If you want to be a millionaire, forget about doing

If you want to be a millionaire, forget about doing

If among your goals is to be a millionaire at some point in your life, you must create a source of income other than your salary.

No matter how much money you make at your job, the reality is that the equation of time does not fail: Your time is limited, and if you sell it to others, your earning capacity will quickly reach its limit.

This added to the fact that you must consider very well how much money you are going to invest in your higher education and what will be the return on that investment once you are working professionally.

Being a millionaire without studying a master’s degree:

Have you ever considered this? The return on investment of your higher education as a specialization or a master’s degree?

If you really want to be a millionaire, you must have this number very clear before making any decision.

Faced with this issue, Mariana Zanetti author of the bookThe MBA Bubble” (MBA from IE Business School in Spain) suggests that getting an MBA degree is a waste of both money and time.

“The first thing I’m going to say about wealth is what many authors say, who write about wealth and prosperity: one job is not going to make you rich.”

Based on this statement by the author, and added to other financial advice from recognized authors, in this article you will find a contrast to what you normally find on the Internet about en línea master’s degrees.

Master’s degrees and professional success

Like Mariana Zanetti, other authors have focused on writing books that demonstrate that, to achieve success at a professional level, you cannot depend solely on a master’s degree.

In his book, “Rich father poor father”, robert kiyosaki It states that the rich do not work for money, but that they generate assets which work for them.

“If you want to learn how to work for money go to college, if you want to learn how to work a lot harder get an MBA.”

And while there are top executives making billions, many think the way to get to these positions is through an MBA.

This happens even when we are completely unaware of the results of the study of business weekwhich demonstrated that there is no causal relationship between an MBA and achieving professional success.

If you want more proof that an MBA will not lead you to these positions, check the list of director ejecutivo’s of the CAC 40 (the most important index of the French Depósito Exchange), and you will see that an MBA is nothing more than a degree. optional in your professional career.

What to do if your goal is to be a millionaire?

If you really want to be a millionaire, rather consider other options such as starting a business, investing your money, or combining these options creating new sources of income.

Some fácil statistics and figures espectáculo us that the probability of you being a successful singer, a famous high performance athlete, or the leader of a company that is among the 500 largest companies in the world, are relatively low.

So rather consider developing a successful business iniciativa, start investing your money in funds or investing in a business of a family member or friend that you see as a projection.

Recommended books:

A master’s degree has great benefits

In conclusion, with this article I do not want you to get the iniciativa that master’s degrees are a waste of money, or that they are useless in your professional career.

What I want to tell you is that if you are looking to achieve financial independence through an MBA, or something afín, you have other options that have a much better return on investment.

There is no doubt that these master’s degrees will open new doors for you, connect you with people with your same interests, and allow you to create new opportunities.

Although they may not be the path to becoming a millionaire, they do offer many benefits that you should not miss.

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 If you want to be a millionaire, forget about doing
  If you want to be a millionaire, forget about doing
  If you want to be a millionaire, forget about doing

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