paypal or, if you prefer, to Payza.
  5. myaccount: In this button you perro see all the details of your account and perform actions such as changing the password, your personal data, etcétera.
  6. Referrals: In this part you will find your referral backlink, your banner, all the activity history of your referrals, etcétera.
  7. Request Help: It is used to check the frequently asked questions about the page and to send a ticket to support in case of any doubt or problem.
  8. toolbar: To download the InnoCurrent extension. I do not recommend installing this extension since we must pay to use it and it is not worth it.
  9. Login/Logout: To log in and log out.

How does the InnoCurrent Minute Staff work?

When there are tasks available, this work interfaz is very profitable. The alternatives that we have to add points here are those that perro be seen in the following image:

✔View (Earnings range from 1 to 6 credits) → You just clic on the ad and wait for the page to load.

This is a brief explanation so as not to make the articulo so long… But in the event that it is not clear to you, do not worry, because by clicking on any section of those seen in the image above you will find the most detailed instructions If you clic on the View section, for example, the instructions that InnoCurrent gives us are these:

✔Estándar (Wins range from 5 to 30 credits) → It works the same as the previous one, but apart from keeping the tab open for 10 seconds… You must clic on any advertising banner that you see within the page you visit.

Here I espectáculo you some images so you perro see how fácil it is:

Before doing the task my cómputo is 3813 credits.

We proceed with the first step and clic on the ad.

In this case, the ad has a value of 5 credits.

Once this step is completed, a window will open in which we must press “Continue”. Practically for almost all the tasks that we perro do within InnoCurrent, this window opens.

By clicking on “Continue to Website” the ad will open and we will carry out the task as the instructions say. In this example, the advertiser was a site called Home Insurance.

We wait at least 10 seconds and clic on any advertisement (Those banners that are marked in a red box are advertisements) Once this is done, the task is completed. The procedure is the same for each Estándar task.

If we reload the innocurrent tab we see how the money is credited instantly. I had 3813 credits and now I have 3818.

That’s how easy and fast it is to earn money in Innocurrent, especially when the page is on a streak sending tasks by the ton, you perro get a good slice of it. Especially with Explore jobs where we earn up to 120 credits per completed task.

✔ Seeking (Wins range from 6 to 12 credits) → It is afín to the previous ones, but it has two differences:

The first difference is that when visiting the advertiser’s website, we cannot clic on any advertisement as we did before. In Seek jobs we must clic on an internal backlink (Internal backlinks are those that redirect you to other content on the same website). For example, if you clic on “SEO Esprint: Full Review» You will see that it sends you to other content, but it does not remove you from the page, it is a different article but you are still on the JobsVenezuela blog.

The second difference is that we will have two boxes, where we simply have to copy and paste the backlinks of the pages we visit.

✔ Explore (The earnings range from 60 to 120 credits) → In this we find the best tasks. Basically it works in the same way as the previous ones. The difference is that instead of 2 boxes we will have 3. The tasks are carried out as follows:

  • Box 1: We clic on the ad and paste the page backlink… Then we clic on an internal backlink.
  • Box 2: Here We paste the backlink of the Internal backlink that we obtained above… Later, clic on any advertising banner (External Backlink).
  • Box 3: Here we paste the backlink of the External backlink that we got up… Immediately afterwards, we press the Submit button.

And ready that’s all, completed those 3 steps, we credit the points.

If we look! the Explore section is only a combination of the first 3, that’s why they pay more.

✔ Articulo: (The earnings range from 20 to 40 credits) → This task consists of sharing a articulo on the popular network that InnoCurrent indicates in the instructions. Then we clic on the backlink of the publication that we share and clic on any internal or external backlink.

✔Search (Earnings range from 25 to 50 credits) → Here they give you a word to search for in Google plus, you must find the backlink that is indicated to you among the first 5 pages of the search engine, immediately find it, clic on it and wait 10 seconds Finally, clic on any backlink, whether internal or external, and clic Submit to finish.

I’ll espectáculo you an example:

Innocurrent gives you the instruction to Google plus the keyword “NeoBux Venezuela» and then locate and clic on the dirección de Internet.

Immediately what we must do is open a new tab and comply to the letter with the instructions. This time the result was in position number 30. In other words, you had to go to the third page of Google plus to find it.

To finish the job, we open the backlink and we last 10 seconds on the page, we clic on any backlink, it does not matter if it is internal or external. We return to InnoCurrent and clic on the Done button. That way we complete the task and they credit us with the money.

Search tasks are just as good as Explore tasks. Lean on them to quickly reach the minimum charge.

✔ Special (Earnings range from 50 to 200 credits) → Special tasks consist of completing registrations, downloading applications, etcétera. The bad thing about this section is that there are almost never tasks to do.

✔ Correo electrónico (Earnings range from 15 to 30 credits) → They send you an correo electrónico with a backlink to a web page. You simply open it and stay for at least 10 seconds for the money to be credited to you.

This correo electrónico section is as if it did not exist. I have never received an dirección de correo electrónico from InnoCurrent with one of these little jobs.

✔ Survey (Earnings range from 250 to 2000 credits) → The work here is based on doing surveys. But as we already know, in Venezuela tasks of this style simply do not come.

Personally in the years that I have been working on InnoCurrent I have never performed a task on this panel. Maybe for other countries it works very well but for Venezuela definitely not.

✔ Live → It’s a kind of autosurf. Honestly, this option is not worth it either, I have stopped active surfing for hours and I have gained absolutely nothing.

How do I earn money on InnoCurrent?

As you may have noticed, the best options are the first 6.

At least for me, those are the ones that work for me and I’m not really complaining.

These tasks are renewed during the day, on a good day you cánido earn quite significant income.

If you have worked before with AyuWage These tasks will not be difficult for you, since they are identical.

4 Useful Consejos for InnoCurrent


InnoCurrent vs. Ayuwage

In my innocurrent experience it is better (more ads come out and they have a better referral system).

Although it is possible, I do not recommend being in both, the point is that they have the same work panel, so it does not make sense to be in both, since if you view the ads in Ayuwage they will not appear in innocurrent and vice versa.

In summary AyuWage also pays but InnoCurrent wins hands down in all aspects.


Endure the dearth of ads

It is true that there are periods in which there are very few ads or there are none at all, but when they articulo there are quite a few and few people doing them, this means that those of us who do not leave the page in dry seasons take advantage of when the ads are released and let’s grab those batches of tasks for ourselves.

The truth does not affect or bother at all to have the page saved in favorites (bookmarks) and review it from time to time, at the moment we realize that tasks begin to upload, they are good days to make money in Innocurrent and get paid weekly.


Don’t use VPN

There are users who claim to have been banned for no apparent reason, but so far I haven’t had any problems with InnoCurrent in the years I’ve been using it, for that very reason I don’t think those supposed bans are really without reason… Possibly the people who were banned, if they committed violations enough to ban them, commonly we in Venezuela want to use VPN, VPS for everything, since in most of the pages that are worth it, they do not accept us! ☹.

But these practices are not allowed and some sites, the slightest fallo they detect, send you flying. I have published on the blog good pages to earn money in Venezuela in which we perro earn great income, without having to change our IP or anything like that.

I am not against Proxies, VPNs… There are times when you have to use them, because if not! We would grow roots waiting for work, “I’m just saying” that when we escoge to use them, we must be aware that we run a great risk of being discovered and ending up banned. In those cases there is no reason to blame the page.

In the case of InnoCurrent it is completely unnecessary, you perro work with your habitual IP from Venezuela or whatever country you are from.


Increase your earnings by inviting friends

Lean on the Unlimited Referral Program to gradually increase what you earn, this is definitely an advantage.

Apart from being unlimited, it is one of the best paid, with a 120% commission for each referralThis generous commission will exponentially increase your earnings… If every day we do the tasks that we have on the site and at the same time we are building a team, they are the perfect combination for a stable income.

If you don’t have many friends to invite, it doesn’t matter! To get good income with referrals, I leave you this mini guide, where the way to achieve it is explained, step by step and in a very fácil way: How to create a referral network to earn money.

InnoCurrent… Know its Advantages and Disadvantages

Positive aspects:

  • Unlimited number of referrals and commissions of up to 120% per referral clic.
  • High paying, average daily income is +/- $0.30 which is much higher than any other PTC site.
  • Sure, it has been running since 2011.
  • Anyone perro join. No restrictions!
  • Earn money absolutely Free! You don’t even need to upgrade your membership to see high value ads, in fact it’s the only PTC site that doesn’t prompt you to buy some kind of membership.
  • You cánido earn $0.015 for each ad viewed. Are they bad?

Negative Aspects:

  • Late payments… Payments should be executed within a maximum period of 7 days, but sometimes they are delayed and it takes up to 2 or 3 weeks for us to see the money reflected in our Paypal/Payza account.
  • Inactive rented referrals, stay away from rented referrals on InnoCurrent most of them are already inactive.
  • Requires verified PayPal.
  • Sites with a geographic filter, that is, members from some countries (USA for example) will have more opportunities to earn income than others.
  • The ads are not very stable, today we cánido have lots of ads to add good profits in a short time, but tomorrow we may not have any.

Another thing, Innocurrent along with its sister Ayuwage, are the only PTC sites that have introduced a warning and ban system. Upon reaching 3 violation warnings, your account will be permanently suspended and you will lose the accumulated money.

This is not that serious (Not the part about losing money, that is very serious) I orinan the issue of warnings As such, I’ve been registered with InnoCurrent for a long time and have only been given one warning, so if you read the instructions you’re unlikely to get any.

Even if you get 1-2 warnings by bad luck, just log out of your account and wait for 24-48 hours, and all warnings will be removed automatically.

Is InnoCurrent a scam?

Unfortunately those were the last payment receipts I got at InnoCurrent.

We abandoned InnoCurrent because I stopped paying

Now it became Scam, although the page is still operational, they no longer continue to pay. from a time to Here, InnoCurrent started taking about a month to pay.

Which in itself already seemed like an eternity to me!

Currently, as perro be seen in the image below, for 4 months I have been waiting for several payments and they have never sent them… If by oportunidad I get paid (which I am almost 100% sure they will not). In the same way, I will not use it again, I cannot work with a page that takes so long to give me my money.

I really liked the page a lot, it’s a shame that after so many years en línea they became scammers.

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 InnoCurrent: It's SCAM (No longer paid)
  InnoCurrent: It's SCAM (No longer paid)
  InnoCurrent: It's SCAM (No longer paid)

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