I have received the first ClixSense payment for

I have received the first ClixSense payment for

We already saw a few days ago how Paypal had stopped collaborating with ClixSensethe best page for earn money en línea, and how this circumstance could harm the PTC.

Since then, there have been several important developments, especially with regard to the incorporation of new withdrawal methods.

Although I have been editing this articulo about Clixsense and Paypal to keep the information updated, I think it was mandatory to compile the facts and review how the situation is today.

In addition, I have taken the opportunity to request a ClixSense payment by Payza.

With an excellent result.

Paypal continues to lurk…

Much has been said about what happened between Paypal and ClixSense.

Something very logical when the most used payment processor on the internet blocks the account of neobux.

Although we had already seen afín situations before with other types of systems, the fact that Paypal adopted these measures with ClixSense marked a before and after.

There are thousands and thousands of PTCs all over the net.

However, the victim on this occasion was number one, and led to a situation with much more relevance.

At that time, everything seemed to indicate that it was the beginning of the end between Paypal and the PTCs, but it remained to be seen if the sieve continued or not.

Well, far from being a fácil anecdote, it seems that Paypal has become very strict and has not stopped there.

If ClixSense was already quite striking, a few days ago Paypal did exactly the same with BuxP, one of the oldest and most habitual PTCs on the internet.

«That Paypal starts with these two websites is a notice to the other PTCs.»

Assuming this will happen sooner rather than later with other PTCs, the best we cánido do is have an account with other payment processors.

In this way, instead of using Paypal to withdraw our earnings, we perro do it using other ways.

Processors to withdraw money in ClixSense

As far as ClixSense is concerned, the management reacted very quickly to this situation.

It should be remembered that the PTC had already been working with other processors such as paytoo and TangoCard. But after what happened with Paypal, it was essential to incorporate the most used withdrawal methods.

And they do it like that.

Currently, at ClixSense we perro request a payment for any of these 5 processors:

After analyzing all the options, I especially opted for these two:

  • Payza ⇒ After Paypal, Payza is the most widely used payment processor on the internet.

    On a practical level, the operation is very afín to that of Paypal and the only thing that varies are the commissions.

    If we want to withdraw from ClixSense through this processor, the fees that will be applied to us will be 2.9% of the amount requested, agregado $0.30 in each operation.

  • Payoneer ⇒ Although in Europe it is a semi-unknown processor, it is one of the most used payment processors in America.

    Personally, I find it more comfortable to withdraw vía Payza, but if it’s not available, Payoneer would be my first choice.

    The commissions that apply are $2 on all withdrawals, whatever the amount.

    That if, in this case, the minimum payout would be $20.

    ORNo handicap to take into account if we usually withdraw lower amounts.

Request a ClixSense payment by Payza

To request a payment in ClixSense, the first thing we will have to do is configure our account again.

In the same way that to collect by Paypal we had to provide our dirección de correo electrónico the first time, to withdraw vía Payza we will have to follow exactly the same process.

Once we have an active account in one of these processors, we will go to the tab «Profile and Settings» and we will add the information requested in each section.

In the case of Payza, we are asked to write the related correo electrónico address (same as with Paypal).

Finally, we will only have to save the changes by clicking on Update Account and now we cánido receive our money.

As I have told you before, my preferred methods will be Payza and Payoneer.

By this order.

What I usually do is send the money to the processors, and then transfer it to my bank account.

Starting from this premise, my iniciativa is to choose one processor or another depending on the amount that you are going to request:

  • Payoneer as long as you collect more than $60.


We withdraw $60 from ClixSense to Payoneer and get $58 clean.

Subsequently, we send those $58 to our bank account and we will receive $55 in total.

ClixSense/Payoneer $60-$2=$58 Payoneer/Bank $58-$3=$55

  • Payza for payments under $60.


We request a payment of $60 in ClixSense and $57.96 arrives in Payza.

Then, we transfer that money to our bank account with a commission of $2.63, so $55.33 will come to us clean.

ClixSense/Payza $60-(2.9%+$0.30)=$57.96 Payza/Bank $57.96-$2.63=$55.33

First ClixSense payment by Payza

Until today, as I suppose it will have happened to you, all the charges that I had received from this PTC had been through Paypal.

In fact, the latter coincided with the largest payout I’ve received from this PTC.

Initially, when Paypal blocked the ClixSense account, I requested this withdrawal through Payoneer.

But while I was waiting for it to arrive, they added Payza as a payment alternative.

After calculating the fees applied by each processor, it turned out that it was more profitable for me to withdraw through Payza.

So I decided to cancel the Payoneer payment and request my first ClixSense payment by Payza.

The 29th in total!!.

Another aspecto that I took into account was to assess the utility that I gave to each processor.

Payoneer had never used it, and besides, I don’t see a way out with any of the pages I use.

However, with Payza the opposite happens to me.

Since I already use this processor to withdraw from other websites, it is convenient for me to accumulate money there to later withdraw it to my bank account.


After knowing the blockade of Paypal to ClixSense, it remained to be seen How did the PTC react?.

We already know that the first thing this processor does is freeze the accounts (up to a maximum of 6 months).

Including the money.

For this reason, there was a lot of expectation to know what was going to happen in the future.

Over the days, it has been possible to see that this reaction has been fast and effective.

So much so, that two weeks later we already have three new withdrawal methods: Payoneer, Payza and Skrill.

Besides, payments continue to be processed within the timeframes equipo forth in the TOS, something that says a lot in favor of the PTC.

And by the way, it works great for us.

“ClixSense takes an average of 2-5 days to send us the money.”

Regarding all sections of ClixSense for earn money, there if nothing has changed.

Everything continues exactly the same.

Surveys continue to arrive regularly and for a few weeks they have been adding new ones Jobs at Figure Eight.

So our profits have not been diminished in any way.

Apparently, everything is under control by the PTC and the worst seems to be over.

For our part, we perro only continue working on the web as always and withdraw our money using a different processor than usual.

After all, ysense just turned 10 years en línea.

As long as it continues to work and pay on time, it will continue to be the best PTC in the world.

And may it be for many more years!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 I have received the first ClixSense payment for 
  I have received the first ClixSense payment for 
  I have received the first ClixSense payment for

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