I cannot send money through Bizum – Possible

I cannot send money through Bizum – Possible

Bizum is a platform specialized in money movements and transfers to its associated banks. It has several advantages such as easy to make transfers to any accountwith no transaction fees or a subscription to start using it.

Just as there are benefits, it is also likely that at some point you will experience setbacks such as not being able to send money through Bizum. Here are its possible causes and solutions.

Perro Bizum block money transfers?

Blocking money transfers to other accounts may be justified by any procedure or lack of information to your account, as well as some recent change in the data. There are also other factors such as the blocking of your bank account associated with Bizum, for not completing the requirements per KYC regulations.

It not only applies to sending money, but also to receiving it.

  • To solve it, you will first need complete all the requirements and information requested the place.

Causes for Bizum to block money transfers in 2023

Bizum has a system that perro block these shipments for security reasons, so you perro know that your money will be protected. Among some reasons for the blocking may be the loss of data such as your mobile number, changes recent in your data and possible scams.

bank change

The change of bank cánido be one of the reasons for your blocking of sending money, in addition you will not be able to keep the same password that you had previously You will have to change to a new one for Bizum to allow you to make virtual purchases.

You cánido change the associated bank account whenever you want, in addition to adding the ones you need. When processing your change.

  • Bizum will notify the bank of the cancellation with which you are registered at that moment, which will probably take a few days.

Before changing your bank account used with Bizum, the recommendation is that you do it with time so that you do not have major setbacks due to your wait and you cánido have it active for what you need.

You lost the registered mobile

With Bizum it is possible to make money transfers to other people just with your mobile number. In this way you cánido make a quick and easy money transfer with all its security measures).

In case you want to change your mobile number, you will need to notify the bank of your account for it to be updated from there. A piece of advice so that your old number does not appear in Bizum until you notify the bank, is to deactivate it or cancel it beforehand through its site.

Possible scam with your account

This reason is not usually common like the previous ones, but it is still a possibility. To preserve the security of the site, Bizum disable accounts that have done illegal actions like scams on the platform.

Bizum accounts are completely secure, therefore scammers opt for trick some users to make money transfers with different excuses. For example: as advance payments, donations to campaigns or second-hand purchases. Scammers will try to trick you by posing as some official entity, asking for personal and important data.

  • Keep in mind that no government agency or Bizum’s own staff will request your personal data through correo electrónico backlinks or any other type, except from an account that is not verified.

How do I reactivate sending money by Bizum in 2023?

If you have some kind of blockage and you cánido’t make a transaction of this type, check that all your data is correctincluding personal information, bank account or mobile number.

If necessary, you cánido also contact Bizum technical support to inform and solve your problem.

On the other hand, if you want to activate your account for the first time to send money, you only have to register, add your bank account and mobile number to enjoy their services. Once the requirements are completed, press the button to activate the function to send and receive money.

Bizum is a versatile and easy-to-use platform thanks to all its associated banks and intuitive interfaz. Once you activate their service, you will be able to make money transactions more easily.

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 I cannot send money through Bizum – Possible
  I cannot send money through Bizum – Possible
  I cannot send money through Bizum – Possible

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