If you want to become independent, follow these 10

If you want to become independent, follow these 10

Are you thinking of going to live on your own and don’t know how to do it? Here we share some consejos about how to become independent so that you are prepared and ready to do it.

No matter what age you are, the most important thing is to make up your mind and prepare well, so that this is a positive experience and there are no complications in this transition.

Pay attention, take note and stay reading until the end of the article to find out what are the things you should take into account before making the decision to become independent.

Consejos you need to become independent

The reality is that, as we grow up, we feel the desire to want to build our own path, outside the house of our parents or relatives with whom we grew up.

Beyond the desire to have your own space, there is the responsibility that this entails. It is not as fácil as packing your things and moving to another place.

It is not impossible either, if you take into account some key points to become independent that will give you a very effective road map for this change of life.

It is important that you know that there is no established age as “the correct” for you to do it, what is going to be relevant is that you have the means to achieve it.

So, What is the best time to become independent? The answer is: when you have the economic peace of mind that you will be able to sustain the responsibility that this decision implies and not sacrifice your financial freedom on a whim.

In matters of maturity, it is a process that when you live it, it will lead you to it, to grow, to learn things that you did not know before, to take charge of what your parents surely did for a long time and you still did not know the value it had .

Now yes, let’s start to see, what are the best recommendations that you could start implementing so that your process of becoming independent is successful.

Consejos that will help you to become independent

1. Save money

This is perhaps one of the most important consejos that you should keep in mind at any time in your life.

The habit of saving will not only help you when you want to become independent, but also for the rest of your plans.

In this case, we recommend that you start by making a savings plan, in which you consider the future expenses that you will have, so that you perro define how long it will take you to gather the necessary resources.

In some cases, people have the help of their parents or relatives, in other cases they will have to take care of all the cats themselves.

Even if, for a personal matter, you want it to be on your own merit, then having made a good previous saving will make everything easier for you.

You will not have to ask for personal loans, nor incur unnecessary debts, and that will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy this new stage of your life.

2. Seek help

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, asking for help will always be something natural and positive.

Your life is influenced by the people around you, and certainly, if they are people who add to your life, you perro count on them at this time when the decision to become independent has arrived.

You cánido ask for help to recommend places to live, tell you about their own experiences, even to give you a hand when it’s time to move.

There are specialists in the field of rentals and property sales, you could ask for advice to define what is best for you.

In case you want to share a place to live with friends, or with someone you trust, then this is the best opportunity to take advantage of your closest circle.

3. Choose a good place to live

This is advice that you should take into account when becoming independent, because it is not enough to choose a place just for your own pleasure.

You should consider several factors such as the area, security, neighbors, proximity to places where you go regularly, if you need to be close to your parents or work, etcétera.

When you have chosen the area, pay close attention to the space you are going to inhabit, for example if you have any physical limitations and the accesses are not very comfortable and safe.

Identify the structural factors you need to live comfortably and with this in mind, make the decision.

This will be an investment of money that, if you do it intelligently and responsibly, will greatly define your quality of life.

4. Consider transportation

Becoming independent has many edges to which to pay attention, one of them is transportation.

Whether you have your own car or use public transportation, this is something to consider once you move into your own place.

If you have your own transportation, make sure that the accesses are comfortable, that it is safe to get to or leave your house at any time, and that you have a suitable place to leave your car parked.

If, on the other hand, you use public transport, study very carefully what options are available to you, the most important thing is that you know how to move with complete peace of mind, this will make a big difference.

5. Make a list of expenses

Before becoming independent, it is essential that you do an exercise, as if it were a simulation of the expenses that you are going to have each month. It is about being clear about your new personal budget.

Among them these are some that you should not ignore:

  • Rent or housing fee (in case of making a loan),
  • Services such as electricity, gas, water, etcétera.
  • You should consider what you will spend on food,
  • supermarket shopping,
  • Internet and telephone service, etcétera.

If you are not aware in advance of the expenses that you are going to incur, you are going to have surprises that you may not be prepared to face and this will not be a comfortable situation for you.

Even, this exercise will be of great help because you will be able to identify in which aspect you cánido cut expenses, be more responsible and conscious or when you cánido give yourself a well-deserved treat.

6. Depósito up on what you need

For the place where you are going to live to be functional, you are going to need to depósito up on some things, which may or may not also represent a good investment of money.

Among those things you will have some that cost a little more money than others, so the advice of saving is essential.

But this does not have to limit you, you cánido use things that you already have, things that others do not use anymore or buy second-hand elementos that are in excellent condition, seeking to live a frugal lifestyle as many successful millionaires did in their early days and still do. .

You will need furniture, kitchen elementos, refrigerator, washing machine, bedding, towels, etcétera.

7. Prepare the move

Planning will always be a good start for any goal you want to achieve, just don’t stay in plans, put them into action to see results.

In the case of becoming independent, you must hire a transport that takes the heaviest and bulkiest objects to your new home. This will have a cost that you should consider.

Organization is key so that when you arrive and start putting everything in its place, you don’t have to look everywhere for where you put your belongings.

Mark the boxes, bags or any packaging you have very well so that you are not going to lose anything along the way, it is a consejo so that you are much more productive and efficient in this process.

8. Have a contingency plan

Always consider having a plan B, in this way you will be prepared for the unforeseen or contingencies that arise every day.

Whether you have to move again, or you need to make an expense that you did not consider, being prepared means that you perro handle complex situations intelligently.

Above all, in times of inflation, it is important to put some strategies in place so as not to suffer financial consequences.

One of the most important consejos to keep in mind when becoming independent is to have an emergency fund.

9. Create community in your new place

Becoming independent means starting a life in which you will build your own popular circle. And although many people are much more reserved with their lives, having a support around you will always be positive.

Then try to have good relations with your neighbors, be respectful of the rules of coexistence that are established in the place where you are going to live, and share time so that you perro meet people new and that they know you.

This is very significant because you could be in an emergency and need someone to give you a hand at the moment, what better than to do it with neighbors with whom you have enough confidence.

Build backlinks that increase your popular capital and are worth maintaining, this will really be significant in the quality of life you have.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help again.

Becoming independent may seem perfect, and it is, but it is also absolutely habitual that things do not turn out as expected.

Therefore, do not be afraid to ask for help again if this is the case. For example, you stop having income because you left the job you had, or the expenses are being greater than your income.

Asking for help will not be a failure, it is simply a moment in which you have to pause and redirect your personal goals, so that it does not end up suffering instead of enjoying it.

It is preferable that you ask for help and take a step back, instead of falling into debts that will only affect your financial future, unless you are sure that you will be able to solve them later.

Becoming independent is an achievable goal if you do it responsibly

Finally, it is important that you understand that it perro be different to become independent at 18, at 20 or even at 30, but this does not orinan that it is less possible, or that it is better or worse.

Each stage of life brings different challenges and lessons learned. If you take advantage of maturity to face a decision like this, you will have a great advantage, otherwise, you will have a great opportunity to grow.

So in any case, it will be a profit, do not hesitate, plan, save and get advice so that you perro successfully become independent.

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 If you want to become independent, follow these 10
  If you want to become independent, follow these 10
  If you want to become independent, follow these 10

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