Indeed Review | The search portal

Indeed Review | The search portal

The internet is abuzz with information, so we thought it was time to give a proper review of your 135th most habitual website, Indeed.

This review will focus on Indeed, however if you are looking for other options, we recommend ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter offers free job search for job seekers and a free trial for job seekers.

What is Indeed?

Indeed is a job board that is free to job seekers and allows them to upload their sintetiza and search for jobs based on things like location, full or part-time, and de hoy type of job.

Companies perro also use Indeed to articulo job openings for free where applicants perro apply if they feel like a good match.

At the time of writing this guide, there are more than 200 million monthly job seekers in 60 countries.

Indeed for Employers

Posting a job on Indeed is free for employers, but they cánido also pay to have their job postings moved to the top of searches through sponsored jobs.

Payment is afín to Google plus Adwords, where you pay per clic.

Employer Features

Here are the top features Indeed offers employers.

articulo free

Being able to articulo jobs for free may be the biggest draw to Indeed compared to other job posting services where you have to pay to articulo anything.

sponsored jobs

For those who want to give their articulo a little kick, you have the option to sponsor their work.

You perro start your budget for as little as $5 per day and sponsored posts are 3.5 times more likely to result in a hire.

Indeed Sintetiza

With Indeed Sintetiza, you have the option to be proactive and seek over 150 million resumes across your industry.

You perro objetivo your search by areas like industry, education, title, location, and more.

Indeed Apply

Indeed Apply allows you to integrate your company’s ATS into your job listings to further narrow your applicant pool.

According to Indeed, companies that do this get 12 percent more clicks.

featured employer

If you spend enough on sponsorships, you have the opportunity to become a featured employer, displaying your company logotipo on job postings, giving you free access to Hiring Insights reports, and access to Company Pages Premium, which allows you to customize your page to match your brand and culture.

Indeed Targeted Ads – Apply

If you have a certain candidate in mind, you perro narrow down your search with Indeed Targeted Ads.

Indeed IQ

Expand your job attraction efforts through other platforms like Glassdoor and other trusted partners.

Indeed Targeted Ads – Brand

Share your employer brand story with targeted candidates through visually compelling ads and drive interest in their jobs.

Indeed Reviews

Indeed’s version of ATS allows you to quickly scan through candidates to see desirable skills and experience.

Indeed Hire

You have the option of hiring a specialist who will use the full suite of Indeed tools to help you find qualified candidates faster.

Indeed Hiring Events

If your company has hiring events, you cánido articulo them through Indeed so you perro reach more candidates in a face-to-face setting.

Indeed Pricing for Employers

As mentioned above, Indeed’s pricing model is fácil and straightforward.

If you choose to sponsor a job posting, you perro spend as little or as much as you want on sponsored posts.

The more you spend, the more requests you will receive.

How to Articulo a Job on Indeed for Employers

Step 1: Go to the employer’s home page at

Step 2: Equipo up your employer account.

Step 3: Entrar your job details.

This is where you will entrar details like job title, location, etcétera.

Step 4: Paste your job description.

Paste the job description for which you are hiring.

The more specific you are, the better! This makes it easy to sort the right candidates to the top of your list.

Step 5: Specify the evaluator’s questions.

You perro select from the pre-made list of screening questions or you cánido choose to make your own.

You perro use a variety of question formats, including:

  • Questions Yes or No
  • short answer questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Ask a especial date or number
  • Request to upload a archivo

After choosing the questions, you perro mark them as required or optional.

When job applications start coming in, you’ll be able to rank candidates based on answers to these screening questions.

Some examples of screening questions include:

  • Are you eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship?
  • Tell me about you.
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What are your reasons for leaving your most recent job?

Step 6: Escoge whether to sponsor your work for more visibility.

It is not a requirement to sponsor your posting, however employers generally see more applicants when they sponsor postings.

That’s all! His work is now published on Indeed.

Sit back and watch the aplicaciones roll in!

Indeed for Job Seekers

Indeed is completely free for job seekers and allows you to upload your sintetiza and apply to different jobs directly through the site, saving you time compared to applying through individual company websites.

You cánido search for jobs and apply to them, but you perro also be sought out by employers who find your sintetiza attractive.

dirección de correo electrónico notifications

Perhaps the most attractive feature for job seekers is Indeed’s correo electrónico notifications, which you cánido sign up for and receive notifications several times a week of new job openings that match your search criteria.

company reviews

As a job seeker, you have the ability to search for reviews of current and former employees to see what it’s like to work for a certain company.

Qualifications, company snapshots, director ejecutivo approval, and salaries are all available on Indeed company reviews.

How to start

You cánido sign up with your Google plus, Apple, or Fb account, or you perro create a login with your correo electrónico.

From there you perro upload your sintetiza and begin your search by location and job type.

Indeed vs.

The Industry: What to Expect

It is true that Indeed is not the only job portal that exists, but it is the one with the most users and, therefore, the most relevant.

There are other places to find job openings and potential employees than Indeed, just like there are other job sites.

ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, is an aggregator that sends a single job posting to over a hundred sites.

However, to articulo jobs on ZipRecruiter you do have to pay, which brings us back to Indeed’s main selling point: the option to use their extensive job board at no cost.

Indeed’s remarkable equipo of tools, detailed above, cánido help you focus and speed up the process if you choose to pay to sponsor job postings.

If you want to get some skin in the game as a job advertiser and start paying for ads, the job board you choose will depend entirely on your budget and search parameters.

Many companies likely use multiple sites to articulo job vacancies.

There is no concrete data that indicates that one job portal is superior to another; instead, it is likely to depend on personal preference and what technology and intuition the advertiser is most familiar with and comfortable with.

There is no excuse for you, as a job seeker, not to sign up and apply to the seemingly endless list of job openings.

With your correo electrónico alerts correo electrónico, you perro relax while you wait for relevant job opportunities to appear in your inbox.

Frequent questions

How is Indeed different from other job search portals?

The main difference is their size.

At the time of writing this article, they have:

  • 250 million monthly unique visitors.
  • 175 million resumes.
  • 200 million total ratings and reviews.
  • 10 jobs added per second globally.
  • 750 million salaries.

This makes Indeed the largest digital job board by far.

What types of jobs will I find on Indeed?

You cánido find everything.

At a fast food chain, for example, you might find both an hourly crew member position and a senior management opening.

What types of candidates will I find on Indeed?

If you articulo a job on Indeed, you should be able to find a candidate whose skills, experience, and salary expectations match your open position.

What are some alternatives to Indeed?

To end

Indeed is the biggest job board for a reason..

The biggest draw is that posting a vacancy on their huge job board is 100% free.

Both job seekers and job advertisers continually flock to the site to find suitable jobs and hire suitable candidates.

According to the SilkRoad Technology Source of Hire Report 2018, they are the number 1 external source for hiring.

If Indeed isn’t working for you, consider ZipRecruiter.

Articulo your first job on ZipRecruiter for free!

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 Indeed Review |  The search portal
  Indeed Review |  The search portal
  Indeed Review |  The search portal

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