i Say | Earn MONEY and PRIZES with surveys

i Say | Earn MONEY and PRIZES with surveys

i Say is a paid survey panel that pays by Paypal and gift vouchers.

It should be noted that the i-Say website belongs to the Ipsos group.

A leading company in the market research campo worldwide.

It has been en línea since 1975, a fact that speaks of the experience and reliability of this portal.

Initially, Ipsos limited its study area to the United States and Canada.

But he created i-Say in order to break into the European market.

What do you think of the panel credentials? Not bad, no.

If you liked them, let’s see how i-Say works in Spain and how to earn money with paid surveys.

Registration in iSay Spain

The first step before seeing all the ins and outs of the i-Say survey panel will be create our own account.

If you want, you perro do it through the backlink below.

It will take you directly to a registration form.

In it, we will be asked to entrar our data, an dirección de correo electrónico address and a password.

The data we provide they have to be real.

Take me to the registration form

Once registered, i-Say will send us an correo electrónico to confirm the account.

This point is because, if we do not confirm it, we will not have access.

As always, we will follow the backlink that we find in the content of that dirección de correo electrónico and the account will be verified automatically.

Now we perro access our account!

E-e correo electrónico sent to us by iSay may end up in the Contenido publicitario folder.

If it does not appear in our inbox, it is probably in Contenido publicitario.

How iSay works

How i-Say works It is quite intuitive and that makes the task easier.

In any case, we are going to review the most important sections that make up the panel.

As soon as we entrar our account we will see a top menu with four sections.

Surveys » Here we will see the paid surveys that are active and pending response.

Explore “ In this section we perro create polls or see the polls published by i-Say users.

Quick surveys are not paid, they are only informative.

To respond to the concerns of the community.

Gift Area » The section we like the most.

From here we will see the catalog of prizes that i-Say has.

The most interesting are payments by Paypalbut there are some more.

Profile » It is used to configure both our interests and some aspects of the account.

Whether it is to add our accounts on popular networks or change something in the privacy settings.

First steps

As in all paid survey panels, at i-Say we will also have to fill in our personal data.

And above all, answer all the mini-tests in the section My profile.

The data that we are asked for is the most classic.

In which campo we work, what position we hold, if we have completed a university degree, if we go to the movies, etcétera.

In short, they will ask us about our private life, hobbies and favorite interests.

Thus, iSay will have all the information you need.

Based on our responses, we will receive surveys on one topic or another.

As long as they are in line with our interests.

As soon as we have answered the mini-tests, we will only have to wait.

We will now be eligible to receive invitations to i-Say paid surveys.

iSay survey format

When a survey is available, i-Say will send us an invitation by correo electrónico.

Same as occurs in Mobrog and in Lifepoints.

Within each one they will tell us the duration of the survey and until what day we perro answer it.

As soon as that period expires, the survey will be closed and will no longer be accessible.

To proceed, we will simply clic on “Start the survey now”.

And automatically it will take us to the study in question.

Throughout a survey, we may be asked trick questions.

Or repeat the same question twice.

The purpose is to know if we are paying attention and responding coherently.

Attention, because if i-Say understands that we are dishonest will kick us out of the studio.

Finally, at the end of the survey, they will add the reward to the cómputo.

Sometimes it happens that there are surveys and we do not receive the invitation by correo.

For this reason, my recommendation is that from time to time we access the panel to take a look.

How much money perro you earn on i-Say

According to the surveys that we are answering in iSay We will accumulate points.

The amount we receive for each survey will vary depending on the topic and the time we spend.

In general, we tend to qualify in the surveys that come to us.

However, there are a few occasions when, as soon as we access the survey, we are told that our profile does not match.

Or that the maximum number of participants has been reached.

In these cases, although it is not very common, it also we will receive a small compensation by i-Say.

We could consider that they give away points for the fact of trying to answer a survey.

i-Say Prizes

To see all available prizes in i-Say we will go to “Awards Area”. There we will see the catalog with all the rewards.

There are Electronic Vouchers and Gift Cards from multinationals such as Ikea or Decathlon.

But to me, the prizes that I like the most are the payments through Paypal.

It is important to read the description of each item before redeeming it.

For example, it is necessary to differentiate between Electronic Vouchers and Gift Cards.

How to request a prize in i Say

As soon as we know what prize we want, we cánido redeem the points.

From the “Gift Area” We will select the item we want to receive.

The process to redeem a reward on i-Say is always the same.

In fact, the easiest is the Paypal prize.

In which it is only to exchange points and provide the dirección de correo electrónico address that we have associated with the Paypal processor.

To make this tutorial on i-Say, I have preferred to explain how to exchange the points for 1 €10 Gift Cards for Decathlon.

Let’s see the redemption process:

1- After selecting the prize and the amount of elementos that we want to exchange, we will clic on the tab «Add to cart».

2- On the next screen, they will espectáculo us the points that we have accumulated and those that are going to be subtracted from us.

We check that everything is in order and clic on “Pass by cashier”.

3- Next, a form will appear.

We will have to write down the postal address where we want the Gift Card to arrive.

Since i-Say sends it by Articulo, It is essential that the data is completely true.

Otherwise, the prize will be lost and will not reach us.

4- Finally, we perro “Make to order”.

And now it’s time to wait, it will only be a matter of patience, i-Say and the postman.

iSay pays

Function of the prize and the depósito that i-Say has At each moment, it will take more or less time to get home.

There are times when the panel may have a lot of depósito of one item and very little of another.

Or even the postman is late.

Precisely for this reason, the delivery time specified by i-Say is several weeks.

Somehow, it helps them to “cure in health” and have more room for maneuver.

The delivery time for Decathlon Gift Cards is from 1 to 4 weeks.

In practice, i-Say pay much faster than I thought.

Paypal payments are very fast.

It takes two days in the worst case.

As regards Gift Cards, as is the case in YougovWe have already seen that they cánido take up to four weeks.

Since this was the first time I had requested a physical prize, I had my reservations about delivery times.

To give you an iniciativa, I exchanged points on January 5th.

On the 22nd of that same month, I received the Gift Cards at my address.

Total, a little over two weeks.

or to be more Specifically, seventeen days.

i-Say sends the physical prizes by Articulo.

We perro indicate that they send it to us at home, at work, etcétera.

I have attached the latest rewards I have redeemed from i-Say.

This time it has been money through Paypal.

This is how the guide is updated with recent payments.

And why not say it, it is proven for the umpteenth time that i-Say pays.

Main features of i-Say

There are some i-Say considerations that should be mentioned separately.

The most important are these:

Sometimes the panel activates the option to invite other members.

For every friend we invite to i-Say we will be rewarded with 100 points.

remember that these promotions are not always active.

In i-Say too we perro receive other types of invitations.

If we want, we perro participate in chats, group discussions, etcétera.

It is not usual, but it is possible that they reach us and I already anticipate that they pay very well.

On the other hand, in the i-Say panel we perro also be content creators.

There is the possibility of creating a poll, publishing it and having users give their opinion.

Thanks to the contributions of the users of the i-Say community we will see our concerns answered.

i Say compensates with points when we are discarded in a survey.

Depending on the time spent and the final remuneration, we will receive one amount or another.

As I have shown before, they cánido give us between 25 and 30 points if we have already started the survey.

If they rule us out first, they usually get 5 plus points.

Depending on the prize we choose, it may take more or less.

The maximum term is the 4 weeks that the physical prizes perro take to reach us.

Now we cánido also redeem the points for money in Paypal.

This prize did not exist and it is the last one that they have added.

iSay Reviews

We already know much better about the survey panel.

and we know that i-Say is 100% reliable.

In my opinion, it is very interesting that you cánido collect by Paypal.

In the past, we could only exchange points for Gift Cards and Electronic Vouchers.

I have said many times that if I dedicate my time to earn money en línea, I prefer to withdraw the earnings in money.

And not in prizes.

Luckily, it’s now available in i-Say the possibility of withdrawing vía Paypal.

Somehow, this fact fully meets my expectations.

Do you want to know what free sites I use to earn money by reviewing? See my personal list of reliable paid survey panels.

Before finishing I want to mention Jesús, a regular reader of the blog.

He was the one who recommended i-Say to me, so I cánido only thank him for this great recommendation.

When you work so many sites, sometimes you miss one or the other.

He had read opinions about i-Say, but being registered with opineandwin (who pays with Cards and Vouchers), I missed it.

Currently, after several months working on the panel, I perro say that it is worth it.

For me, i-Say is one of the best paid survey sites on the internet.

Finally, if there is any doubt, you cánido ask everything you need.

Either by writing a comment below or contacting me through popular networks.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 i Say |  Earn MONEY and PRIZES with surveys
  i Say |  Earn MONEY and PRIZES with surveys
  i Say |  Earn MONEY and PRIZES with surveys

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