If I don’t have afore, where does my money go?

If I don’t have afore, where does my money go?

The truth is that when contributing to the IMSS, the person’s money is automatically assigned to one of the Afore accounts that have achieved the highest performance, therefore, every year when this action is carried out, this is what will happen with the money from the person who has not chosen Afore on their own.

Given this, we must understand that the account remains in constant movement since the system automatically generates it, since we are talking about that even if your account remains in the Afore for two years but without any type of movement, the CONSAR will be whoever reassigns the account to the Administrator with the highest performance.

By means of this action, the person does not lose his investment and even when he is not aware of his afore or makes movements in the account, he will continue to receive the benefits of this service due to the automatic action taken in this type of case, so It will be money that the person has and that will be completely safe, even when the reality is that the person does not know anything about this or the movements that Afore makes.

How do I know if I have Afore if I no longer work?

This is another of the questions to highlight, since the person deserves knowledge about How do I know if I have Afore if I no longer work? And the truth is that we must pay attention to the fact that Afore is an account intended for retirement savings, that is, a retirement plan that makes people secure their future when they perro no longer work.

In this way, we have to understand that once the IMSS starts quoting, the person automatically acquires their Afore account, but in the event that none of this takes interest, CONSAR will be the institution that assigns the account of the person to the Afore that has had the greatest movements, highlighting that every two years this is a share that is renewed, so practically, we are talking about that it is assigned alone to continue receiving the contribution until the person achieves his retirement.

Now, when faced with the question of How do I know if I have Afore if I no longer work?We must answer that the person is completely free to find out on their own, by calling SARTEL toll-free at (55) 1328-5000 by telephone, or also by contacting through the Internet at www.y también-sar.com. mx by going to the “Locate your Afore” option.

To achieve an effective procedure in this consultation, it is necessary for the person to have information such as:

  • Numeric code of Popular Protection (NSS) of the IMSS, in case of contributing to this institute.
  • Exclusive community annotation password (CURP) in case of paying for ISSSTE.
  • Only one query per day.

Who assigns you the Afore?

The Afore is assigned by CONSAR, which is the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System, who, in their right mind, escoge among the 10 Afore companies that work in the country, in which to deposit the person’s contribution, taking into account For this assignment, it looks at those that have had the best performance at the time of carrying out the action.

We must emphasize that this is valid only when the person does not care about his retirement fund, then at the time of the question of who assigns you the Afore? The only answer that exists is that if the person himself does not choose it, making use of his knowledge and the will of his contributions, then CONSAR does it without any problem, being an action that he will carry out once every 2 years.

What is the best Afore 2021?

Let us remember that there are 10 Afores, that is, 10 companies that are in charge of safeguarding the contributions of people in favor of building a retirement fund.

In this sense, we must appreciate that comparisons are always being made of the work carried out by these companies to determine which of all is the best performer in the workplace.

Therefore, in response to the question of What is the best Afore 2021? We have to define that according to CONSAR stipulations through a detailed study of the functions of these companies, the first positions have been assigned to Profuturo, Sura, Coppel, Azteca, Citibanamex and Pensión ISSSTE.

How cánido I withdraw money from my Afore if I no longer work?

There are many questions about How cánido I withdraw money from my Afore if I no longer work?And before this we have to answer that we are talking about an action that is completely possible, all through the procedure that is carried out in the event that there is a retirement action due to unemployment.

If your position is that you have lost your job and you want to withdraw your retirement fund from Afore, then you should take into account that you perro encabeza over a sum from your economy account whose amount will depend on the payment base and the requirements of where you are a supporter. , which perro be at IMSS or ISSSTE.

If the case is affiliation in IMSS, you will need the following:

  • Have 2 years of listing.
  • You cánido only withdraw 30 days at least and 90 days at most, of your maximum cómputo.
  • Have proof of withdrawal of the Unemployed Laborer from the IMSS, which is granted from the 46th day that the person is without work.

    It is obtained through the corresponding IMSS Administrative Subdelegation to request said voucher.

  • You must go to the Afore where you are withdrawn and request your money.
  • The Afore will deliver the financial amount corresponding to 5 business days at the most, through transfer or voucher.
  • We are talking about a process that perro be carried out every five years.

If the case is affiliation in ISSSTE, you will need the following:

  • Certificate issued by ISSSTE, which is delivered after 46 days without working, through the corresponding State or Regional Delegation of ISSSTE.

Go to the Afore where the individual account has been registered and request the money to be delivered by check or transfer.

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 If I don't have afore, where does my money go?
  If I don't have afore, where does my money go?
  If I don't have afore, where does my money go?

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