I stop working 5 PTC for various reasons

I stop working 5 PTC for various reasons

As we have already seen on many occasions in this world of earn money en líneaThere are times when we start working on a business and in the end we end up discarding it. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we would like and today it is time to clean up. For different reasons that we will see below, I have made the decision to abandon five PTCs. Four of these five pages stopped working exclusively due to lack of results. As for the fifth, I discard it because it has become a scam.

I stop clicking and recommend AyuWage, ExpressWage, InnoCurrent, ScarletClicks and TofCash.

I abandon “the 3 sisters”

In past news issues I already told you that I was considering leaving AyuWage, ExpressWage and InnoCurrent. It is worth mentioning, first of all, that these three pages are still paying today And it is most likely that they will continue to do so in the future. But the problem is not that, but rather that it perro take several months to reach the minimum payment.

In the past, these three pages dominated the rankings of most weblogs with thematic of make money with PTC. Without going any further, it was not unusual to earn $0.50 in a single day. Hence they occupied those positions. But for several months the opposite has been happening and getting payments on a more or less regular basis has become an impossible mission.

In these PTC there are days when there is not a single ad. And when there are, which is almost never, I cánido’t add more than 2 or 3 cents at most.»

Knowing what they were in the past, keep working these PTC It is getting very difficult for me and I prefer to work on websites that are more profitable. Or at least, pages that ensure a certain number of ads each day. Until now, it didn’t cost me anything to access these PTCs and take a look around in case there were any ads available. If I saw a perfect one, and if not, then I would go and continue with other chores. But of course, when I do the math and see that during the last month I have accumulated 12 cents with my clicks, well I perro’t feel more than frustration. My time, like yours, is not free. For this very reason, today I say goodbye to the three sisters.

ScarletClicks: Waste of time and money

ScarletClicks is one of the oldest PTCs in the campo. At the beginning, my activity on the web was based on viewing the ads as a estándar usuario and adding little by little. At that time, since ScarletClicks pays through Perfect Money, it was great for me to accumulate a cómputo in this payment processor.

After a year of viewing ads every day, the profits I was getting compared to other PTCs were ridiculous. It was then that I made the decision to invest money in referral income and a membership. In total, it was $40. During the first two months my strategy worked like a charm and the results were very positive (so I let you know in the main articulo of this PTC). Thanks to this, I was able to renew the monthly Golden membership every month while increasing my “team” of rented referrals.

Mysteriously, as I already explained in the April News, from one day to the next the clicks of my rented referrals plummeted. It coincided that during that period Paypal stopped working with ClixSense and other PTCs. And also, ScarletClicks launched a promotion in which they rewarded those users who added funds using Perfect Money. I don’t know about you, but all these “coincidences” seemed very suspicious to me, so I went straight to the PTC forum. While there, I read many complaints related to sudden drops in clicks from rented referrals. With these data, I had enough evidence to think that exactly the same thing had happened to those users as to me.

I think the PTC did this on purpose, which is why I decided to leave ScarletClicks at a loss.

TofCash is a scam

TofCash is one of the last pages I featured on the blog. At first, it seemed like an interesting PTC, in which we could get bitcoins relatively easily and for free. After publishing the articulo about this PTC, the value of the ads was changing day after day. These changes were constant for an entire week.

TofCash does not notice at any time about these variations in the value of the ads.

A couple of weeks later TofCash was put into maintenance. Again without notice. From that moment on, on the front page of the website we could read a message telling us to be patient, that they were changing part of the design and some other things. Seven or eight days later, out of the blue the page went back en línea… But to my surprise, when I accessed my account I saw that the PTC was still completely the same. identical. In addition, during all that time all payments were also paralyzed. In fact, if we go to the TofCash section where they espectáculo us the latest payments, we see two things:

1. From the 23rd to today, the 28th, TofCash has not paid any usuario.

2. There is a period of time that goes from April 4 to April 23, in which there was not a single payment. Weird, weird, weird.

On the other hand, it seems that the same administrator has created a new PTC called Popidou. In my view, if the whole issue of maintenance and the absence of payments already smelled like singe to me, that the admin launches another PTC (when it goes as it goes) only increases my distrust. Definitely, I prefer to forget about this PTC and classify it as a scam.

⭐️ I found some of this information on the forum. RaiseYourSalary.


Unfortunately, for one thing or another, today I’m giving up 5 PTCs and that’s never nice. I find it a bit strange to discard four pages as veteran as AyuWage, ExpressWage, InnoCurrent and ScarletClicks. But it is that earning money in them has become extremely slow. Very few ads appear in the first three. At ScaletClicks, however, the key aspecto for me to have decided to leave has been the issue with referrals. It is possible that I have made some mistake in managing them, but I do not explain in any way the bestial fall of their clicks.

There are times when it is time to pass the broom and discard those pages that no longer serve us. Sometimes, like today with TofCash, they become scams and it’s not worth continuing to work with them. And in others, it is about reliable pages that continue to pay, but in which reaching the minimum payment becomes too complicated.

Luckily, on the blog we still have a lot of free and safe pages with whichand earn money en línea. So much for earn bitcoinas to win others free cryptocurrenciesas for earn dollars playing or with paid surveys. In the end, today’s discards will allow me to spend more time on those pages. So as they say, there is no evil that does not come for good.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 I stop working 5 PTC for various reasons
  I stop working 5 PTC for various reasons
  I stop working 5 PTC for various reasons

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