I was going or Hiba, how do you spell?

I was going or Hiba, how do you spell?

whatI was going or I was going? What is the correct spelling that we should use without making a spelling mistake?

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In today’s article, we will answer it in a fácil way with some examples.


What do “iba” and “hiba” orinan?

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Please note the following:

✅ “I was going”= is the correct spelling of the word and belongs to the verb to go.

✅ “Hiba” = on the other hand, it is a misspelling that you should avoid, unless you are referring to the female given name “Hiba”.

See in this case the example of the Spanish actress of Libyan descent Hiba Abouk.

Then she would be well written.

So, in general terms (and keeping in mind the caveat above),…

Why do cases of confusion occur?

Mainly because the letter h in the Spanish language, it does not have any phonetic sound.

the spelling I was going It corresponds to the indicative modes in the first and third person in the past or past tense.

the senses of verb to go It has several allusions, such as teaching a person to drive in a specific place, moving from one point to another, transiting or walking.

Also, it alludes to agreeing or uniting something with a thing, and the extension of time over something in space.

Here are some examples:

  • The painting was going to go in my room, but I ended up leaving it in the living room.
  • I love that shirt because it went well with several layers.
  • The cat was going to steal my meat.
  • The motorcyclist was not on his way and was fined.
  • I was going to go to the party, but I felt bad.
  • Before, the autobús used to go to the library.

He verb to go it is also an auxiliary in verbal periphrasis formations.

That is why it is used to espectáculo some nuances in the acts of the infinitives or gerunds that it accompanies.

Here are some examples:

  • The vase was going to fall and I managed to catch it.
  • I was already on my way to college and had to go back to get my aprecies.

The verb to go is also irregular where its conjugation, for etymological reasons, has variations such as go, went, go, go.

However, even in its conjugation it continues to preserve the spelling without the need to carry a h and it is written we would go, i would go, i will go and we would go.

Conjugations for the verb to go

Now we are going to espectáculo you the conjugations of the verb to go in the past tense and past tense in an indicative way:

  • They (as) were going.
  • You were going
  • You (as) went.
  • We (as) were going.
  • He (she) was going.
  • You were going.
  • you were going
  • I was going

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 I was going or Hiba, how do you spell?
  I was going or Hiba, how do you spell?
  I was going or Hiba, how do you spell?

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