I’m a Freelancer | offer your services and

I’m a Freelancer | offer your services and

I’m a freelancer is a distributed collaboration work platform (as they themselves say) which will allow them to outsource any type of service externally.

What comes to be said colloquially, hiring an external person to carry out a series of jobs (usually en línea) that we have to do and that due to ignorance or lack of time, we have to outsource.

The platform is completely legal, with the trade name soyfreelancer.com and the company name is Lambda Solutions, SA de CV They are in El Salvador, on Viejo Custatlán street, in the department of La Independencia, in El Salvador.

To communicate with them is extremely fácil, you perro do it through the dirección de correo electrónico soporte@soyfreelancer.com.

I have used it a couple of times and it is very efficient.

I’m a freelancer It will allow us to register and offer our services in the digital field, with which, in addition to gaining experience, we will be able to earn money.

We, as users, are going to be competing (healthily) individually to offer the best service that users cánido hire.

The main iniciativa is that users run projects from home, in free time, regardless of whether they have a contract, are studying, or are freelancers.

For users it is also a very interesting platform, since it will allow them to create projects, tasks or temporary jobs.

The companies select the most suitable person to carry out the task based on their experience, budget, delivery times and recommendations that other companies have made to the different applicants within the platform.

Registration in I am a freelancer

Registration on the platform is very fácil.

You only have to entrar from this backlink or in the banner below.

On the screen that will appear the two possibilities that I am a Freelancer has.

You cánido register as a freelancer offering your services or you cánido register as a person who needs a freelancer to do some work.

From here, what will interest us the most for earn money on internet is to register as a freelancer.

In this way, we will be able to register on the Soy Freelancer platform and offer our services as editors, layout artists, or whatever we know how to do.

I’m sure that even if it’s very rare and you think that no one will need it, someone will call you.

Registration is extremely fácil, and perro be done through our Google plus account.

I have done it like this and it only takes a few seconds.

Once registered, we will have to fill out our freelancer profile.

On the first screen, we will have to put our personal information (name and surname, our telephone number and upload our CV in PDF format), be careful that it admits up to 5 MB in weight, if you need up to 20 you must become an elite member (paid).

You will also need to choose a method by which you want to get paid for your jobs.

Currently they have both PayPal and Airtm operating.

In the next section, you must put what you want to specialize in, there it will be each one who must choose.

Some users will be specialized in sales, others in marketing, etcétera…

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You will see that there are many options to choose from, study your knowledge, measure well what you know how to do and choose, the options are limited to three.

Always choose what you know how to do best.

Get your nombre de usuario and password

If you want to access some functionalities of I’m a freelancer It is necessary to be of legal age and register previously following the instructions that I have said previously.

The usuario You must put the information you provide at your own risk.This information must be kept up to date at all times.

The page will not be responsible for the tax obligations of the usuario, nor for the consequences and damages of the inaccuracy that the misplaced data may ocasione to third parties.

I orinan, be very careful not to put the real data.

Once it has been verified that the usuario is who they say they are, they will be provided with a totally personal and non-transferable usuario identification and access code, a unique and expressly assigned one for the usuario, taking responsibility solely against the platform.

How much does it cost the usuario to publish a project in I am a freelancer?

The answer is easy: NOTHING, the publication of new projects is totally free.

The projects will be available for 30 days during which you will be able to receive proposals and choose the one that best suits you.

You cánido improve the publication time up to 45 days and even receive unlimited proposals with the option Elite.

This option is available to select when you publish your project or, if you want, you perro improve it later when the project is already published.

Be elite will only cost you $7.99 per month, but you will have multiple advantages.

You perro compare them in this table.

Benefits scout



USD $7.99/month

Publish all the projects you want



unlimited quotes



Articulo immediately without moderation



Client-freelancer chat



Quote directly with the freelancer you want



Premium badge on all your projects


Priority in search listings


Download freelancer resumes


Schedule appointments vía Hangouts


Attach archivos to your projects


If I want to hire someone how much will it cost?

The price is equipo by the freelancer, it cánido vary a lot from one type of project to another and from what each one wants to charge.

You perro negotiate with the freelancer the price of the project from the question and answer section.

In this section you cánido ask questions of any kind, from negotiating prices, service characteristics, delivery dates and other necessary elements so that everything goes perfectly and you are completely happy with the chosen project.

He Payment must be made by credit card at the time of hiring the freelancer that you have selected.

That money is going to be reserved in a fund, it will be released when the work is finished.

You cánido also send the money by transfer to a bank account, the same thing will happen, the funds also remain in guarantee until the work is finished and the client accepts the work.

Either way, the funds will be withdrawn immediately, don’t worry, until everything is ok and you give the ok, the money will not be released to transfer it to the freelancer.

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Legal aspects

Indeed, if you are wondering, it is a job that has been done to your company or to you if you are self-employed.

If it is a significant amount, you may come up with certain legal aspects, such as VAT that you perro later deduct from the tax authorities.

I am going to write you certain aspects that may cross your mind.

Do I get an invoice for the services?

Yes, when a payment is generated when hiring a freelancer, the system generates a receipt.

This receipt is sent to the client’s dirección de correo electrónico account, detailing the amount of the payment made.

Will all the freelancer data appear?

Yes, the freelancer’s receipt will contain all the data to carry out the respective tax withholdings and deduction of the client’s operating costs.

Should the payments you make be reported to the Treasury?

This is already the responsibility of the client to report to the Ministry of Finance the payment of the professional services performed to the hired freelancer.

If I want to be a freelancer, how do I earn money?

It is very fácil, once registered and put on the platform everything you perro and know how to do, you will be able to collect your work through PayPal and airTM.

Once the client has accepted the work done, he proceeds to release the funds stored in soy freelancer.

The freelancer will receive payments through PayPal or airTM, for this, he must choose one of the two methods, associating a PayPal registered correo electrónicoin order to receive the corresponding payments.

For El Salvador (country of origin of the platform) the payment will be made through a local bank account, by deposit or transfer.

Banks accepted in El Salvador are Banco Agrícola, Banco de Amérca Central, Scotiabank, Cuscatlán, Promérica, Davivienda and Banco Industrial.

What does I earn as a Freelancer?

In addition to helping businessmen and the self-employed to get in touch with them to be able to do jobs that some need and others know how to do and saving a good amount of cost overruns that they would otherwise have.

In addition to all this, the site has a 20% commission on the total budget of the project, with a minimum commission of $10.

This commission is specified in the form that the freelancer fills out to apply the project.

The amount of the commission for using the platform is not refundable.

This percentage is a net value and includes any tax applicable to the law.

This rate is quite low compared to other markets, such as Europe or North America, where commissions go up to 30%.

Elite Membership

As I said above, Registration in Soy Freelancer is completely free for all users.

When you register as a freelancer you are assigned a Scout account by default, it will allow you to create an en línea portfolio and upload a “Curriculum Vitae”.

From there you perro see all the projects published by possible clients and apply to the different projects that you cánido carry out.

The scout account will allow you to apply to one project per day.

For users who are more experienced or who simply need to work more, the Elite account has been enabled, with a price of only $7.99 per month.

If you compare with other programs to earn money on the internet, it is a tiny amount, and it will give us access to the possibility of offering ourselves to many more users.

With the elite membership you will get the following benefits.

I explain them to you so that you perro weigh whether it will be worth it or not.

  • unlimited portfolio
  • chat with clients
  • increased search visibility
  • greater visibility in your applications to projects
  • attach archivos to your offers
  • faster access to offers and promotions
  • commission of only 10% on your accepted projects

Final Opinions I’m a Freelancer

The platform I’m a freelancer it is a good opportunity to earn money on internet doing what you know how to do.

For any programmer, SEO, or any other field that is starting out or simply wants to earn a little more money with your knowledge, it is a good way to make yourself known.

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With a high acceptance rate, I’m a freelancer It is a good platform to launch yourself, especially in the Latin American market.

If you haven’t registered yet, I encourage you to do so.

It’s totally free!!

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 I'm a Freelancer |  offer your services and
  I'm a Freelancer |  offer your services and
  I'm a Freelancer |  offer your services and

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