I have to pay the treasury and I have no money

I have to pay the treasury and I have no money

There are many options to deal with the Treasury payments, such as requesting a bank loan, another option is to use strategies to disminuye these payments, if you want to know more, do not stop reading.

Is it possible not to pay money in the treasury?

Payment to the Treasury is practically mandatory, so you cannot avoid paying taxes, what you should do is disminuye them or pay less. Some people complejo turístico to some strategies to save money, such as changing the salary in cash for salary in kind (some salaries are exempt from paying personal income tax).

Another option is to communicate to your employer any change that occurs in your family situation (if a child is born, if you get divorced, etcétera.) But, there are also several alternatives that you perro use to pay taxes, including paying in parts, in court two installments, ask for a loan. Let us see below the description of these alternatives.

Cánido a tax payment be divided?

It is valid to cancel the Treasury payment in installments, and generally paid in two installmentsthe first of them is canceled with 60% and the second, the remainder, which would be 40% of the total payment.

It is important that you communicate that you are going to pay this tax in installments and at the same time indicate the bank account number where the direct debit of the payment will be made, do not forget that by the collection date there must be money available in the account for the payment to be made. be made effective.

It should be noted that you will not have to pay interest for paying the Treasury in installments. Other details to consider are that, if you do not comply with the payment, the Tax agency could seize your assets and also apply a surcharge.

Cánido I defer the tax payment if I don’t have money?

You cánido request a deferral in the term of the payments, but to achieve this you need to justify such a decision before the Tax Agency, in other words, you must Give valid reasons why you cannot pay.

Most people request a loan from the bank to be able to meet the Treasury payments, but, in any case, it is essential that you always pay your taxes to the Treasury.

Is it appropriate to pay finances with a loan?

As we mentioned before, it is very important to be up to date with the Treasury payments, which is why many people turn to banks to request a loan for this purpose.

If you have this option in mind, you should watch and analyze the conditions established by the bank to which you are addressing, for example, payment terms, interest, among other things.

It is always advisable to pay the Treasury all the taxes you have, however, it will never hurt to use one or another strategy to lower these taxes. We hope this article has helped you a lot.

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 I have to pay the treasury and I have no money
  I have to pay the treasury and I have no money
  I have to pay the treasury and I have no money

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