IBKR Global Trader | Aplicación to invest in

IBKR Global Trader | Aplicación to invest in

Known What is it and how it works the new aplicación for invest in easy-to-use depósito market. This is called IBKR GlobalTrade and you cánido use it on tablet, móvil inteligente, Android, iphone, etcétera.

What is IBKR GlobalTrader 2023 and how does it work?

Is about an application focused on young or inexperienced people in the depósito marketwe will present its official landing page and then we will explain details of its mobile aplicación.

Basically, it consists of a more simplified interfaz to be able to operate in different assets, make deposits, withdrawals, that is, the same thing you do in Interative Broker but in the application, agregado you cánido backlink it to your main account in Interative Broker.

The first thing is to access the IBKR Global Trade official website where they present the aplicación and have direct backlinks to download them from both the aplicación store and google plus play.

Advantages of IBKR Global Trade

The strengths of IBKR GlobalTrade are:

  1. You perro open an account and start trading in minutes

  2. You have the option to trade with stocks from all over the world USA, Canada and Asia

  3. It is a very safe and great aplicación

  4. It has a built-in calculator to be able to evaluate and identify investment opportunities or undervalued stocks

  5. You have the option of opening a simulated or demo account, apart from the real account and in this way you cánido test, either different strategies or directly the aplicación in general, buying and selling without risks

  6. It offers all the available options that are in all types of brokers

To install it you must select the type of aplicación you require if it is IOS or Android and download the aplicación.

From the mobile you cánido start transfer with your data, but if you do not have an account or backlink with Interative Broker, you must registerplacing your data such as dirección de correo electrónico, nombre de usuario, password and country.

Likewise, you will follow the procedure to verify your identity and all the other steps that are requested, which will be guided in a very fácil way.

Once the transfer has started, you will be able to make transactions, deposit, withdraw, convert from one currency to another. On the upper left side, you perro see details of your account, transaction history, settings, among others.

In the depósito search button you perro locate the one you want and inside you cánido see the complete graph, you perro make purchases and sales through buttons that are well marked at the bottom.

In the case of buy, you perro do it through options such as: limit, market or stop. setting the time whether it is daytime or permanent, everything is quite fácil.

You have the option to do deposit, you select the method that suits your circumstances. It also gives you the option of withdrawaleverything is in quite fácil and clear format.

It is an official aplicación of Interactive Brokers Groupin a more simplified version for people who want something more basic and clear.

Vídeo about what IBKR GlobalTrade is and how it works

If you have any concerns or questions about what is and how does IBKR GlobalTrade workwe leave you a backlink to view a tutorial fast and easy.

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 IBKR Global Trader |  Aplicación to invest in
  IBKR Global Trader |  Aplicación to invest in
  IBKR Global Trader |  Aplicación to invest in

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