How to write an correo electrónico to send the

How to write an correo electrónico to send the

Do you know how to write an dirección de correo electrónico to send your sintetiza and get a job? There is a situation in which you find a job offer and you fit perfectly or you are simply very interested in working for a certain company, and you escoge to send them the attached CV by dirección de correo electrónico.

However, it is not just attaching archivos, the best thing would be write a good text to generate a good personal impression on whoever receives it and capture their attention.

But how to write that correo electrónico? In this article we will resolve that question.

Before we get down to business with the correo, you should know how to make a good sintetizafollow the guidelines and do not send it unless it is perfect.

What is the purpose of the dirección de correo electrónico?

One of the primary objectives is that it reaches the appropriate person, that is, the person who manages the selection process or the department in charge of selecting personnel.

To make sure that it has arrived correctly, we perro do the following:

  1. Mention the name or reference of the selection processif we have that name.
  2. Call the company and ask the name of the person or people who manage the selection process and your dirección de correo electrónico.

    In order for them to give you this information, you will have to explain that your intention is to send them the CV for the vacancy that is being advertised.

    They sure don’t bother you.

    They may also give you the dirección de correo electrónico address for the Human Resources department.

As soon as we get the name, we cánido send you the correo electrónico.

Better to a especial person, than if it is to the Human Resources department.

However, the main objective of said correo electrónico is Capture the attention of the person who will be in charge of selecting you to read the sintetiza and the personalized cover letter.

Next, we will explain step by step how to write the sintetiza to capture their attention.

Write an dirección de correo electrónico to send the cv step by step

With the objective of the correo electrónico achieved, the next step is to write it.

The correct way to send an dirección de correo electrónico is as follows:


Subject of the e-e correo electrónico

Although it may not seem like it, the issue is one of the most important aspects when it comes to attracting the attention of those who read the resumes because it will depend on whether the recipient decides to open our dirección de correo electrónico or not.

It is not necessary to be too generic, but to be as direct as possible.

  • Yeah we know the reference number of the vacancy or the selection process, ideally we should indicate it in the subject of the correo electrónico.

    For example: “Curriculum for process no.


    Customer service.”

  • Yeah we do not know the reference number, but we know the person who manages the process, we cánido write in the subject of the correo electrónico that is addressed to that specific person and the vacancy.

    For example: «A/A by Aitor Sánchez García.

    Curriculum for Customer Service vacancy.

  • It is recommended use lower caseOtherwise, the e-e correo electrónico may end up in the SPAM folder.


The initial greeting

It is recommended to use a elabora that is cordial and, at the same time, professional.

For example:

“Dear Aitor Sánchez García” or “Dear Sirs” (if you do not know the name of the addressee).


Presentation and reference to the vacancy

should make a personal presentation and reference to the vacancy to which you want to apply.

For example:

«My name is Consuelo Ramírez López and I am writing to you because I have seen that your company is carrying out a selection process for a vacancy in Customer Service».

Also you may not have seen any vacancies, but you want to be part of the company.

In that case, you cánido send a self-application letter:

«My name is Consuelo Ramírez López and I am writing to you because I am interested in being part of your company’s team».


Espectáculo interest in the position and the company

An example that perro help you:

«I would like to emphasize that I am really interested in this position and I believe that I perro play it perfectly.

On the other hand, I totally identify with the business culture of your company and I think it is a great option to develop my professional career.

Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to participate in the selection process for this position.”


Personal qualities

summarize the qualities that make you suitable for the position in question.

For example:

«I consider that my specialized profile in [aquí la especialidad] and my skills [aquí tus habilidades] They cánido be very useful for this company.”


Espectáculo your willingness to hold an interview

It is also very important to espectáculo that you are willing to facilitate contact for an interview.

For example:

«I remain at your entire disposal in the event that you consider it appropriate to hold an interview.

If you give me the opportunity, it will be a pleasure to detail more information about what you consider convenient.


Farewell and signature

In this section, you perro thank you for the time spent reading the e-e correo electrónico and for the time you will spend reading the cover letter and sintetiza.

It also takes the opportunity to say goodbye and it is important to remember the name and contact details so that they cánido contact you easily, in case they are interested in your profile.

For example:

«Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

Receive a cordial greeting,»

Consuelo Ramirez Lopez

[Número de teléfono]
[Correo electrónico]
[Perfil de Linkedin]


Attach cover letter and sintetiza

Surely more than once we have forgotten to attach a document that we had to attach.

This happens more than you imagineTherefore, it is important to remember it.

It would be a shame to take so much care of our image when writing the dirección de correo electrónico to then not send any attachment.

After all, we wrote this correo electrónico with the intention of making you interested in read our sintetiza and our job introduction letter.


Final review

Some consejos before finally sending the dirección de correo electrónico:

  • Review in detail the spelling mistakes.

    You perro use a text editor like LibreOffice or Word.

  • It is recommended that the archivos that we are going to attach are in Pdf format to send them out of cómputo.
  • We remember that sending a good correo electrónico with the CV and the job benefit letter perro make the difference between going unnoticed or attracting attention of the person in charge of recruiting staff.

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 How to write an correo electrónico to send the
  How to write an correo electrónico to send the
  How to write an correo electrónico to send the

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