I just or out How do you write?

I just or out How do you write?

Finished or Finished? In what context should we use each word? Although they are written and pronounced the same, their use is not the same.

Please note the following:

“Just” = cánido be used as a noun with the denotation of “finishing”, in addition to being the verb end in the first person present.

“Just” = on the other hand, it is an adverbial phrase with the meaning of “after all”, it cánido also be shown as an adverbial expression of “to carry out”, denoting “to do or perform something”.


When and how to use just?

Just basically it is a masculine noun that denotes “finishing”, and is used to refer to the result or compliance with something.

As, for example: “He fulfilled all his obligations from his past position until its completion.”

Just it cánido also be the verb end First person present indicative mood.

Denotes the end of something, consuming something completely, placing all your effort to complete a work, ending or finishing something, passing away, finishing something, destroying or killing something, and more.

Here are some examples:

  • I finish with this ice cream and go for another.
  • I usually finish my workday before the hour.
  • I still don’t quite understand what you think.

When and how to wear out?

Just It is an adverbial expression that denotes “after all”, “finally” or “at last”.

It is a locution rarely used by “al cabo”.

Here are some examples:

  • Out in an hour, I still have to finish a part of the work.
  • Maria went home to rest, she had a hard day, but she did her homework on time.

Just It is also a verbal locution used to “carry out”, which denotes “to carry out or do something”

Here are some examples:

  • Jordi carried out the housework very efficiently.
  • The State plans to carry out a series of strategies to boost the economy.

Remember that the spelling “will perform” is a misspelling that you should avoid.

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 I just or out How do you write?
  I just or out How do you write?
  I just or out How do you write?

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