In which cases and how perro I withdraw money with

In which cases and how perro I withdraw money with

If you love to travel, a possible concern is how to get your money abroad and not lose so much due to high commissions.

That is why before arriving at your destination, you must find a smart way to make your withdrawals without so many complications.

Most destinations offer many options that allow you to make withdrawals, and in order to do so, you need to present the entity with a legal identification document issued by your country of origin.

Perro the passport be used to withdraw money?

If you are abroad, it is very common to feel a little disoriented regarding the laws and procedures that must be followed when you need to carry out a procedure.

Especially when it comes to withdrawing money, it is sometimes difficult to find information.

In most cases and regardless of the destination, in order to withdraw or send money from any agency or platform, it is necessary to present an identification document issued by your country of origin.

Lor it is more advisable that it is the international passportsince it is a document that allows you to move from one country to another legally.

In addition to being a very important document of identification and legal support, the passport It allows you to validate all the processes you carry out abroad. And that is why it is the main requirement when making an economic transaction.

However, depending on the entity you choose to carry out your operations, you will have to complete your information with other types of data.

And in some cases, others perro also be presented in other types of documents issued by the government of the country where you are residing; temporary residence, visa, special permits and even your identity card.

Cases in which money perro be withdrawn using the passport

Although it may be believed that making payments or sending money abroad is very difficult, the truth is that, thanks to new advances, Different alternatives have emerged that facilitate operations financial.

These alternatives have emerged with the aim of improving the experience of frequent customers regardless of whether it is a business trip, tourism or change of residence abroad.

We are talking about platforms that allow you to receive, send and withdraw money wherever you are and with little expense regarding commissions.

In all these cases, it is necessary to have an international passport, since it allows you to carry out these transactions without inconvenience and safely, whether it is withdrawing or sending money to or from abroad.

Sites that allow passport withdrawals in 2023

Currently, it is much easier to make financial transactions from anywhere in the world and only having at hand an identity document such as the international passport.

There are different platforms used to withdraw money abroad and then we will espectáculo you the most habitual among users:

Western Union

It is a bank of American origin that is headquartered in Rojo and that is characterized by:

  • Transfers to the destination in a few minutes
  • More than 200 branches around the world
  • Direct bank transfers or cash withdrawals directly at your local Western Union office.
  • Attention 24 hours and 7 days a week.


It is a company of Colombian origin and leader in financial services in this country.

Specializes in money orders, payments and collections.

It has more than 22 years of experience and maintains branches in different cities throughout the territory.


A service that was born with MercadoLibre and with its main headquarters in Argentina, is the leading company in all of Latin America regarding electronic financial services.

It has a variety of possibilities for the usuario, such as being able to make transactions within the same platform as service payments, top-ups, cash withdrawals and the possibility of acquiring a card to use it at ATMs or points of sale.


It is a company that in turn functions as an exchange house for send and receive money anywhere in the world.

It is one of the most recognized companies in Latin America for its solidity, trust and security when making its transactions.

Italcambio had its beginnings approximately 70 years ago and provides various financial services to its customers in small and large cities.

As perro be seen, sending and withdrawing money is not something so complicated but it actually contributes a lot not only to the person who receives it, but also to the country where you are, since the electronic financial market has evolved to benefit everyone. whether families or companies, it is increasingly profitable to use these methods than to complejo turístico to conventional ones.

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 In which cases and how perro I withdraw money with
  In which cases and how perro I withdraw money with
  In which cases and how perro I withdraw money with

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