I was scammed how do I get my money back? Guide

I was scammed how do I get my money back? Guide

The scams They are something to which we are always destined, because in the world there are many fakes who are looking for a way to win other people through scams to obtain their money without working.

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  • In this sense, we must understand that once fallen for the scamit is necessary that we notify the corresponding authorities so that they take charge of the case, in such a way that they manage to find the scammer and prevent him from continuing to deceive more people.

    Given this, it is important that we talk about some cases of scamsto understand what we must do and the measures we must take in each situation.

    bank scam

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  • This type of scam does not emanate from the bank directly, we are talking about a procedure that scammers carry out both en línea and by telephone, and it is very easy to call from the bank and ask for the person’s account information or simply the card number, taking into account that only by the number piratas informáticos perro access the person’s bank account and manage their money.

    Internet banking scams also occur, we are talking about en línea sites that sell products and that only ask for the person’s card number, or that actually ask for the transfer, but it turns out that they do not send the product and then magically disappear leaving to the person without a place where to make the claim.

    The truth is that the bank scam is the most common thing that exists, that is why in most cases, we hear people saying I made a bank deposit and they scammed meor make a purchase en línea and they scammed me.

    Transfer scam

    This type of scam occurs through transfers made by people through platforms such as PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram, and since there are no means to make complaints, scammers take advantage of offering products en línea that people must pay for. these means, so that when the transfer is made, people will not see the money or the seller again.

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  • It is for this reason that care must be taken with those people who request payments by these means and who are not known, since this implies that it is a scam that will be carried out by means of a transfer, and the case is completely true, since we know people who have told us They made a transfer and they were scammed.

    Fb scam

    I got scammed on Fbis what we hear the most these days, and it is that even Fb has given these scam events to people, so it is recommended that we all be attentive to what we are told by Fb, those people who contact us without knowing us and who offer us products, services or job opportunities.

    Scams carried out by Fb are made so that users share content that they offer to pay for and actually pay nothing.

    There are also jobs where they contact both women and men to send photos of their bodies, offering very good pay and in reality, after people send the photos they never get the money.

    But Where to report this type of scam? What cánido be done is to issue a note to Fb with the name of the usuario who is scamming, that is, of the account registered in the popular network so that Fb perro find the origin of the account registration and take action against the scam.

    Another means is to get the police to interfere, investigating through technological means to find the whereabouts of the scammer.

    But the truth is that the best thing to do is not to believe what is offered to us on the internet, there are many deceitful people on popular networks, money is not earned that way, there are other means through which to make money legal.

    personal scam

    There is also the case where the person indicates, I got ripped offreferring to the fact that money has been taken from him in person, this means perro be reported efficiently in the competent legal institutions, who have to investigate the case to find the whereabouts of the thief.

    This type of scam works when two people do business but the deal does not turn out to be what was agreed, and then the buyer loses his investment.

    Another case is when we buy something in a store and it is damaged, such as food for example, and when we claim the money it is not returned, that is when the authorities must act to change the situation.

    How to recover the money?

    The money from many scams has been recoveredand more when we talk about cases that have been investigated and that, therefore, the whereabouts of the criminals have been found.

    This has to do with the type of investigation that is carried out and the means through which the person who has been scammed acts to get their money back.

    So all is not lost, the truth is that it is advisable to write down all the information about the place where the money was sent, the name of the recipient and everything that has to do with the time and date of the money issuance, since that these are the data that will help the authorities to find the whereabouts of the scammer.

    But before all this, the important thing is to be aware of what is done or allowed to be done with us, that is, we cannot be believing in false promotions on the internet, and we should not be so trusting in real life either.

    In life we ​​must walk cautiously, and always be aware of the steps we take, especially if we talk about our dipnea, but the truth also turns out to be that it is ineludible to flee from the scamsso all that remains is to archivo a complaint, investigate and wait.

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     I was scammed how do I get my money back?  Guide
  I was scammed how do I get my money back?  Guide
  I was scammed how do I get my money back?  Guide

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