Individual nouns in English and

Individual nouns in English and

Simply explained, nouns or “nouns” are all those words that are used to refer to people, animals, things, places, concepts and ideas. But, since its use is so wide, they were classified grammatically to make it easier to learn.. There are collective, concrete, countable, non-countable, abstract and individual nouns.

What are individual nouns in English and Spanish?

They are all those that are used to refer to a single person, place, thing, animal or iniciativa. In these cases, when referring to a single subject, the singular verb must always be used.

For example:

That woman is alone (that woman is alone)

My feet hurts (my feet hurt)

I lose my books (I lost my book)

The shoes is ugly (the shoe is ugly)

List of individual nouns in English

Here is a fairly extensive list of nouns that count as individual nouns in English:

1) Acrobat – acrobat

2) Address

3) Airplane

4) Animal – animal

5) Apple – apple

6) Baby – baby

7) Bank – bank

8) Ball

9) Bathtub

10) Belt

11) Bicycle

12) Bird

13) Body – body

14) Box

15) Boy – Boy

16) Brother – brother

17) Butter – butter

18) Car – car or car

19) Chair

20) Church

21) Computer

22) Corn

23) Cow

24) Cup

25) Daughter

26) Desk

27) Dictionary

28) Doctor – doctor

29) Dog – dog

30) Ear

31) Eye

32) Father

33) Flower

34) Gift

35) Grandfather

36) Grandmother

37) Guitar – guitar

38) Hat

39) Hour

40) Iniciativa – iniciativa

41) Insect – insect

42) Island

43) Key

44) Lamp – lamp

45) Law

46) Level

47) Letter – letter

48) lie

49) Life

50) List – list

51) Lunch

52) Man – man

53) Meat

54) Mint

55) Month

56) Moon

57) Mother

58) Movie

59) Night

60) Number – number

61) Page – page

62) Pain

63) Park – parqué

64) Pen – pen or pen

65) Pet

66) Phone

67) Product – product

68) Question

69) Radio – Radio

70) Ring – ring

71) Rock – Rock

72) Roof

73) Rule

74) Screen

75) Second – Second

76) Shower

77) Skin

78) Soap

79) They are – son

90) Store

91) Street – street

92) Student

93) Table

94) Team

95) Tomato – tomato

96) utensil – utensil

97) Visitor – visitor

98) Wall

99) War – War

100) Way – path or direction

101) Widow

102) Wife

103) Woman – woman

104) Zebra – zebra

These are over 100 words that perro be used within sentences as individual nouns, however, the de hoy number of nouns in this class is much longer.

Sentences with individual nouns

Individual nouns perro be used in fácil sentences or in the present fácil. For example:

My wife is busy – my wife is busy

I need to cut this tomato

She lose her pencil

The box is in the house – the box is in the house

I need to go to the market to buy butter – I need to go to the market to buy butter

They perro also be used in other tenses, For example:

I saw a person in the market – I saw a person in the market (past)

Differences between individual and collective nouns in English

Collective nouns are those that are expressed in the plural and that refer to the grouping of various elements such as people, animals, things. Some collective nouns are:

1) Alphabet – alphabet

2) Government

3) class – class

4) family – family

5) fleet

Instead, individual nouns only refer to a person, object, animal, or thing. Relating them to the example they would be:

1) Letter – letter

2) Governor – governor

3) student – ​​student

4) sister – sister or any other member of the family

6) commander – commander or captain of the fleet

There are also some irregular nouns that vary their spelling and pronunciation depending on whether you want to make a singular or plural reference. For example:

Foot (pie) – feet (feet)

Goose (goose) – Geese (geese)

Man (man) – Meen (men)

Woman (woman) – Women (women)

Exercises with individual nouns

Next, you will find an exercise where you must choose the correct individual noun:

1) Sheep-flock

2) Flock-bird

3) Foot-feet

4) Bunch – flower

5) Guitar – orchestra


1) Sheep (sheep), because “flock” refers to the flock of sheep

2) Bird (bird or bird), because in this case “flock” could be the reference to flock.

3) Foot (pie), because “feet” is used to refer to both feet

4) Flower (flower), “bunch” is used to refer to a cluster of flowers.

5) Guitar (guitar), the orchestra or “orchestra” is composed of several musicians.

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 Individual nouns in English and
  Individual nouns in English and
  Individual nouns in English and

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