In which countries do you pay less taxes?

In which countries do you pay less taxes?

Do you want to get rid of paying taxes? Don’t you like that the state takes the money you pay through taxes and do with it what you want? If this is so, you are not the only one.

Actually, today you perro get rid of paying more and more taxes.

In this article I am going to espectáculo you that there are countries where you perro have more freedom, that is, without the pressure of paying taxes.

For this, I bring you the top 5 countries in which taxes are not paid.

Read on to find out what they are.

The Bahamas Islands

The Bahamas Islands It is a country that is made up of a group of more than 600 islands and keys that is located in the Caribbean.

Due to its geographical location, it has a tropical and subtropical climate that makes it the destination of thousands of tourists.

The economy of the Bahamas is consolidated mainly in tourism, but also in the banking ámbito thanks to Offshore. Tourism alone accounts for at least $60 of GDP.

The government has income of up to 70% only on import duties.

And it is considered one of the countries with the least taxes in the world, since citizens do not pay income tax.

However, employees must pay year after year into a popular security fund known as state insurance.

In addition, to obtain a residence permit you must invest in the country, be it in the purchase of some property or in a business.

One of the advantages is that The Bahamas Islands do not impose a number of days or months in which people must remain in the country to maintain their Resident Status.


Monaco we cánido find it on the Mediterranean coast of France.

It is a country well known for its luxurious casinos, endless yachts cruising the bay and also for the famous Grand Prix car race that pleases its audience once a year.

In Monaco there are belle époque casino complexes, characterized by their elegance and prestige.

In addition, it houses an endless number of luxurious hotels, nightclubs and fashion stores.

In addition to all the wonders that people perro enjoy in Monaco, there is also the tax system that absolves citizens from income taxescapital gains, donations and taxes related to successions.

French citizens cannot benefit from this benefit, since there is an established agreement between these two countries that says that French people who have lived for more than 5 years in Monaco must pay income taxes to the French government.

Like the Bahamas, the only mandatory tax is that of the popular security fund.

Thanks to this tax, Monaco citizens enjoy one of the highest pensions in the world.


Bermuda Island, also known as Great Bermuda Island is one of the most important islands of the Bermuda archipelagos and is located in the western Atlantic.

Bermuda has a rich tropical climate that makes the island conducive to tourism.

Bermuda has a stable economy thanks to multinational insurance and tourism companies.

An important part of Bermuda’s money income is thanks to collecting, through the issuance of checks.

This beautiful island is a true tax haven.

However, companies residing on the island have to allocate 15.5% above the payroll of employees.

In the same way, employees have to pay $30.40 each week directed to popular contribution.

If you want to live in this tax haven, you have to make an investment on the island or start a business there.

But you have to take into account all the aspects that you should consider.


Regarding the GDP, Qatar It is one of the most privileged countries, since a fairly high percentage of income comes mainly from the development of infrastructure originating from gas production.

All companies that work in the oil and gas ámbito pay up to 35% only in corporate taxes.

But, for tax residents there are no obligations such as income tax, royalties and dividends.

The only tax they must pay is the 5% popular tax.

United Arab Emirates

With one of the highest per capita in the world, almost $49,000 is United Arab Emirates.

Something win-win; especially for foreign investors, is that in this country there is no income tax or capital gains tax.

The United Arab Emirates has a tax system that, instead of requesting the payment of income tax from tax persons, manages a budget through payments from oil companies that pay up to 55% of profits only in corporate taxes.

Foreign banks pay more than 15% in taxes.

The country has a huge reserve of crude oil and gas, and more than 50% of the profits from these industries finance the country.

Now that you know the advantages of living in one of these countries, which one would you like to be a resident of? Your finances will thank you very much, in addition to having a pleasant life.

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 In which countries do you pay less taxes?
  In which countries do you pay less taxes?
  In which countries do you pay less taxes?

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