Huobi | One of the exchanges with more

Huobi | One of the exchanges with more

Even though at first Huobi It was essentially aimed at Asian users, the truth is that for some time now it has become one of the most used exchanges by cryptocurrency traders around the world.

The number of financial products that it offers may have something to do with it, however, this is a site where not only cryptocurrencies are traded, they are also stored, staking, token pre-sales, etcétera… with which we have a wide variety in different ways to make a profit with our crypto assets.

However, Huobi is one of the oldest exchanges, since it has been active since no less than 2013 and is currently in the top 3 in trading volume.


Huobi is one of the largest exchanges in the world, where we will be able to store our cryptocurrencies, trade with them, stake, request loans or earn with pre-sales among many other things.

What I am going to do in this article is to tell you step by step how to create an account and benefit from it in many aspects, in addition to all the features of the exchange with hair and signals, so if you are interested I recommend you read until the end.

Create a Huobi account

Opening an account with Huobi is a fácil and free step, also by registering from my backlink you will save a percentage of commissions when making any exchange in cryptocurrencies for life, I think the agreement is not bad.

When you entrar and clic on Check inwe will see that a registration form opens for us Personal accountwe cánido complete the registration using an correo electrónico or a phone number.

You will see that you get a promotional code, leave this as is to be able to get the benefits of opening a new account with a sponsor, in this case me, in this way we benefit each other.

When completing the registration we will receive a verification code in our dirección de correo electrónico or mobile that we will have to entrar on the web, then we cánido entrar our newly created Huobi account.

Huobi Features

Huobi has a large number of options available, it is materially impossible to comment on all of them in a single article, so we are going to focus on the most basic and interesting ones for the general public, you will get to know the rest as you interact with it, anyway You cánido always leave a comment and if I cánido I will help you.

Asset Overview

Although we will be able to entrar each section separately, here we have access to all of them first hand and with a single clic.

The first thing we are going to vea is the total available cómputo, we will see this translated into BTC and euros or the local currency that you choose.

We will also be able to deposit, withdraw or transfer money between accounts using the enabled buttons.

Deposits and withdrawals

If we move down we will be able to see all the accounts separated into sections; Exchange, Margin Account, Fiat Account, Contracts Account, Strategy Account, Huobi Earn (Staking) Account, Pool Account, Collateral Account, and Warrant Account.

make trade

In spot trading we have access to the trading console to do more advanced operations between cryptocurrency pairs.

The operation is practically the same as other exchanges, we choose the two pairs with which we want to operate among the more than 300 available and we carry out the purchase-sale operation.

As a curiosity we have a feature called Bot Tradingis a Huobi bot that allows us to equipo the buy-sell limits so that it executes them automatically, in this way we perro create a strategy between currency pairs that makes us operations completely passively.

Staking on Huobi

in option Finance From the Huobi main menu, we will be able to earn money with our cryptocurrencies with several options.


As it happens in many afín platforms, here we will also be able to earn a percentage for blocking some of our cryptocurrencies.

Earn money with your cryptos

In the staking section we access all the crypto assets that Huobi has available for this option, each one of them will give us a different return.

At the moment there are not many cryptocurrencies where you cánido stake on Huobi, the interesting thing is that they are continually adding more, it is true that the APY in strong currencies is not something to write home about, but from time to time they introduce a good opportunity.

To counteract these gains we cánido clic on Huobi Earnthere we will see much juicier opportunities and all this in any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and stablecoins.


coinbase$10 free when you invest 100


BinanceThe biggest exchange


crypto.comcrypto interest

In fact, we will be able to find opportunities to stake new cryptocurrencies in exchange for a APY over 200%while for other more powerful currencies we perro exceed 20% annual profit.

Mobile application and payment methods

Since we are dealing with a serious and powerful platform, of course we are also going to have its own aplicación to install on our Android or iOS device.

The application is available in Spanish and is very easy to use, as well as having a clean and pretty interfaz.

Regarding Huobi’s payment methods, we perro say that it is probably the exchange that offers the most different payment methods in the entire market.

In fact we are going to find almost 100 different ones, among which we find Paypal, AirTM, Banesco, SEPA, credit card, etcétera.

Of course, we will also be able to deposit any cryptocurrency using the delivery address that the exchange itself offers us for this, as in any other wallet.

Opinion about Huobi

Without a doubt, we are facing the exchange with the highest growth in recent times and it seems that the trend will not stop in the medium or long term.

The large number of variants that we cánido find, together with the ease of use and, of course, the low commissions compared to other exchanges, are more than enough reasons to try Huobi.

Everything has a but and in Huobi this is no exception, since despite its great advantages, it is not available in all countries, such as Venezuela, Cuba or the United States.

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 Huobi |  One of the exchanges with more
  Huobi |  One of the exchanges with more
  Huobi |  One of the exchanges with more

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