How to write a script to sell by phone

How to write a script to sell by phone

Teleselling is still a very important traditional marketing strategy today.

And if you are starting a business, or have a job in which one of your tasks is this, you will know that sometimes it is difficult to get clients hereby.

That’s why I’m going to teach you here how to create a script to sell by phone effectively with fácil examples, and the best strategies so that no buyer escapes you from now on.

how to make a script to sell by phone

1. Start with a good greeting

The first thing you are going to look for is to let your client know that you are a professional, so avoid informal greetings and try greetings like “Good morning, madam customer”

Allow the other person to wave back, introduce yourself and your company.

Do not offer the product immediately Because they are going to reject it in the same way, offer something general so that they wait to hear your proposal.

Take advantage of these first words to espectáculo appreciation and that you have a good opportunity to offer.

After the greeting you could continue like this: “My name is María, I work for company X and we specialize in providing solutions to people like you, I thank you for answering my call and my purpose is to better understand your needs”

It’s also a good iniciativa start with a question that opens the conversation, So: If I tell you that I have a solution for the electrical problems in your house, would you be interested?

2. After greeting, acknowledge your customer

The way in which your script will continue will depend on the person listening to you. Think of several possible options for your script..

do some lifestyle questions of the client or the size of the company.

With this information you will know what are the economic possibilities of the person you are talking to, and most importantly, what is the best option you cánido offer them.

Espectáculo him that it is something that is within his reach and that it is not an expense but the solution that I was waiting for so much.

Note that you are the person leading the conversation and you should always keep your goal.

you perro continue like this (the questions will depend on the purpose of your call):

“In order to recommend the best offer for you I would like to get to know you better, so I will ask a few questions that you cánido answer quickly:

  • How much providers works?
  • Which are the two problems what do you have most often?
  • Would you like to have more time available?
  • Are you the head of the family?
  • If I have the solution you are looking for, would you have 10 minutes so i cánido espectáculo it to you?
  • There are some another person What helps you make this decision?
  • In how long Would you like to receive the product?

While you ask the questions you will detalla what you want to offer, and prepare your answers in which case they answer you with a “no”.

For example, if you are offering coupons for a grocery store, have an offer hard to refuse as “I understand, I thought our offer of 16 bottles of wine for 6, you might like.”

3. Finish as fast as you cánido

Value your time as if it were goldso try to keep your conversations as short as possible without the client noticing.

Summarize the answers and your product and reaches the point of completion the sale, the encuentro or an upcoming call.

As in all the conversation, you must direct what happens next.

When it comes to a sale request only the necessary data and offers secure ways to make payments, people perro quickly become suspicious of these things.

If the result you were looking for was an appointment or an interview equipo the exact date and timeso you don’t lose contact with the customer.

In case you are asked for any additional information by dirección de correo electrónico, send it right away without hanging up the callexplain to the client that this way you cánido help him and solve his doubts immediately.

For Internet subscriptions, it offers the client that stay in line to explain in detail the steps to follow.

This is a example of a summary script:

– Hello, Mr.

X, my name is María González and I work for “Empresa Y”, we are a solutions company in (here explains the services) for your business.

I am calling because we would love to meet with you and present you a perfect offer for your business.

To start I will ask you some questions to get to know you and give you my best recommendation.

(Ask here the questions you have prepared and give you the information of the products).

– We have this and much more for you, we perro schedule a encuentro to find out about your problems and needs.

Do you have time on Wednesday or Thursday morning around 10 am?

4. end the conversation

The call ends the moment you get something done, so in this step You are going to retire without it taking too long agregado the conversation.

In some cases you will find people who keep talking for a long time.

A technique that will help you end the call easily and politely is speak faster and with a farewell tone.

If you feel that the client does not perceive it, use a phrase that is direct but delicate such as: “I understand Mrs.

Ramírez, it has been a pleasure speaking with you”

espectáculo appreciation for the time and attention you have received.

Confirm the appointment or encuentro that you have specified and say goodbye cordially

I advise you to give your customers your contact details in case they need something else or if they want to recommend you.

5. Follow up and complete your script

Your effort will be useless if you do not follow up on what you have achieved.

Make sure you answer your customers’ correos electrónicos, process orders, ship and send a thank you message or gift.

Thus, you will be the one who receives the calls from people interested in your business.

I recommend you keep track of all your phone callsit cánido be a table with the date, what you managed to achieve, the package, offer or service that you offered and the steps to follow.

As you deal with customers, you will learn new things and you will find more questions and options to add to your script.

Do not forget have your script always at hand so that you perro follow the order of the conversation and add the aprecies with which you are going to editar it later.

7 strategies to sell by phone

The best techniques for selling by phone go from before you make the call to what happens afterfor example: prepare the script, use a good tone of voice, pause to let the other person speak and pay attention to what the client says to respond using the same phrases or words they use.

You may have a business and want increase your sales or gain more customersor do you want start a business telephone sales or telemarketing.

either way there are some tricks that will help you do it successfullyat first you will feel a little shy in conversations but with practice and using these strategies you will achieve your goal.

The first thing you should think about is be prepared before the call.

You have to know what your goal iswhat you want to sell or what types of customers you want to reach.

Find all the information you need so you are prepared to answer all kinds of questions.

When you know what you want to achieve, prepare a list of questions and answers and a script.

Above in “How to make a script to sell by phone” I have already explained step by step how to do it.

As I told you before, with time you will improve, so practice a little before you make your first call official.

One option is use a voice recorder practicing the script to know how your voice sounds.

The other option is find an accomplice who is willing to help you to train a couple of hours.

Make training calls on Internet applications such as Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp or IMO, which perro be cheaper or even free.

When you practice you will realize what your difficulties are, if you feel that it is difficult for you to speak or maintain the conversation try using a photograph to visualize a person in front of you.

Believe it or not, even the clothes you wear cánido help to make you feel safer or more comfortable talking to your customers.

Do not forget, have a pencil and paper or your computer nearby and prepared to take the necessary data.

After having done the necessary warm-up and stretching, jump into the water!

Check that all the equipment is working well, look for the first number you are going to dial and make your first call.

When you start the call, take note of the name of the person who answered you, Calling her by her name will help you bond.

At first try to be polite without being too nice, It’s like starting a relationship, you start to get to know each other and little by little trust grows.

The conversation will go its way and you you cánido follow the script you prepared.

During the call, the most important thing is your language and your voice.

If you followed the first step, you already know your customers and have an iniciativa of ​​how to talk to them. Use words they understand and are used toIf you make international calls, try to have a neutral tone of voice and dialect.

Regarding the tone of voice, pay attention to the tone with which your client speaks.

People who speak very loudly may have hearing problems and they need you to speak louder so they cánido hear you.

If your voice is too low, you cánido increase it little by little.

When you’re talking, do it smilingMaybe it seems like a joke to you, but the mood, especially the anger and happiness, is easily noticeable in your voice.

Listen carefully to your customer and espectáculo him that you are doing it.

Do not suddenly interrupt him while he is speaking, write down your ideas and speak when there is a natural pause in the conversation.

You perro use words like “humm” “okey” “yes” “I understand” while talking, so they know you’re still there and summarize and confirm what they tell you.

For example, “So Mr.

X, your problem is… and you need to…”

During all your conversations and from the first call do not forget that you should never make promises and you should always offer several alternatives your customers, people like to think they have a choice.

Avoid at all times leaving your client on holdIf something is very urgent, let the client know before doing it and if you think the wait will be more than 20 or 30 seconds, it is best to ask if you cánido call them later.

Finally, in the business world things are almost never as you imagine, so be prepared for negative responsesthink of possible responses in case a client answers you “no” to any proposal.

Finally I will give you some organization strategies of your calling plan.

Time is one of the most valuable resources in any business or job, so you must plan yours very well.

If you spend all day doing all kinds of things you will be less productive, so I recommend divide your tasks during the day.

For example, you perro use the first part of the day to organize pending callsreview your script and the tasks to be done, the second part to make the calls and the third to do the administrative tasks such as following up with clients, completing data, making shipments…

Another way to use time is find the ideal time to make calls. In some cases the best time to make a call may be from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and then from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

To find the perfect time for you, too take into account the calling hours of your competitorsso you cánido make your calls at the best hours.

But always avoid badmouthing the competitionThis will ocasione the customer to lose trust in you.

It has been proven that the days in between the week especially Wednesday and Thursday are the bestbecause on Mondays people almost always have a lot of work accumulated and on Fridays they will not pay enough attention to you.

Would you like to start selling by phone? Leave your comment below and tell me your iniciativa.

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 How to write a script to sell by phone
  How to write a script to sell by phone
  How to write a script to sell by phone

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