Human capital in retail

Human capital in retail

In today’s article I want to talk about the problems that human resources face with human capital in retail

Human resource professionals face many challenges when working with human capital in retail.

Jobs in the retail industry are demanding and constantly changing.

Constant change requires HR employees to be vigilant and ready for anything.

In the retail ámbito, the human resources representative is a captain who must know how to lead his squad.

He has to make sure they reach the finish line safely.

Problems that companies face with human capital in retail


In the case of traditional retail companies (Amazon go has changed this), they need cashiers, promoters, demonstrators, dispatchers, administrative services, logistics employees, marketing employees, advertising, among others.

In México, retail employs more than “3 million people and represents 21% of the Gross Domestic Product.”

Now, store managers have to carry out functions that may seem fácil, but they are not.

For example, they have to have knowledge of strategies and apply strategies to increase sales, disminuye costs, or even increase market share.

Therefore, retail companies demand human talent with economic-administrative knowledge who are capable of being creative, who have disruptive ideas so that the company perro constantly innovate.

staff turnover

High staff turnover rates create a significant problem for human resources.

This is perhaps very obvious because first, it is expensive to have to train new personnel and second, they leave the department or area incapacitated.

Therefore, what you perro do is allow human talent growth opportunities and a good work environment.


Hiring is not an issue to be taken lightly, in fact, many times people are hired based on recommendations.

Likewise, there are cases of discrimination in interviews and there are also cases of unfair dismissal.

Therefore, a retail company has to have a good human resources team that seeks to direct its objectives with those of the company and, therefore, seeks the best for it.

Therefore, a good HR professional has to analyze the profiles in depth and carefully select the right person for a position.

Likewise, they have to train adequately to promote teamwork, to strengthen competencies and promote a good organizational culture.

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 Human capital in retail
  Human capital in retail
  Human capital in retail

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