Infinity DailyWin: Became Scam

Infinity DailyWin: Became Scam

Infinity DailyWin It is an en línea platform that is based on the fusión of several real platforms (Multi Connection Marketing), specialized in leisure services, such as casino, gambling, sports betting, binary options, dating, travel, international lotteries, among others; and from time to time new services are added.

You perro earn money in Infinity DailyWin through passive income.

In addition, from the first day of its launch, it distributes its benefits among its affiliates.

Experts speak of a revolution in the en línea gaming industry, since Infinity DailyWin takes en línea business to a new level of understanding.

Infinity DailyWin It bases its expansion and success on the distribution of up to 70% of the profits among its active affiliates.

General data

Infinity DailyWin It was officially presented in Spain on March 17 and 18, 2017, and was attended by its highest representatives worldwide.

Infinity DailyWin It is a legal company.

Since then Infinity DailyWin It has spread to other countries, and its popularity continues to increase every day.

Basic notions

  • Platform management: Infinity DailyWin It has been operating since 2017 without problems with users.
  • Withdrawals: They perro be requested from $25 dollars through Bitcoin, Credit card, Yandex Money, Neteller, Skrill, Bank transfer, Nasdaq, Paypal.
  • Deposits: You perro make deposits by Bitcoin, Credit Card, Yandex Money, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Nasdaq, Paypal.

  • Referrals: It has a referral system that works with a binary plus.
  • Languages: English, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn money.


Infinity DailyWin is a platform that offers real products for you to use.

Among the products offered to earn money in Infinity DailyWin there are the following: travel, cryptocurrencies, appointments, games, among others.

You cánido buy these services within the platform, and these are real.

For example, you perro buy trips to other countries, you cánido play the different games offered by the platform, you cánido use the service to find a partner, and so on, there are other products that you perro buy within the platform, because as we mentioned, InfinityDailyWin is associated with these types of platforms and others.

How to earn money in Infinity DailyWin?

Infinity DailyWin It is a platform that anyone from anywhere in the world perro be a part of, with the purpose of generating passive income.

Infinity DailyWin distributes up to 70% of its profits with its users every day.

To earn money in Infinity DailyWin You don’t have to see ads or perform tasks, since the business model they have is totally different from what has been seen before.


For a usuario of Infinity DailyWin perro participate in the distribution of commissions every day must be active on the platform.

This is achieved through elements called vouchers.

A voucher is the unit that allows a usuario to participate in shared profits.

In Infinity DailyWin It is necessary to buy these elements (vouchers) in order to obtain daily profitability.

Voucher Types

There are different types of vouchers, which have different costs.

The cost of the vouchers ranges from $100 dollars to $1000 dollars.

This means that the minimum cost of a voucher is $100 dollars.

In Infinity DailyWin you perro buy the number of vouchers you want.

The more vouchers you have active, then you will earn more daily profits.

In Infinity DailyWin you perro purchase vouchers for the following prices: $100, $300, $600 and $1000 dollars respectively.

Earnings per Voucher

Each voucher will generate profits of up to 1% daily, with a total benefit of at least 120%, that is, the profits cánido be even higher.

When you get these winnings, then your voucher will be finished, and with the winnings you will be able to repurchase other vouchers so that your winnings continue to increase.

When a voucher ends, it no longer generates more earnings, which is why it is necessary to repurchase more vouchers to continue earning.

career plan

The Infinity DailyWin career plan is a equipo of levels that will allow you to increase your earnings exponentially within the platform.

This plan consists of 7 levels deep, and your earnings within the platform will depend on the level in which you are.

The levels or ranks that exist within Infinity DailyWin are the following: Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Saphhire and Diamond.

When you start is Infinity Daily Win you will start at the Starter level.

As you work on the platform, you will progress to the higher levels.

To advance from one level to another it is necessary to meet the requirements of the level you want to reach.

The requirements to be at a certain level are shown in the following image:

Program of affiliates

infinityity DailyWin It has a referral system of two different plans, a startup plus plan and a binary plus plan.

plus plan start

In the start plus plan Infinity DailyWin It pays us 10% of the first voucher that our direct referrals buy.

You cánido have all the direct referrals you want and you will earn profits from each of them.

If any of your direct referrals buy a $100 voucher, then you will get $10 (10%) for that purchase.

The same happens with all the direct referrals you have.

plus plan binary

In the binary plus plan Infinity DailyWin it pays us 10% of the points of our minor leg.

In this bond we have two legs, which are the right leg and the left leg.

The smaller leg is the one with fewer points.

One point has a value of $1 dollar.

As you affiliate people to the system, they are added to your right leg and your left leg respectively, that is to say that if you bring an affiliate this will be added to your right leg, but the next affiliate you bring will be added to your leg left, and so on while you are recruiting people.

The number of points in each leg depends on the affiliates that are in them.

Every time your affiliates buy vouchers, trips, participate in the affiliated platforms with Infinity DailyWin, then they will be generating points to the leg to which they belong.

The leg with the fewest points will be chosen to get 10% of those points.

You will also earn points for your own actions that you do within the platform.

The benefit that we obtain from these points is paid by the company every Monday.

The following image espectáculos with an example how the binary plus plan works:


Infinity DailyWin It has the following characteristics in terms of payments:

  • Profit: 120% minimum.
  • Minimum daily payment of $25 dollars (in Bitcoin)
  • $1000 daily maximum payout (in Bitcoin)
  • Repurchase of 25% of the amount to be paid.

In order to withdraw the winnings it is necessary to have the verified account.

For this it is necessary to upload our identity documents to the platform.

In InfinityDailyWin There are different payment methods to carry out the different transactions within the platform, such as making purchases on the platform and withdrawing earnings.

These payment methods are the following: Bitcoin, Credit Card, Yandex Money, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Nasdaq, Paypal, and others.


Infinity DailyWin It is a reliable platform, since it is legalized, and it has not had problems with the services it offers, nor with the payments to the users.

The basis of the success of Infinity DailyWin is Network Marketing, which guarantees a powerful and constant en línea promotion of the service, to consolidate the brand and generate trust among the general public.

start your business

Next I am going to espectáculo you step by step everything you must do to start your business in InfinityDailyWin.

You cánido see these steps by clicking on the following backlink:

Go to the steps to get started with Infinity DailyWin.

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 Infinity DailyWin: Became Scam
  Infinity DailyWin: Became Scam
  Infinity DailyWin: Became Scam

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