Include my son in the car insurance

Include my son in the car insurance

You probably already know that your vehicle insurance is not only required by law, but an important instrument that protects us from the unforeseen, when not necessary. And it is that, whether we want to admit it or not, no controlador -no matter how good or devoted he is- gets rid of a traffic accident. An excellent iniciativa is include my son in the car insurance.

It must be taken into account that a private vehicle is a means of transport that, since it circulates at the same time as other vehicles and depends completely on human control, is more susceptible to an accident than other means of transport.

Perhaps, as a parent with a child who has just obtained their controlador’s license, you find yourself in the situation of having to get out of the car occasionally or repeatedly, for example to go to class or on the weekend. And at that moment, he wonders if Is it worth it to buy car insurance for your child?.

Should I include my son in the car insurance?

Cánido I lend my son the car without having insurance in his name? Does the type of route or the frequency of use influence? What insurance should I choose? Parents with children who have just obtained their driving license often check if it is worth the high surcharge that many insurers ask us to include in the policy for the smallest members of the family.

After all, inexperience behind the wheel and youth are two factors that insurers do not like, but we, as parents, are sure that they want the best for their complex. That is why today we are going to spend part of our time analyzing whether it is necessary to include children in car insurance.

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If I don’t put my child on coche insurance, won’t he be covered?

Coche insurance is generally nominal in nature, which means that the controlador, car owner, and insured are all united as one person. In all cases, insurers give us the possibility of adding a second, third and consecutive controlador.

When analyzing the possibility of including our son or daughter in car insurance, the most important thing is to know in detail what the policy we have taken out will cover in the event of an accident. Each individual case may not appear in our contract, but in case of doubt you cánido call your insurer at any time.

Atención, hablamos de generalidades, es aconsejable investigar siempre y en todo momento su contrato de seguro concreto y contactar con su empresa de seguros para investigar el caso específico con ella.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what type of driving your child does, or how many people are in the car, or how long it takes. Unfortunately, ALL drivers cánido be in an accident at any time.with any passenger and anywhere.


The second aspect that we must assess is the frequency with which our child will use the vehicle. The decision not to include it in the insurance, to include it as an occasional controlador or as a frecuente controlador depends on this aspecto. Let’s see the different cases that perro occur.

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It’s not on the insurance

If your child is not on the policy and caused the accidentnote that the “liability insurance” covers damages or injuries caused to the other party regardless of the controlador (we are talking about mandatory damages in civil liability insurance).

But be careful because it would not be the first time that the insurer believes that you has acted in bad faith by not registering the new controlador to avoid being included in the policy and saving a few euros, in this case he will later assert that he assumes full responsibility (right of repetition).

All risk

In these cases, with all-risk insuranceWe are already moving on difficult ground. The insurer is not responsible for damages, neither their own nor that of others. Most, but not all, comprehensive insurance policies contain clauses stating who the controlador is and that they are only responsible for their behavior.

The drivers with the lowest risk for companies are those between 36 and 50 years of age and between 15 and 20 years of experience behind the wheel.

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If your child is not insured and has the accident

If your child is not insured and has the accident, we are talking about a case in which the other person’s insurance has to cover the damage. However, it is not so easy to do it because your insurer does not claim for you and you will have to take care of the administration and costs of the claim. Nor are other guarantees that you may have contracted activated.

If your child is a occasional controlador on car insurance

If your child is listed as an occasional controlador on the policy, your insurance will cover its scope, even though occasional drivers do not receive any premium and their accident reports directly harm the insured. This option is cheaper than including your child as a regular controlador and usually includes franchises.

If your child is listed as a regular controlador on the policy

If your child is listed as a regular controlador on the policy, you don’t have to worry about significant additional costs as a new controlador. It is still the most recommended option, expensive and complete, but it is definitely worth it in case of an accident.

Some insurance companies may not want to insure your child against all risks, due to their age or lack of experience; or just ask a real bag of money for it. In these cases and when you are sure that your child should be fully insured, it is best to change the insurance company.

Frequent questions

Perro I be fined for not including my child in the insurance?

The answer is a big NO. The law only requires that the vehicle be covered by civil liability insurance, but does not deal with the nuances of the insurance policy, such as the figure of the ordinary or occasional controlador, for which only the contracting parties are responsible: insurers and insured.

Fenezca for putting an alarm sticker without having it What happens to drivers with less than 2 years of license?

Insurers penalize a lack of experience behind the wheel, which cánido prohibit these users as occasional drivers of an insured car.

Conclusion, should I include my child in the car insurance?

As the saying goes, a cautious man is worth two.

Yes, there is no doubt about it. Your coche insurance will be much more expensive, but it’s the only way to ensure that you and your child are fully covered by the insurer in the event of an accident, which hopefully never happens.

Remember that the price of car insurance with a new controlador is nothing compared to the possible consequences your child might not have with car insurance. Be transparent with the insurer, they are not the enemy, so don’t try to save a few bucks on something so serious.

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 Include my son in the car insurance
  Include my son in the car insurance
  Include my son in the car insurance

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