Inclix, a cool PTC!!!

Inclix, a cool PTC!!!


Inclix stopped paying almost automatically when the first charge was made.

It is one of the typical pages that appear and disappear in this world.

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Good afternoon, friends! How does your body feel on a Tuesday afternoon? I hope all is well and that you take advantage of the time.

For my part, I am tinkering with a PTC new, very new that I have found on the internet, it is American and it is called INCCLIXso far everything habitual, you they pay 0.02 dollar cents per clic and 0.01 dollar cents per referral clic.

So far everything habitual, like all PTCs, I thought, and in a way it is like that, until I kept reading and saw that This PTC gives you 3 dollars to buy referrals (you perro buy three) that work for youThat’s where we understand each other, right?

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In this PTC you perro earn money on internet watching ads, you perro see 20 ads dailys, and the minimum withdrawal, says on many pages that it is 0.01 cents, and it is true, since I checked it I did the first withdrawal of 0.07 cents (which by the way PayPal kept commission), here I put the proof.

Well, the case is that when I have reached another small amount, I have decided to withdraw it, but it tells me that it will not let me, that the minimum withdrawal is 1 dollarWell, not bad either…

The best thing I see in this PTC is the section “Upgrade Membership” (improve your account)in which you perro invest from 7 to 300 dollars, this membership is valid for one day onlybut attention:

In the general membership, of 7 dollars, each clic will be paid to us at 0.50 centswhat by doing “the old account” 20×0.5= 10, that is, we took it out of profit 3 dollars in a day (which is what the membership is worth).

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There are different memberships, I will explain them to you:

  • The general, of 7 dollarswho pay us 0.5 per clic, we will get clean 3 dollars in a day.
  • The super, of 40 dollarswho pay us 7.50 per clic, we’ll get clean 110 dollars in a day.
  • The premium, of 100 dollarswho pay us $30 per clic, we’ll get clean 500 dollarspayments are instant.
  • The gold life of 300 dollarswho pay us $120 per clic, we will get clean 2100 dollarspayments are instant.

This is what the page tells us, let’s hope it’s true and that it’s not one of the many pages that come out and after a while they have to be declared a scam.

We will continue to study it for now. if you love each other register, totally free and earn money with me, here just clic on this banner.

Well, another good work done, as Antonio Robusto says “How handsome I am and what a little ass I have!

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 Inclix, a cool PTC!!!
  Inclix, a cool PTC!!!
  Inclix, a cool PTC!!!

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