I have received my first ClixSense payment for

I have received my first ClixSense payment for

We have already spoken previously on the blog about the two bomb news that have occurred throughout this year in ClixSense.

If on the one hand it was no surprise that Paypal stopped working with the best PTC in the world up to then, it did attract a lot of attention that it reacted by changing course in its business model.

Leaving the advertising campo.

A few weeks have passed since that impasse, so I found it interesting to analyze ClixSense from today’s perspective.

In passing, we will mention again the various ways to earn money that we have available.

And also, after getting it with Payza, I marked the goal to receive my first ClixSense payment by Payoneer… and I finally got it!!

ClixSense has not been and will not be the only PTC to which Paypal turns its back.

GrandBux, ClixSense and Neobux are the most important PTCs in a long list that will never end.

All PTCs sooner or later will stop working with Paypal.

And if they don’t, they will see their accounts blocked at any time.

ClixSense management was aware of this, and therefore their first decision was to add Payoneer and Payza as a withdrawal method.

Two payment processors with more permissive policies than Paypal.

Likewise, it was a way to calm the spirits of all users, who could continue withdrawing their earnings without any problem.

Although ClixSense works among others with Skrill, Payza and PayoneerThey want Paypal back at all costs.

ClixSense is no longer a PTC

In this point, ClixSense valued the possibility of giving the business a twist in order to go back to working with Paypal.

It was then that Jim Gargo decided to leave the PTC world and transform the site into a hybrid, half paid survey portal, half crowdsourcing platform.

Recovering part of the information from the July News edition, the most significant changes that ClixSense has undergone are the following:

There is no longer an eight level referral system or memberships.

Now there is only one level of referrals and the sponsor receives commissions of 15% on the earnings of each guest.

Gone are the ads and the ClixGrid.

This is the most important measure in the eyes of Paypal along with the 8 levels of referrals.

We will complete the CheckListBonus when we make two offers or finish ten mini-jobs.

(Apart from visiting the forum).

The maximum percentage of plus profit that we perro obtain is 16%.

The minimum amount to withdraw is $10 through Payza and $20 through Payonner.

I have edited the main articulo Ysense how it works with this information.

In addition, I have also modified the payment methods and the sections enabled to earn money.

How to make money on ClixSense

Once we remove PTC ads and the ClixGrid from the equation, we see that in ClixSense there are three main ways to get money.

Taking accounts, the fact of not having this section does not affect us too much as users.

If we start from the assumption that with ads we could earn 10 cents a day at best, it is clear that the amount we stop earning is practically symbolic.

However, the most profitable sections continue and will continue to operate:

survey panels ⇒ The paid surveys They have always been and continue to be the strong point of this website.

For a couple of months, in addition to the typical panels such as Opinion Surveys, Give Us Your 2 Cents or Global Test Market, ClixSense has added others such as TapResearch or Speak Up.

Best of all, these surveys are with very few questions.

and they are done in a matter of minutes.

For me, surveys are the best way to complete the CheckListBonus.

mini jobs ⇒ CrowdFlower mini-tasks are another of the options we have at ClixSense to earn money.

These mini-jobs consist of carrying out a series of fácil tasks and receiving remuneration for it.

You will find more information about this well-known crowdsourcing platform in the figure eight minijobs.

offer walls ⇒ Taking advantage of some SponsorPay, SuperRewards or OfferToro offers will help us add a few plus cents to our cómputo without too much effort.

There are also more surveys on these walls, but I usually complete the so-called “one clic” promotions.

In these offers we will have to register in raffles and in return they compensate us with a small economic incentive.

Request a ClixSense payment by Payoneer or by Payza?

As I mentioned at the beginning of today’s article, this is the Second time I request a ClixSense payment through a payment processor other than Paypal.

The first time was through Payza, at the end of February, and now the payment has been through Payoneer.

Considering the commissions that have been applied to me in each of these two operations and the conditions in which the withdrawals have been processed, I cánido confirm once again that depending on the amount we want to withdraw, we will be more interested in doing it through a processor or through another The amount that approximately marks the border is $60.


  • We request a ClixSense payment by Payoneer of $60 (or more)

To the money that we want to withdraw from ClixSense we will have to add the $2 commission that Payoneer applies to each operation.

Later, it will depend on what each one wants to do with that money, but I have sent it to my bank account.

According to the TOS there is a commission of $3 for making this transfer.

〉〉 From ClixSense to Payoneer $60-$2=$58, and from Payoneer to Bank $58-$3=$55 〈〈

  • We now withdraw the $60 (or less) through Payza

In Payza they apply some fixed commissions and other cambiantes.

So much so that to send the money from ClixSense to the payment processor, we will subtract $0.30 and 2.9% of the amount.

Subsequently, to transfer that money to our bank account, they will apply, according to their TOS, $2.50.

〉〉 From ClixSense to Payza $60-(2.9% + $0.30)=$57.96, and from Payza to Bank $57.96-$2.50=$55.46 〈〈

ClixSense payment by Payoneer

As I told you above, when I receive a payment from ClixSense I always end up sending that money to my bank account.

Regardless of the payment processor you receive it from.

As far as Payoneer is concerned, which is the processor we are dealing with today, we cánido carry out this movement of funds by following three steps:

♦ The first step to receive a ClixSense payment by Payoneer will be to mark this processor as default to request withdrawals.

To withdraw our earnings from ClixSense we will follow the usual steps.

We write the amount to receive in Payoneer and accept the operation.

No more.

♦ The second step will be to check that the transfer has arrived correctly.

We will see this reflected in View Transactions.

As soon as we make sure that everything is in order, we send that money to a bank account going to Withdraw to bank account.

♦ The last step will be to confirm that the money has reached our checking account.

In my especial case, o Payoneer or my bank have done the conversion from dollars to euros automatically.

The most surprising thing is that no commission has been applied to me when sending that money.

According to their TOS, it costs $3, but nothing has been subtracted from me.

The conversion rate that they applied to me was around €0.83 for each dollar sent.

At that price, the $107.46 becomes €89.19, which is more or less what I got at the bank.

I have NOT gotten the plus $25 that Payoneer offers

There is a very important fact that I do not want to overlook.

In addition to commissions, there was another reason I equipo out to request a ClixSense payment by Payoneer.

The famous $25 that the payment processor gives us when creating an account through someone’s referral backlink and fulfilling the condition of receiving more than $100.

I explain my case so you don’t make the same mistake as me!!

Note ⇒ Payoneer has changed this condition and now it is necessary to have received more than $1000 in our account to receive the additional $25.

When ClixSense announced that it was adding Payoneer as a payout method, I I didn’t have an account there yet.

The fact is that on the ClixSense website there was a direct backlink to Payoneer, which (clumsy of me) I used to register and create my account.

Later, once I accessed the processor, I realized that the $25 was assigned when we registered with another usuario’s recommendation backlink.

At that time, since I had signed up “on the recommendation” of ClixSense, I assumed that I met that requirement… But no.

It seems that I do not comply.

After having received more than $100 in my account, they have not assigned me the $25.

If you want, you cánido register at Payoneer through my backlink.

When you reach $1000 they will give you $25 and me $25, so thank you very much.

Despite encuentro the two essential requirements, I have not been able to receive this reward.

Big mistake on my part.

It has helped me learn that I don’t have to be so impulsive.

If I had waited a few days, I would have signed up with a partner’s backlink and we would have both won $25.

But well, what it’s done, is done.


ClixSense has racked up two setbacks in a short period of time.

Paypal’s was hard enough, but leaving the PTC campo remained to be seen how it turned out.

Given the circumstances, the truth is that ClixSense works exactly the same as before or better.

We have already seen that with the ads we could obtain a profit of $0.10 per day.

Even if it is a small amount, it represents receiving less income than before.

However, if we take into account that, at least for me, many more surveys are coming to me, not having PTC ads does not ocasione me the slightest problem.

Also, lately they are sending out quite a few 1-2 minute surveys with rewards ranging from $0.15 to $0.40.

If we add to this the mini-jobs, the offers and the CheckListBonus, our chances of earning money in ClixSense increase considerably.

Spare5 is another crowdsourcing portal with which we perro earn money by doing mini-tasks.

The best thing is that the minimum payment is only $1 through Paypal.

With today’s ClixSense payment and the one I received in February through Payza, we have been able to compare which processor will interest us the most when requesting a withdrawal on ClixSense.

The calculations are very easy to do, but if you have any questions, you perro use the comments below and ask me what you need.

Remember that the amount that marks the border between one and the other is approximately $60.

Depending on the money you want to withdraw, one or the other will be more profitable.

That is already your decision.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 I have received my first ClixSense payment for 
  I have received my first ClixSense payment for 
  I have received my first ClixSense payment for

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