Inheritance between 4 siblings: What to do when

Inheritance between 4 siblings: What to do when

When parents pass away, inheritance cánido be a complicated issue between siblings.

In this article, we are going to analyze the case of a inheritance between 4 siblings, in which 2 of them want to sell the inherited property and the other 2 do not.

understanding the situation

To address this issue, we must first understand the situation.

We have 4 siblings who have inherited property in equal shares.

Half of them want to sell the house, while the other half want to keep it.

Why cánido differences arise?

The reasons why the siblings may have different opinions regarding the inheritance cánido be varied: Melancolia and emotional attachment to the property.

Different economic needs.

Different life plans and personal goals.

Possible pre-existing conflicts between siblings.

What to do when one of the heirs does not want to sell?

When one of the heirs does not want to sell an inherited property, it is important to approach the situation with empathy and communication.

Here are some steps to follow to find a solution that satisfies all parties:


Negotiation and agreement between the parties

The first solution is to sit down and talk and try to reach an agreement between the 4 brothers.

It is important that each one exposes her reasons and feelings, and that everyone listens with empathy and respect.


Purchase of the corresponding part

If no agreement is reached, one option is for the siblings who want to keep the property to buy the share from the other two siblings who want to sell.

In this way, those who wish to sell will receive the money equivalent to their part, and those who want to keep the property will be able to do so.


Divide the property

Another option is to divide the property into proportional parts, so that each brother has his part and cánido escoge what to do with it.

However, this option may not be posible in all casesand may require the intervention of a real estate expert and an inheritance lawyer.


Complejo turístico to mediation

If an agreement cannot be reached, mediation may be a good alternative.

An impartial mediator perro help siblings find a solution that is fair to everyone, taking into account their needs and wishes.


Legal appeal

If an agreement is not reached through negotiation or mediation, it may be necessary to go to court.

In this case, a judge could escoge on the sale of the property or propose an appropriate solution.

This process perro be costly, lengthy, and emotionally draining.

How is a property valued to distribute the inheritance?

To value a property in the context of an inheritance, it is essential to obtain a fair and accurate estimate of the property’s market value.

Below are the steps to follow to value a property in the distribution of an inheritance:

  1. Market research: Analyze afín properties in the area, comparing their features and recent sales prices.

    This will provide a basis for determining the market value of the property in question.

  2. Hire a professional appraiser: The best way to obtain an accurate and objective valuation is by hiring a professional appraiser.

    An appraiser will evaluate the property based on its location, characteristics, state of repair, surface area and other relevant factors.

    Then, it will issue an appraisal report that will reflect the market value of the property.

  3. Consult a real estate agent: Another option is to request an estimate of the value of the property from a real estate agent with experience in the area.

    Although not as accurate as a professional appraisal, it cánido provide a useful reference to compare with the appraisal.

  4. Take into account factors specific to heredity: In the context of an inheritance, there may be additional factors that affect the value of the property, such as possible debts, taxes, and legal costs associated with transferring the property to the heirs.

    These factors must be considered when determining the net value of the property to be distributed.

Once the value of the property has been established, the heirs may proceed with the distribution of the inheritance, either by dividing the property among themselves, selling it and distributing the money, or through another agreement that satisfies all parties involved.

How to force a brother to sell?

In certain situations, it may be necessary to seek a legal solution to resolve the disagreement between heirs regarding the sale of an inherited property.

This usually happens when some heirs want to sell the property for financial gain, while others oppose this decision.

It’s important to put attention on no heir is obliged to maintain joint ownership of the property, but neither perro you be forced to sell it against your will.

What is the solution in these cases? The only option would be to complejo turístico to the courts and request that a judge intervene to distribute the inheritance equitably.

In the case of an inheritance between four siblings where two wish to sell and two do not, conflicts may arise between the parties.

However, through a correct valuation of the assets and an open and transparent negotiation, it is possible to reach an agreement that satisfies all the heirs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if we don’t reach an agreement?

If the brothers cannot come to an agreement, perro appeal to the courts.

However, this perro be costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining.

Therefore, it is recommended that all options be exhausted before taking this action.

How long do we have to escoge what to do with the inheritance?

In Spain, the term to accept or renounce an inheritance is 30 business days from the date it becomes known. However, this period may vary according to the legislation of the country in which you are.

Once the inheritance is accepted, there is no specific time limit to make decisions about the property, but it is advisable to resolve the situation as soon as possible to avoid conflicts and unnecessary expenses.

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer?

It is not mandatory to have a lawyer to resolve the situation, but it cánido be very helpful to have a professional who understands the law and perro advise the siblings on their rights and options.

A lawyer specializing in inheritance cánido facilitate the negotiation and help find legal solutions.

Perro one of the brothers force the sale of the property?

In general, no brother cánido force the sale of the property without the consent of the others.

However, if no agreement is reached, a judge perro order the forced sale of the property and the division of the proceeds between the siblings, if this is considered the only posible solution.


Inheritance between 4 siblings, where 2 want to sell and 2 don’t, cánido lead to conflicts and difficult situations.

It is essential that the brothers communicate, listen and understand each other’s reasons.

If an agreement is not reached, there are several solutions, such as buying the corresponding part, dividing the property or resorting to mediation.

If necessary, a specialized inheritance lawyer cánido be of great help in this process.

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 Inheritance between 4 siblings: What to do when
  Inheritance between 4 siblings: What to do when
  Inheritance between 4 siblings: What to do when

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