In what to invest the money according to the man more

In what to invest the money according to the man more

Li Ka-shing, one of the richest men in Asia with a fortune close to 35 billion dollars, knows where to invest the money.

In fact, it has investments in real estate, trade, ports and energy.

After a life full of success and experience, in this article we will tell you how, according to him, you cánido learn where to invest your money so that you perro achieve your goals, such as buying your car and your house within a maximum period of 5 years. .

As we explained in our ebook Rica Cabeza, personal finances must be analyzed with a comprehensive approach, that is, you must not only save money, but you must learn to invest it and generate income.

This is what this practical guide is about, explaining how to manage your money through different investment funds that will have a specific objective.

What to invest money in to build your fortune:

To know what to invest the money in, we must start from an assumed income.

That is, we will pretend that you have a monthly salary of 320 dollars (the amount is indifferent), which is your livelihood and you use to live and maintain your quality of life.

The first consejo of Li Ka-shing to know what to invest the money in is to divide each payment or income that you receive into five funds that are discriminated below:

  • Background 1: 90 dollars [30%]
  • Bottom 2: $65 [20%]
  • Background 3: 50 dollars [15%]
  • Bottom 4: $35 [10%]
  • Background 5: 80 dollars [25%]

Fund 1: $90 for living expenses

This first fund must be used to survive.

The reality is that it will be a fairly fácil way of living where you perro only spend a few how many dollars each day.

For example:

  • A daily breakfast consisting of cereal, an egg and a glass of milk.
  • For lunch you perro have something fácil, accompany it with a snack and a fruit.
  • Finally for food, go to your kitchen and prepare your own food, which cánido be some vegetables, protein and flour.

Your monthly food should cost between 80 and 95 dollars; Don’t worry, being young, your body won’t have any problem with this type of diet for some time.

The main objective is to be able to accumulate capital, without it it would not make any sense think about where to invest the money.

Fund 2: $65 to make friends

This fund will basically be used to make friends and expand your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Equipo aside between 20 and 25 dollars to pay for your mobile plan, the rest of the money you must invest by inviting two friends to lunch each month.

Who should you invite to lunch? Always remember to invite people who inspire you to improve, who are smarter than you.

For example, if you want to learn how to be a millionaire, invite people who have reached certain financial goals, or just people who have helped you in your career.

Make sure you do this every month, for sure after a year, your circle of friends will have generated immense value for you.

In addition, that these, with their knowledge and experience, will also teach you what to invest the money in

Your reputation, influence and added value will be clearly recognized, and you will be projecting an image of generosity.

Fund 3: $50 to learn

If you want to be a millionaire you must train and learn how to be smarter.

Monthly you must invest between 10 and 20 dollars in books.

Yes, books.

Be aware that you do not have a lot of money and that you must invest in your learning.

When you buy a book, read it carefully and learn all the strategies that are being shared with you through these pages.

Training: Launch your Profitable Website

Do you want to learn how to create a website from scratch that is profitable? Sign up for the free training and learn the 3-step methodology to launch your website in 10 days with no technical knowledge or prior experience.

I used this methodology that I am going to teach you to create this website that you are reading, and which has achieved five-figure monthly billings.

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Each book that passes through your hands add it to your language to tell a story, do not forget that sharing your experiences and knowledge with others perro improve your credibility and affinity.

Where do you invest your excess money? Take this money and invest in en línea courses, training workshops, training, or improvement.

As you earn more money or have enough saved up, take part in much more advanced courses.

Every time you participate in courses for your professional training, you are not only acquiring new knowledge, but you are interacting with people who share your ideas and who would not be so easy to access in any other way.

Fund 4: $35 to travel abroad

Reward yourself with a trip abroad once a year, this will allow you to continue growing in your life experience.

For this type of experience it is important that you learn how to save money: for example staying in hostels.

In a few years you will have traveled a large number of countries and gained new knowledge and wisdom, which you cánido use to stay focused and passionate about your work.

These types of experiences are one of the best answers, and intelligent decisions, to your question of where to invest the money you have.

Fund 5: $80 to invest the money


Save $80 in your bank account and grow it as capital for your first business iniciativa.

If you are looking to start a business, here is a list of profitable business ideas that require little money.

Putting your capital in small businesses is a good option in which to invest the money, since these have a good profit margin.

For example, visit wholesale stores and see what you cánido sell, if you lose money there will be no notable losses.

Now, if you manage to earn money quickly, this will increase your confidence and open your mind to continue undertaking and looking for investment alternatives.

The importance of investing your money

Before thinking about what to invest the money in, you must have a saved capital.

We cannot deny that when you have money available, many of the investment doors that were closed will open up for you.

For this, it is vitally important that you learn how to get money, that you establish what type of assets you want to invest in and develop a long-term plan that guarantees financial freedom for you and your family.

When you achieve this, no matter what happens to your job, you will always have enough funds to ensure that your quality of life does not suffer.

Now, if after struggling for a year you continue to earn the same $320 per month, this means that you have not grown at all as a person, as a professional, much less as an entrepreneur, you are doing something wrong.

If your salary increased to $480 [un incremento de 50%] You will need to continue to work hard and smart, this means getting a part-time en línea job, preferably related to sales.

Why look for a job related to sales?

Learning how to sell a product or service is quite a challenge, but it is the easiest and fastest way to acquire the wisdom and experience of selling yourself, an essential skill for your life, and even more so if you escoge to start a business.

All entrepreneurs must be sellers.

They must have the ability to sell their dreams, ideas and visions.

You will surely find people in your life who are worth having by your side, to whom you must sell your visión of the world.

This is why you should try to buy clothes and shoes that are cheap; You will already have money and time to buy absolutely everyone when you are rich.

Save money and buy a gift for the people you love, tell them about your financial goals, your life purpose and the plans you have; tell them about your dreams, your conviction and sacrifices.

We all need help, including business people, so volunteer and help with any opportunity that presents itself, this will not only make you a better person but it will increase your skills and knowledge.

For the following year your salary must be at 800 dollars and at least 480 dollars, if it is not, you will not be able to compete even with inflation.

In conclusion: in what invest money

No matter how much money you make always divide your salary into five funds, always make yourself useful, invest in your knowledge and make new contacts.

When you increase your popular investment and expand your network of acquaintances and friends, your income will grow proportionally.

Increase your investment in learning and build your self-confidence; invest more traveling and learning, expand your horizon and of course invest much more in your future; In the end, all this will steadily increase your income.

Recommended books:

If you manage to maintain this cómputo in your life, everything will start to grow organically; your friends, your contacts, your knowledge, your income, your wealth, everything.

You will have friends in abundance, so develop more valuable relationships and better connections at the same time.

You will be able to access better courses, bigger events and eventually be prepared to take on new projects and more challenging opportunities.

Suddenly, all those dreams like having a car and a house will come true.

An plus consejo to finish…

When you are poor, be kind to others and don’t seek profit by being a calculator.

When you are rich you must let others be good to you; You must learn to be better with yourself.

When you are down financially, going through difficult times, you must espectáculo yourself and let others use you; when you are rich you must learn to preserve yourself and not let yourself be used… This is how life works, understand it and apply it to your future.

When you are poor invest your money showing yourself to others.

When wealth comes don’t espectáculo yourself, be discreet and spend your money quietly.

In times of poverty try to be generous, and in times of abundance don’t let them see you as a bank.

There is nothing wrong with being young and you should not be afraid of being poor. What you should know is what to invest the money in, and how to do it in yourself, in increasing your knowledge and status.

You must know what is important in your life and define what is worth investing in.

Identify what you should avoid and what to spend your money on, avoiding unnecessary expenses that impoverish you without realizing it.

Don’t eat so much on the street, and if you do, try to make it a lunch or dinner paying immediately, without cards.

And when you go to invite other people to eat, make sure they have bigger dreams than yours and above all, they work more than you: All this that you just read summarizes what is the essence of mental discipline.

Once you have resolved this area of ​​your life, and have income that maintains your quality of life; The question of what to invest money in should revolve around following your passions, your dreams and those goals that contribute to leaving this place a little better than how you found it.

Make sure you live a life worth remembering.

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 In what to invest the money according to the man more
  In what to invest the money according to the man more
  In what to invest the money according to the man more

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