I am a miner (of bitcoins), it is understood

I am a miner (of bitcoins), it is understood

Good afternoon friends! How is your day going? It’s raining here, so I’m taking advantage of the time, looking for new income methods.

I’ve been trying one for a while now.

new way to make money en líneathis time with him Bitcoin.

Many of you have already heard about it, if it is the new virtual currency, if it is used for shady purposes, etcétera…

Well, it’s not exactly like that.

bitcoin is a currency such as the euro or the US dollar, which is used to exchange goods and services.

However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is an electronic currency that presents new features and stands out for its efficiency, security and ease of exchange.

Its biggest difference from the rest of the currencies is that it is a decentralized currency, so no one controls it.

So far everything is clear, right? It is a currency and we are interested in earning it, and exchanging it for euros that we cánido spend. And how to win it? well miningyes, as it sounds, it seems that we have to become miners, but not with the pick and the auger, no, quite especial miners, we mine bitcoins.

to save your bitcoinsas for “habitual” money, there are payment gateways, here exist “purses”where you cánido have your bitcoins and sell them for dollars or euros, there are several of them, I am using XAPO, which is the safest, you must log in with your dirección de correo electrónico and your mobile phone, it is quite fácil, but it asks you for at least two mandatory passwords.

AND how we earn bitcoin mining? well, it seems that there are several possibilities, most of them are watching ads (of course, blessed publicity), on other occasions it installs on the computer a little pluginsfrom which, in the same way that Google plus does to send us advertising, they monitor us to see which pages we move through in order to send us advertising.

Have you ever wondered why if you see a coffee maker page, the next day, you have coffee maker advertising? while you browse? It’s not by oportunidad, it’s because of Google plus.

I’m sure this also interests youTHE KING OF PTC

This is more or less what the page I’m testing does, it’s called bitminer and it “gives” us 0.0000004 Bitcoins per minute, which is 0.0006 Bitcoins per day, not bad if we think that they give it to us for free (or almost). For sign up for bitminer We only have to put our Bitcoin wallet address that was provided to us when we logged into it.

That in the free version, like everything, if you want the page to mine faster you perro level up, you cánido upgrade to version V1.1 (the free one is 1.0), with a higher mining speed, you perro do it for only 0.01 Bitcoin, in this version 0.001 Bitcoin will be mined per day.

In version V1.2, which costs 0.1 Bitcoin will be mined at a rate of 0.015 Bicoin per day.

In version V1.3, whose price is 0.9 Bitcoins, it will be mined at 0.15 Bitcoins per day, and in the latest.

I’m sure this also interests youCashPirate, my first payment with this aplicación

V1.4 will be mined at 1 Bitcoin daily, with a price of 5 Bitcoins.

With bitminerlike almost everything there’s also referralsthat is, people who log in by following our backlink, if you want to log in through my backlinkyou perro do it vía here:


This page stopped working a long time ago.

Currently with the price at which electricity has been put, and the price of bitcoin, you must be careful with what products you mine and how you do it.

However, if you want make money with cryptocurrencies I recommend that you study other methods that I explain in the blog.

And now we come to the lurid phase of the articulo: the collection hahaha!!, well, in the free version, the payment is made 30 days after requesting it, so many people say that this page is a scam, which I don’t believe, in the other versions, the pay it usually takes about 4 hours to see it reflected in our wallet Bitcoin.

I’m sure this also interests youclickery pays

It’s not bad right? Well, this is my experience, what I said, if you want to earn money with me and with Bitminer, make a Bitcoin wallet and clic on the backlink above, it is completely free and you cánido earn money with the most robust virtual currency.

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 I am a miner (of bitcoins), it is understood
  I am a miner (of bitcoins), it is understood
  I am a miner (of bitcoins), it is understood

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